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Teach you step by step: Mini bathroom will also be very fashionable

by:KingKonree     2021-06-27

How to design a small apartment mini bathroom of 1-4 square meters? 99% of people don't dare to expect such a small bathroom to be stylish and convenient, just for convenience and practicality. Today, the editor shares with you the exquisite small apartment bathroom design as a case study, teaching you how to make a mini bathroom of 1-4 square meters practical and stylish. Are you ready? Let’s take a look at the fashion show of the mini bathroom!

When you get a small apartment, don’t be discouraged. Just decorate with your heart and learn from others’ experience. Nothing is impossible. . Who said that the small apartment must be just a snail-like feeling, in fact, it can also be very fashionable!

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CASE 1: A refreshing corner in the corner of the corner

There will always be so many people encountering many weird apartment types, and those corners and corners are always annoying. After reading the design of this small bathroom, should you change your mind? A small corner of 1 square meter can also be turned into a refreshing bathroom: white walls and aqua blue tiles give people a comfortable visual experience. The wall-mounted toilet saves a lot of space and is also convenient for future hygiene and cleaning tasks. The design of 5 small drawers into the wall can not only store the necessary small objects in the bathroom, but also a kind of decoration. A simple green plant was placed on the countertop above the toilet, and the air in the bathroom became fresh.

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CASE 2: 2 square meters of sweet wedding room bathroom space

The layout of the wedding room should be full of sweet and festive, and the smaller the space In fact, the easier it is to create this atmosphere. A big red bathroom wall cabinet can break the cold atmosphere of the bathroom, and the cute pink bear floor mat is also a decoration for the occasion. A red ribbon tied to the handle of the shower room can also add points to the sweetness.

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CASE 3: A low-key texture bathroom with a long and narrow space

A long and narrow bathroom may not be stylish and spacious Feel, but you can have your own style. The matte 'floor tiles' in brown coffee color make the whole bathroom low-key and stable, and at the same time very textured. Wooden bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirror frames are also textured and full of natural flavor. Black and white striped tiles bring a different atmosphere to this space, but they are also in harmony with the striped decoration of the entire bathroom.

Qianghui Ceramic Tiles

CASE 4: Feminine washbasin layout

The world of a person is also wonderful! The bathroom design of a woman living alone should not be careless. It can directly reflect the temperament and taste of a woman. As an important space for women to clean, the layout of the bathroom sink should also be very particular. A large bathroom mirror is indispensable, and the purple-red flowers in front of the mirror can create a romantic atmosphere. The four bathroom chandeliers are an ornament during the day, and at night they will make the bathroom full of mood.

Because the space is not large, the bathroom cabinet can be replaced with a simple stainless steel bracket, and the partition design below can also play a role in bathroom storage.

Hengfu Ceramics

CASE 5: Cool-color bathroom

The bathroom in a small space should not be too complicated, light blue marble The tiles make the space cool, and at the same time have the effect of expanding the field of vision. The wall-mounted basin with handle not only saves space, but also acts as a towel rack. A pot of vigorous grass grows on the tall small window, which plays a very good decorative role.

Although there is no bathroom cabinet, the storage problem is solved perfectly. Toiletries can be placed on the wide countertops and hollowed-out walls of the basin, and the shelf above the toilet can be used to display beautiful small objects.

In order to take care of the elderly and children at home, the handles on the wall must be designed.

Dufini Bathroom

CASE 6: The multifunctional design of a 2 square meter bathroom

It is hard to imagine that a 2 square meter mini bathroom can have such powerful functions : To the left after entering the door is a bathroom cabinet, basin, and bathroom mirror. The bright painted bathroom cabinet is not easy to damp and rot. The all-inclusive toilet has smooth lines and beautiful appearance without leaving a sanitary corner.

Editor’s comment: The toilet in a small bathroom must be hygienic and easy to take care of. All-inclusive toilets and wall-mounted toilets are both good choices. The all-inclusive toilet hides the unsightly curved sewage pipe of the traditional toilet, and it is not easy to leave a sanitary dead corner. The wall-mounted toilet saves space, and there is no need to worry about sanitary cleaning of the toilet base. However, wall-mounted toilets have requirements for wall design, water pipes, etc., so be sure to consult a cement worker or related professionals before installation.

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