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The 'cold current' in the sanitary ware market hits how to avoid bankruptcy

by:KingKonree     2021-07-27
In recent years, vocabulary such as bankruptcy and bankruptcy has appeared frequently in the home building materials industry. Under this irresistible wave of reshuffle, companies with relatively lack of talents and funds will inevitably be at a disadvantage in market competition. In the complex and ever-changing market environment, potential risks are gradually increasing, and many companies are already on the verge of bankruptcy without realizing it. Sanitary ware companies also need to recognize the situation, respond rationally to all challenges in the market, and stay away from the crisis of bankruptcy. The surge in competition pressure has led to frequent closures of sanitary wares. In terms of the general environment, the domestic economic situation and the environment are not optimistic, the real estate is sluggish, large-scale infrastructure projects have stagnated, and the total sales of sanitary products have decreased. At the same time, at the dealer level, the stores have expanded wildly in the past few years, and dealers have been forced to lease multiple stores. Under the circumstance of unchanged business, the rent burden has doubled, and it has become increasingly prominent with the market downturn. Merchants have reduced the size of their stores, transferred or closed their stores; most of the stores have been left out, with more salespeople than customers, and the number of stores in stores has plummeted. Some sanitary ware companies are already on the verge of bankruptcy. Although the 'scenery' of overseas markets under the 'Belt and Road' is good, and the third and fourth-tier markets are rising, the 'dormancy' of the overall market still causes many sanitary ware companies to move frequently and have little effect. In today's constantly risky market environment, some sanitary ware companies have been on the verge of bankruptcy: first, companies that lack cash flow. Knowing how to attack and not knowing how to defend is a common problem for many small and medium-sized bathroom enterprises. Many bosses are used to fighting and killing, and are enthusiastic about opening up channels. , Competitors surged, the ratio of input and output was unbalanced, and the company exhausted its own pockets and eventually went bankrupt. Second, companies without core technological advantages. If the market is a war, for sanitary ware companies, Ru0026D and design capabilities are equipment. In the fiercely competitive market, sanitary ware companies must ensure the perfection of equipment if they want to win the market. In addition, companies that are overly superstitious about e-commerce are also extremely dangerous. Under the Internet trend, many sanitary ware companies have 'shocked' one after another, and even some companies 'lost their helmets and disarmIn the long run, e-commerce will realize the integration of online and offline product prices, and finally realize online consumption and offline experience. This is on the premise that the distribution of the interests of manufacturers is well coordinated. If this is ignored, the interests of the merchants will definitely go up. No return. In the current sanitary ware market, with the rising labor costs, the pressure of store rents, and the surging sanitary ware brands, the development pressure of enterprises has also fallen into an embarrassing situation. Under this circumstance, it is particularly critical for sanitary ware companies to understand the market crisis. In a market environment where the wave of bankruptcy continues, sanitary ware companies must first recognize themselves and develop in a targeted manner in order to stay away from the risk of bankruptcy.
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