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sump pump switch - review your options

by:KingKonree     2020-03-10
Do you want your sewage pump to stop failing because of the switch mechanism? The switch mechanism of sewage pump will not work forever;
However, depending on how they work and the environment, some types of duration are longer than others.
Check your options to see which sewage pump switch works best for you.
There are three types of basic switches for sewage pumps: Float switch, diaphragm switch and electronic switch.
There are multiple designs for these switch types.
However, they have different functions and the same purpose --
Start the pump and remove the water from the puddle.
The float switch design includes a rope-type switch and a vertical float switch.
The lanyard float switch has a float connected to the lanyard, which is freely suspended from the pump and floating on the water.
The vertical float switch has a float on the vertical bar.
The float can only move up and down the pole.
The floating movement makes the switch run the pump.
When the water in the pool rises, the float rises.
When the water rises to a predetermined height, the switch triggers and turns on the pump motor.
Diaphragm switch diaphragm (thin membrane)
According to the amount of water in the puddle, this shape changes from convex to concave.
When the water pressure increases, the diaphragm becomes concave and the switch on the pump is activated.
The electronic switch is the sensor switch for detecting water.
When water is detected at a predefined level, the sensor activates the pump operation.
Some models include electronic switches as part of the pump, while others use probes outside the pump.
It is known that the following factors affect how long amay works without failure: the number of moving parts, the number of spaces in the oil bottom shell pit, the presence of chemicals in the groundwater entering the pit, and the quality of materials used in the manufacture of switch mechanisms.
The number of moving parts will affect the time when the sewage pump switch works without failure.
The more moving parts, the greater the chance of failure.
The most moving parts are rope series and vertical floating switches.
They have a float and a switch.
Floats may be caught or stuck.
Due to the accumulation of particles, the contact point between the float and the switch may fail.
The switch may get \"on\" stuck, causing the motor to burn out.
These conditions will cause the pump to stop working.
There is no floating diaphragm switch;
But it has a diaphragm and a switch.
When the rubber becomes hard and cannot move freely up and down as the water pressure increases and decreases, the diaphragm becomes invalid with age.
If the diaphragm is stuck in a concave position, the switch will remain in the \"on\" state, causing the pump to burn out because it will run continuously even if there is no water in the pit.
No moving parts for electronic switches and digital controllers;
However, the sensor may become invalid due to the accumulation of groundwater chemicals, and eventually the electronic circuit and digital controller will not work properly.
In general, however, parts operated mechanically fail faster than those operated electronically.
The amount of space in the pit will affect how long the sewage pump switch works without failure.
The rope float switch requires the largest pool pit diameter.
Since the float is free to hang on the puddle pump and moves up and down as the water level rises, it needs space to move without hanging on the puddle pump or the puddle pump.
As the float moves up and down, the space required for the vertical float switch is small;
However, if the pump is placed too close to the basin wall and the pump moves in heavy operation, the float may be stuck on the basin wall.
It is extremely impossible for the diaphragm switch to be stuck or stuck on the wall of the basin;
However, the diaphragm requires more basin chambers than the sewage pump with a vertical floating switch.
The electronic sensor needs less space in the pit, and nothing will hang on the wall of the basin.
Chemicals in the water will affect how long the sewage pump switch works without failure.
Chemicals like calcium carbonate can cause particle build-up on all switch types, including electronic devices.
Other water contaminants that may affect the function of the switch are chlorine, salt water in the water softener, or waste water in the washing machine.
The materials used in the sewage pump floating switch will affect how long the sewage pump switch works without failure.
Not all rope lines and vertical float switches are made of materials of the same quality.
Similarly, the design, size and strength of these mechanisms are not the same.
Some floating rods are twice as thick as others.
Some floats are twice the size and are easier to float.
There is a huge difference between the design of manufacturing.
Now that you know how the sewage pump switches work and the factors that affect how long they work without failure, the factors mentioned above should guide you to choose the best option for your situation and find out what options are available for each manufactured sewage pump.
My website classifies sewage pumps according to the type of switch.
Discover the best switch type for you today.
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