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The characteristics of different overall kitchen countertop materials

by:KingKonree     2021-05-05

There are many cabinet countertops on the market, including quartz stone, acrylic artificial countertop, composite acrylic artificial stone, granite and so on. So which one is better?

Natural stone countertops

As the name implies, the countertop material opposite to artificial stone is natural stone. Natural stone countertops are countertops made of natural stone that exists in nature. Commonly used natural stone countertops are marble and granite. Natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the crust through high temperature and high pressure in the crust; while granite is also called acid crystalline plutonic rock, which is the most widely distributed rock in igneous rock. Generally speaking, those with texture are called marble, and those with spots are called granite.

Quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone is actually a material difference of artificial stone, it is also a kind of artificial stone species. But because of its unique performance and high cost, its price is higher than ordinary artificial stone, and it is a brand-new artificial stone product. It uses natural quartz crystal ore as the main raw material, and is a decorative panel made under high temperature and high pressure through the introduction of imported fully automated control production technology and equipment.

Advantages: On the basis of ensuring high hardness, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, and easy cleaning, there is no radioactive element harmful to the human body. The super hard environmentally friendly composite quartz plate produced by the most advanced technology in the world, which contains up to 93% natural quartz, and also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives. The selected materials are extremely formed by color mixing and vacuum high pressure. The compact composite body is made into quartz stone through complicated slitting and surface polishing processes. The surface of this plate is as hard as granite, the color is as rich as marble, and the structure is as antiseptic and stain resistant as glass. The shape after finishing As perfect as artificial stone. It is precisely because of her excellent performance in many aspects that she has become the most ideal material for kitchen and bathroom countertops and high-quality walls and floors in the world.

Disadvantages: higher price

Artificial stone countertops

Artificial stone, also known as high Molecular solid board is made of natural mineral powder + color masterbatch + acrylic resin glue, processed by high temperature and high pressure. It has uniform texture and no pores. It is recognized by the market as the most suitable cabinet panel material for modern kitchens.

Advantages: Artificial stone is more wear-resistant, acid-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and has strong functions such as impact resistance, compression resistance, flexural resistance, and penetration resistance. The processing of deformation, bonding, turning and other parts is unique; it is rich in patterns, integrally formed, and can be repeatedly polished and refurbished. Therefore, the anti-fouling power is strong, because there are no pores on the surface, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate into it. General stains can be wiped off with a damp cloth or detergent; it can be seamlessly bonded at any length, and two pieces of adhesive of the same material After bonding, it is polished, and there is no trace at the seams.

Disadvantages: The naturalness is obviously insufficient, the texture is relatively fake; the price is higher.

Special reminder: Even if it is seamless artificial stone, because of its different processing technology, the quality is also divided into three or six or nine grades, so when choosing Be sure to choose a brand with a better reputation and guaranteed service.

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