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The 'aged' market may become a new 'blessed place' for the sanitary ware industry

by:KingKonree     2021-05-22

Although the 'aging' market is not fully mature, it will lead another trend in the sanitary ware market. Entrepreneurs regard it as a potential stock that 'explodes' at any time. As the issue of 'aging' in the 21st century becomes more prominent, the sanitary ware industry, as one of the important roles in daily life, must also follow the changes of the times and accelerate the development of the 'aging market'. It must be explored in design and functional innovation. With the demand of 'agingAlthough the 'aging' market is not fully mature, it will lead another trend in the sanitary ware market. Entrepreneurs regard it as a potential stock that 'explodes' at any time.

Necessity for the development of 'aging' sanitary products

**, an aging society is an inevitable phenomenon of China’s development. An irreversible aging society. From 2001 to 2100, the 'aging' of the Chinese population is divided into three stages: 1. From 2001 to 2020 is the rapid aging stage, 2. From 2021 to 2050, it is accelerated aging 3. From 2051 to 2100, there has been a steady and severe aging development. The number of aging people continues to grow, and the number will reach about 473 million people in the post-** stage. From such huge forecast data, we can clearly understand To the 'aging sanitary ware market' will be an infinite potential stock.

The 'aged' market may become a new 'blessed place' for the sanitary ware industry

Secondly, the 'aged' people are now the most important people in society, regardless of Whether the government or the family is an indispensable member, the government has introduced many policies to solve the life problems of the 'old peopleThe status of the market is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the 'aging market' is bound to be a trend of development.

Thirdly, people used to position consumers around the age of 20 to 40. With the economic downturn, merchants gradually realized that the purchasing power of 50 to 60 years old is also quite strong. At the same time, it is understood that their requirements and cognition for sanitary ware are far greater than those of young people, so products for 'aged people' are quietly appearing.

The 'aging market' situation is 'rebroadcast'

While the government re-recognizes the 'aging groupThe wall cabinet in the bathroom and the washbasin in the bathroom are transformed into automatic lifting, etc., to facilitate the use of the elderly; it can also be anti-skid treatment on the floor of the home, and various open wires can be turned into dark wires or wireless to prevent the elderly from slipping or tripping . Although the demand of the 'aged group' is considerable, and the potential of the 'aged market' is greater, at present, some companies are seeing fragmentation in the sanitary ware market, and they have not completely become a solid model. Only some companies have launched 'aged' sanitary products. .

Earlier, the sanitary ware industry put forward the concept of 'convenient sanitary ware' in 2010. The main feature is that there are no too many complicated buttons, no modern organs and long-form instructions, and no edges and corners that will hurt users. The design starts with details such as location, function and accessibility, so that 'old people' can use the bathroom safely and conveniently. Based on this concept, companies also launch various related sanitary ware products.

At present, when some brands launch toilets, they also help to install the armrest beside the toilet, so as to reduce the chance of the elderly falling.

Future development trend of 'aged' sanitary ware

The sanitary ware industry not only introduces 'aged products' from the design appearance, but also solves a series of problems in the aging society with the theory of universal design. Combining ergonomics, general design theory, geriatrics, psychology and other related knowledge, systematically analyzed the physiological and psychological characteristics and recuperation mode of the elderly. Through empirical investigations, we have conducted in-depth research on the existing problems in the design and use of the bathroom space for the elderly. In order to seek corresponding countermeasures and reasonable solutions, the design ideas aimed at improving the subjective well-being of the elderly are proposed.

The elderly have a huge and decisive influence on the 'future economic development' of the sanitary ware industry, and they are a land of great demand. This is a wise consideration regardless of economic development, social development and people’s needs. Choice. At the same time, 'aged products' are not only a pure entity, but also reflect the care of designers and society for them.

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