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The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic cabinet countertops What is the price of acrylic cabinet countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-04

   A good cabinet is indispensable for a good cabinet countertop. There are many cabinet countertops on the market. Acrylic cabinet countertops are one of the more popular products. In general, what about acrylic cabinet countertops? Acrylic cabinets What are the advantages and disadvantages of countertops? What is the price of acrylic cabinet countertops? Let's take a look at the relative situation of acrylic cabinet countertops.

  The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic cabinet countertops What is the price of acrylic cabinet countertops

Introduction to   acrylic cabinet countertops

   The word acrylic may sound very Unfamiliar, because it is a new type of word that has only appeared on the mainland in the past two years. It wasn't until 2002 that it was gradually understood by a few people in the advertising industry, furniture industry, and handicraft industry. 'Acrylic' is a transliterated foreign word, English is ACRYLIC, it is a kind of chemical material. The chemical name is 'PMMA

  Acrylic cabinet countertops are divided into composite acrylic cabinet countertops and pure acrylic cabinet countertops, and the advantages and disadvantages of these two different acrylic cabinet countertops are quite different.

   Composite acrylic cabinet countertops-the main component of composite acrylic cabinet countertops is saturated resin with about 20% acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and 65% particles, and other materials account for about 2% (depending on different colors) set). The price and gloss, hardness, corrosion resistance and other aspects of composite acrylic cabinet countertops are relatively moderate, so the cost performance is very high.

  Pure acrylic cabinet countertops-the main components of pure acrylic cabinet countertops are grade methyl acrylate and aluminum hydroxide. The gloss and corrosion resistance of pure acrylic cabinet countertops are higher than that of composite acrylic cabinet countertops, but the hardness is lower. Pure acrylic cabinet countertops are non-toxic and non-radiative, easy to clean, and are currently the most ideal cabinet countertop material.

  Acrylic cabinet countertops advantages and disadvantages

  Acrylic countertops advantages

   high transparency. Transparency is also called Baidu, the acrylic countertops are made through the selection of raw materials, the current formula and the modern production technology, ensuring that the acrylic table has a light transmittance of more than 92%, especially after flame polishing, it is more crystal clear.

   has strong weather resistance. Used outdoors, it can withstand the comprehensive damage caused by exposure to the sun, changes in cold and heat, wind and rain erosion, and bacteria, and has a longer service life than most materials. This is also determined by the characteristics of acrylic material;

   In the case of transparency comparable to glass, the density of acrylic sheet is only half that of glass. In addition to beautiful appearance, the acrylic countertop is safer to use. One point is that acrylic, or polymethyl methacrylate, is a polymer material with excellent chemical stability and toughness, not as fragile as glass.

  Good surface hardness. The countertop is mainly used to place various objects. If the surface hardness is not good, too many items are placed or placed for a long time, it may cause the deformation of the countertop or the appearance of dents. It not only affects the internal structure of the countertop, but also reduces the aesthetics of the entire product.

  Acrylic countertop disadvantages

   Compared with quartz stone and other materials, the hardness of acrylic countertop is slightly inferior. In normal use, try to avoid the friction of rough objects on the table surface, so as not to damage the brightness of the table surface;

   high temperature resistance is general. Acrylic countertops are not as good as quartz in high temperature resistance. Pure acrylic countertops can withstand high temperatures only up to 120 degrees, while composite acrylic countertops are only 90 degrees. Avoid prolonged contact with high-temperature objects.

  Acrylic cabinet countertop price

  Pure acrylic

   First of all, let’s introduce the price of pure acrylic. In the domestic market, pure acrylic Cabinet countertops are generally imported from imported brands. The most common ones are: South Korea’s three stars, American DuPont Corian, South Korea’s LG Haomeis, etc. The acrylic cabinet countertops of these brands are the most professional artificial stone in the world, and of course their prices It's not cheap either. The cheapest price is 1500-1800 yuan/meter, and the expensive price is as high as 3000-4000 yuan/meter. Its cost performance is not high. For ordinary consumers, we suggest not to choose it.

  Composite Acrylic

  Composite acrylic cabinet countertops are more common in the market, and the price is relatively moderate. The acrylic content of the composite acrylic cabinet countertops accounts for 15%-20% of the total material content. Generally speaking, domestic brands are the main products. However, due to the strong development potential of the acrylic cabinet countertop market, there are more inferior acrylic stones in the market. This makes us very careful when choosing to prevent being deceived. The price of high-end composite acrylic cabinet countertops on the market is generally 800-1100 yuan/square meter. It can be appropriately selected according to actual needs.

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