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The conventional bathrooms have the regular cabinets

by:KingKonree     2020-07-15
Apaiser offers the stone composite vanities available in single and double variations. They offer balanced functional design; suitable for any bathroom and imply elegance and a statement of sensuality with luxury. The variety of vanities available makes it convenient to choose from. Besides its design Apaiser's vanities bring out maximum usability. The stone basin brings a whole new look to the bathroom. Available in beautiful shapes, sizes and forms they exude a superior aesthetic sense. They work with three 'S' i:e style, serenity and sophistication. The different kinds like the 'Emerald basin, Lotus basin, Pebble style and the most demanded Globe basin' add beauty to any modern or contemporary bathroom. There are a few vessel sinks which can be attached directly to the wall. These kinds are perfect where there is less space or the vanity and cabinet cannot be made. The double sinks available can be very useful if the kids are also going to use at the same time. It is often more economical. The stylish vanities and sinks create a luxurious ambience with its sleek design and flowing forms. The bathroom vanity and sink should match with the other items like the bath panels, the toilet seat and other accessories there. To ensure consistency, it is advised to buy vanity sets available. Apaiser's wide range makes it convenient for the buyer. Rather than hopping from one place to another, he can step in at Apaiser and make his choice from the beautiful combinations of sinks and vanities. Having its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia it is featured in showrooms in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Auckland Bangkok, Qatar, UK, Mumbai (India) and Singapore. The company grew from an initial supply to small boutique to the world's leading hotels, luxury homes and resorts. Apaiser reached to this position simply because of its quality, style and dedication towards work. It has a unique ability to customize its product as per the need of its client. Any bathware product can be modified and made according to the requirement and taste of the client. Apaiser is truly a global brand and supplier of choice, to the world's leading hotels and resorts. It is itself a brand name and a revolution in the bathware world. Its luxurious vanities and basins bring a style statement to the bathroom.
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