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Supor Sanitary Ware What are the tips for cleaning the toilet?

by:KingKonree     2021-08-16
Supor Sanitary Ware What are the tips for cleaning the toilet? Many people have toilets at home. Although it is very convenient to use, it is not easy to clean it! Do you know any tips for cleaning the toilet? Do you know what you should pay attention to when buying a toilet? (The picture comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted) 1. What are the tips for cleaning the toilet? 1. Descale with vinegar. Pour the mixture of vinegar and clean water into the toilet, soak it for half a day, and then rinse it off with water, which has the effect of disinfection and deodorization. 2. To prevent bacteria, you can wear rubber gloves to clean the toilet. Do a good job in daily cleaning, sterilization and descaling. The seat ring can be covered with a napkin, sprayed with lemonade, covered for a period of time, rinsed and dried, which can effectively sterilize. Put a no-wash automatic toilet cleaner in the water tank, and do the usual cleaning, sterilization and descaling work. 3. How to clean a lightly soiled toilet. For toilets that are not too dirty, place toilet paper one by one on the inner wall of the toilet, and then spray detergent or leftover cola. After standing, rinse off with water, and then gently scrub with a brush. This method not only does not require laborious scrubbing, but also has an excellent cleaning effect. 4. Baking soda descaling. Sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the toilet for 10 minutes, and then clean it with a toilet brush. Sprinkle one-half cup of baking soda in the toilet and then brew half of it with hot water to remove lighter dirt. Before the stubborn yellow rust spots develop in the toilet, it should be cleaned frequently with baking soda. 5. To reduce cleaning troubles from the source, you can choose to use a ceramic glazed toilet with strong momentum. The strong impulse can reduce the residue of stains, and the high-quality ceramic glaze is smooth and stain-resistant, which can reduce the chance of stains hanging on the wall and make it easier to clean. Second, what to pay attention to when buying a toilet 1. To buy a favorite toilet from the sewage, you first need to understand the way the toilet is discharged. There are two types of toilet drainage: direct drainage and siphon. The two methods have their own characteristics. Normally, it is more recommended to use a siphon drain, because a small sound will be less embarrassing. As long as the toilet paper is not thrown into the toilet, the possibility of clogging is very small. 2. From the perspective of the toilet's appearance, when purchasing a toilet, you can focus on the glaze of the toilet. The glazed surface of a good toilet is calcined at a high temperature and is integrally formed, so the glazed surface of the toilet is smooth, flat, without bubbles, and without synapses. 3. Toilet weight The quality of the toilet can also be reflected from the simple weight. The weight of an ordinary toilet is about 30KG, and the weight of a good, high-quality toilet is about 40-50KG. When buying a toilet, you can look at its weight and judge its quality by weight. 4. The brand of the toilet. If you think the above mentioned is very troublesome, then the last method may be your life-saving straw. I don't look at any other techniques, and only buy big-name products, such as Panasonic, TOTO, and Kohler. Generally speaking, the quality of such big-name products is guaranteed. Although cleaning the toilet is a trivial matter, you can get twice the result with half the effort if you master the cleaning skills. Learning to choose a good-quality and cheap toilet can also facilitate future life. (The article comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted)
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