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The best five bathtub designs selected by foreign media

by:KingKonree     2021-05-17

After a day of running around, it’s very enjoyable to soak yourself in the bathtub easily. If there are some additional products at this time, such as a glass of red wine and scented candles, you will definitely be able to experience extraordinary enjoyment when you are full of Zen. So what kind of bathtub** can impress people? I collected five great bathtub designs selected by foreign media for everyone to appreciate it together.

Antique deep bathtub

This ancient French copper bathtub from the 19th century is a great product to relax muscles and escape stress. The old pink color with the high-depth cylinder is made by imitating the handmade methods and tools more than 200 years ago. While ensuring the purity of someone, it provides a brand new enjoyment and experience.

One-page flat boat bathtub

This bathtub imitating the image of flat boat was introduced before. At first glance, it will still be affected by the domineering tone and shape of the bathtub. Conquered! I have seen a lot of free-standing bathtubs. Such a bathtub suspended in the air can be described as ingenious. Lying on it, there is always a feeling of vacation by the sea.

Natural stone bathtub

Returning to nature is the theme that modern bathroom design has been calling for, and it is also a way to escape from reality and find oneself. Compared with this bathtub, you can experience such a natural pleasure. Will a cylinder made of marble, granite and rock feel fresh? Such color, texture, and shape are also very unique structures that make people immersed in nature and unable to extricate themselves.

UFO bathtub

Compared with this shape, you can know its design inspiration, right? Yes, everyone can think of strange bathtubs. Will I stay in a UFO one day? The Italian designer's design implication is also to express a good desire to escape from the earth and reality for a while, seeking quietness and fantasy. The large round body, the clean surface, and the stainless steel material can play a good thermal insulation effect.

Spa wood bathtub

For those who don’t want ceramic, stone, or stainless steel bathtubs, wooden bathtubs are a good choice. Made by the Swiss company Alegna, the company originally focused on handmade luxury yachts. This bathtub uses walnut, oak and mahogany as raw materials, and is inlaid with pebbles on the upper edge of the tank to create a sense of comfort , Relaxation, the feeling of creek water.

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