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The bathroom mirror is designed in this way, easy to use and beautiful!

by:KingKonree     2021-06-25

1. Pure mirror

The mirror is almost an indispensable design in the bathroom. The simpler way is to hang a square mirror directly on the wall in front of the wash basin, which can meet the daily needs. The carding needs can be.

Second, round mirror

If you see too much square mirror, you will inevitably feel monotonous and without design sense. If you change to a round mirror, then the whole bathroom will look exquisite and high-end Much more!

Three, storage mirrors

Install storage cabinets around the mirrors, and install the mirrors in the open storage cabinets, so that you can increase the storage and utilization of the space, which is commonly used daily Toiletries can be conveniently placed on it, so the multifunctional design is also very convenient to use.

Four. Mirror cabinet

The so-called mirror cabinet is to install a storage cabinet in front of the washbasin, and then install a mirror on the door of the storage cabinet, so that some messy and infrequent washing can be washed away. The supplies are stored in the cabinet, and the commonly used ones are placed on the open trellis or on the washbasin countertop, and then backlit by the cabinet, the whole space is brighter and more luxurious.

On the whole, I think the mirror cabinet is more beautiful and practical. It is best to have a few racks in the middle. You can put the toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, etc. you need to use every day here. Not messy and convenient to use.

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