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The bathroom has become the new den. Majority

by:KingKonree     2020-09-10

1. Airy, Large Showers

Showers are getting big. Those with small bathrooms are getting rid of tubs and replacing them with showers. The stall is also getting larger and more airy with less glass. Majority of designers are opting for heavier glass and hinged doors rather than the usual sliding glass. People are interested in creating luxury in their bathrooms in order to experience the feeling of being at the spa.

2. Soaking Tubs Replace Noisy Jacuzzis

The tub has changed because of which Jacuzzis are losing their popularity. Majority of homeowners are interested in a quiet experience while soaking in their tubs and it is for this reason that the Jacuzzi is losing out. The design of the tubs has also changed and jetless tubs have taken over the market. These tubs are insulated and deep giving the user a comfy feeling while soaking.

3. Lighting Up

Master bathrooms have become a sanctuary for many and lighting them up is what makes them more special. Majority of homeowners are interested in letting the light in. As such, bathrooms have become brighter and sun-filled. They feature skylights and additional windows. Consequently, the market is filled with accessories that light up the bathroom and also increase the aesthetic appeal.

4. Steam Bath

This seems to be the big thing currently as more people are discovering the benefits of soaking into one after a tough day. There are different types of steam baths in the market and though this is the case, bathrooms are getting reconfigured to suit the following.

Floor drain

Sloping ceiling which helps drain condensation.


Marble or tile in all the surfaces

Vapor tight doors to ensure the steam room is insulated and enclosed from all sides.

5. Smart Storage

As part of home remodeling, storage has become an important addition. Storage is designed in a manner that makes sense. Deep, big drawers don't work though. Smaller drawers that come with dividers are used in this case and there are different styles to choose from as well. In the end, this ensures that you get a great look.

6. Green Products and Water Heaters

With the growing demand for indulgence and luxury, soaking tubs and heated floors are a hot trend as well. In addition to this, majority of people are going green and capitalizing on saving energy. There are low flow toilets and other green products that make remodeling so much easier and fun. There are water heating units that get rid of water heaters and ensure the water is kept hot and ready for use.

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