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The core of sanitary ceramics enterprise research and development focuses on quality and practicality

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

There are many new products and technologies in the sanitary ware industry, especially the technology in bathing in the bathroom. Not long ago, there has been a way to operate a computer by tapping the water surface, which means that people can use a special posture to hit the water surface in the bathtub, so that they can control the computer, such as browsing the web, playing small games, etc. Wait. The people who developed this technology said that they developed this technology for people who like to play with tablets or mobile phones in the bath, so as to prevent people from falling into the water when operating these devices.

So is this idea of u200bu200bdeveloping products really feasible? The reporter interviewed well-known people in China. They said that although this idea is good, it has no meaning at all. At present, the mainstream direction of products developed by Chinese sanitary ceramics enterprises is still Focusing on quality and practicality, it is inconvenient for people to play games and surf the Internet in the bathroom. It is the most comfortable way to play on the computer on the table in the room. It takes a long time to take a bath in the bathroom, so watching the video in it is a way to pass the time. For this reason, there is no need to go to the web or play games, etc., and the technology developed for this situation has no practical significance. For this reason, it is not recommended that companies follow this useless method.

The mainstream function of the bathroom is to provide people with a comfortable way of bathing. Therefore, focusing on the mainstream needs of people is the key to enhancing the competitiveness of products. How to make bathtubs more comfortable and make people in the bathtub It feels comfortable, convenient, etc., these are the things that have real effects. As for auxiliary functions such as video, music, etc., it is just a secondary thing. Sanitary ware companies cannot afford to leave everything behind when developing products, because these are not the main functions that consumers value. Win in the market.

Quality is also a focus of sanitary products. If the product is very useful but the quality is too poor, such a product cannot form a long-term good impression in the eyes of consumers. Feeling bored. For this reason, companies must strictly check when building products and cannot cut corners for any reason. Otherwise, once they are known to consumers, the company will suffer a heavy blow to its reputation, so that the company will not be able to gain consumers in the market. The support, practicability and quality are the best weapon for the current sanitary ware companies to compete for the market. Only by abandoning unrealistic concepts can the company save time and cost.

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