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The bathtub 'shrinks' and sellers are indifferent. How do consumers defend their rights?

by:KingKonree     2021-05-12

Ms. Liu, a citizen of Bozhou, ordered bathroom cabinets, showers, bathtubs, etc. in a brand sanitary ware store. When the workers in the shop installed them, Ms. Liu found that the bathtub was not the same size as the bathtub she had purchased, and the bathtub 'shrinked'! Ms. Liu went to the theory, but did not buy it in the shop.

In desperation, Ms. Liu recently filed a complaint about the brand sanitary ware store to the Xuege Market Supervision and Administration Office of Qiaocheng District.

The bathtub ordered 'shrinked'

Ms. Liu said that on January 5 this year, she ordered bathroom cabinets, showers, bathtubs, etc. at a bathroom specialty store in the city. At the time of purchase, she liked a bathtub. The staff in the store introduced to her that this bathtub has two sizes of 1.6 meters and 1.45 meters, and the price is the same, so Ms. Liu chose 1.6 meters. On the same day, she signed the 'Product Sales' Order

On February 13th, when the store staff came to install the bathtub, Ms. Liu found that the size of the bathtub was a bit wrong, it seemed a bit small. After a measurement on the spot, it was found that the bathtub 'shrinked' instead of 1.6 meters. Actually The size is 1.45 meters.

Because of the wrong size, Ms. Liu asked the store staff to pull the bathtub back to the store, requesting delivery according to the ordered size. However, the store staff said that the goods were not sent wrong. This bathtub is only 1.45 meters, and the price is 3260 yuan. Other styles are 1.6 meters, but the price is much higher than 1.45 meters.

The theory of many times to find the merchant to no avail

Ms. Liu said that she bought the 1.6-meter model. The staff made a mistake and wrote the wrong order. Naturally, it should be the specialty store. Take responsibility. Ms. Liu thought that the store was deceiving herself, so she went to the store for theory. In order not to delay the installation of doors and windows, Ms. Liu said that the installation of 1.45 meters is also possible, but she must be refunded 200 yuan as compensation. The store staff disagreed, and the two sides had a dispute.

Ms. Liu said that in the past two weeks, she has repeatedly found the store to find no results, and the store staff is extremely unfriendly. Angrily, Ms. Liu came to the market supervision department to complain. She asked the store to execute the order.

After mediation, the merchant compensated 500 yuan

After receiving the complaint, the staff of the Xuege Market Supervision and Administration Office of Qiaocheng District contacted both parties to understand the situation and mediate the dispute.

According to the staff, Ms. Liu’s statement is true, and the person in charge of the bathroom specialty store also explained that this order was indeed filled out by the store’s staff by mistake.

A staff member of the firm said that he had meticulously preached the 'Consumer Rights Protection LawPrinciples, and earnestly assume responsibility for breach of contract. 'Even if it is a work error, without the understanding of the contractor, you must act according to the contract. If you have a fault, you should'pay the bill'.' The staff member said that the operator recognized his mistake and asked Ms. Liu Apologized.

After mediation, the two parties reached an agreement that the store installed a 1.45-meter bathtub for Ms. Liu and paid Ms. Liu 500 yuan.

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