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Taking a scenic flight is a truly great experience

by:KingKonree     2020-07-23
Of course what you're looking at is still very important, and if you're just looking out at grass then you haven't really made the most of the experience. For a great chance to see something exciting from this perspective, why not try Lake Eyre? This lake is the lowest point in Australia - at approximately 15 meters below sea level which makes it already a point of interest. Even more impressively though, it is also the largest lake in Australia when it completely fills and 18th in the whole world. It is the most interesting part of the Lake Eyre Basin, but seeing this whole area is fantastic. This is partly due to just how bright turquoise blue the lake appears, which is made all the more impressive by the contrast of the dry area around it. The sheer size of it also means that this is a diverse and interesting area to fly over - with the South and North of the lake looking considerably different. To see whole thing in this way would normally take a long time by boat, or a considerable walk and even then you wouldn't be able to take in the whole view in quite the way you can by flight. To get an idea of just how impressive it all looks why not head to Google Maps to get a satellite view of the lake - then imagine that but much closer and while flying in a plane. It's a truly awe-inspiring experience. Now some facts about the lake to whet your appetite (pun intended). The lake was named after one Edward John Eyre after he sighted it in 1840. It is located in the deserts of Central Australia, and is surrounded by the Eyre Basin - a large endorheic system which surrounds the lakebed. The lowest parts are filled with salt pan which are caused by the continuous expansion and evaporation of trapped water. In dry season the water is highly reduced, but there tends to still be some which collects in smaller sub lakes. It is during the rainy season though that the lake is at its most impressive, when the rivers from the East of the Lake Eyre basin flow through to the lake. As a constantly changing formation it can provide a different experience each time you do.
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