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The advantages and disadvantages of the overall bathroom compared with the traditional bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-05-14

The integral bathroom is also called the integral bathroom. It is an integral frame composed of an integrated waterproof chassis or a combination of a bathtub and a waterproof chassis, wall panels and top cover, and an independent sanitary unit formed by various functional sanitary ware; it has a shower, a bathtub, The four functions of washing and defecation or any combination of these functions can achieve the best overall effect in the smallest space.

What are the advantages of the overall bathroom?

1. Not limited by space

The biggest feature of the overall bathroom is that it is not limited by the size of the space. The design pursues the most effective use of indoor space. Therefore, even if the bathroom space is only 4 square meters, it can also adopt humanized design according to the preferences and needs of the occupants.

2. Convenient installation

The whole bathroom uses dry construction, without the sand, cement and other construction materials used in the traditional bathroom. When installing, only screws and sticks are used. Mixture and other materials. As the installation procedure is relatively simple, it can be completed in one day.

3. No need for waterproofing

The whole bathroom does not need to be waterproofed. The bathtub and the bottom plate are molded into one body at one time, without splicing gaps, so that it is fundamentally and completely It solves the problems of water leakage and leakage in the traditional bathroom. The material of the integral bathroom is compact, the surface is smooth and clean, the cleaning is very simple, and the service life of the integral bathroom is generally longer. Compared with the traditional bathroom, the advantages of the overall bathroom are quite obvious.

4. Overall aesthetics

The sanitary facilities in the overall bathroom are all unified and coordinated and designed for one-time installation, rather than a patchwork combination of individual bathroom facilities in the traditional bathroom. Therefore, in terms of the overall aesthetics of the bathroom, the traditional bathroom looks inferior.

Disadvantages of the overall sanitary ware

1. The positioning and style of all kinds of sanitary products must be consistent and meet the market demand, otherwise it will lead to nondescript, distracting situations often appear.

2. There are many categories of overall sanitary products, and it is necessary to set up a clear division of labor to ensure that the products are delivered on time.

3. The price is expensive. Many ancillary products need to be OEM by other companies. The amount is not high so that they cannot form economies of scale. In addition, the cost of product design, logistics and distribution costs increase, and the price of the overall bathroom is also It is difficult to'popularize'.

Classification of overall sanitary ware

1. SMC products are formed by high-temperature compression, which are light in texture and strong in strength. The anti-aging design increases the service life, which is generally 20 years. The surface of SMC products is smooth and clean, easy to clean, and effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria. Now it has passed the Chinese antibacterial label product certification and is an environmentally friendly facility. In addition, SMC products are non-toxic and odorless, and do not cause any harm to the human body.

2. FRP products have very good airtightness and are also very concise for cleaning. The exterior decoration forms of FRP products are very rich, and the excellent quality has a longer service life.

3. ABS products are aerospace-grade materials, with rich patterns and textures for selection. It has excellent sealing properties, which completely eliminates the problems of leakage and the breeding of germs.

Compared with traditional sanitary ware

1. Durability

Integral sanitary ware: adopts SMC material, which is a kind of aerospace material, and the weight is less than five points of that of ceramic tiles. One, but the strength is much better than that of ceramic tiles, and it will not crack, deform or fall off. Lightweight, tough and durable are its advantages, with a service life of up to 20 years. At the same time, the formaldehyde emission standard of SMC material reaches the E0 standard level, which fully meets the needs of modern families for environmental protection.

2. Safety in use

Integral sanitary ware: SMC material has a certain degree of flexibility, and the overhead structure layer of integral sanitary ware forms an air layer between the waterproof chassis and the ground, which can effectively cushion the impact.

Traditional sanitary ware: Most of the building materials used are relatively hard, and if the anti-skid measures are not in place, it may cause falls.

3. Leakproofness

The integral bathroom is usually formed by CNC machine tools at one time, with high precision and good stability, which eliminates the quality problems such as hollow drums and uneven seams caused by humans. , To ensure the aesthetic effect and stability of the integration, and also eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage in the traditional bathroom.

Traditional bathroom: The floor of the traditional bathroom is prone to leakage, and the wall is also prone to leakage and mildew; it is built by traditional handwork by plasterers, which cannot fundamentally solve the problem of bathroom leakage.

4. Warmth retention

Integral sanitary ware: SMC material has thermal insulation properties and has a friendly skin feel. Thermal insulation in winter and thermal insulation in summer.

Traditional sanitary ware: The decoration materials used are very poor in heat insulation and heat preservation performance, and heat is easily lost, and heating facilities such as bath heaters are also required.

5. Industrialization efficiency

Integral bathroom: The construction process is divided into three major stages: construction preparation, assembly process and finishing work. The whole bathroom is constructed by dry method, and generally only two workers are required to complete the assembly process in 4 hours, which greatly shortens the construction period.

Traditional sanitary ware: The sanitary fittings are independent of each other, and the decoration complexity and cost are high. The installation generally requires more than a dozen types of work and takes more than ten days to complete.

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