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The correct installation of hardware sanitary ware does not leave hidden dangers

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

Common hardware sanitary wares include basins, toilets, bathtubs, shower rooms, hardware accessories, etc. The quality of the installation process directly affects our quality of life.

When installing hardware sanitary ware, you should follow the principle of conforming to living habits and convenient to use, to ensure that the installation is firm, beautiful, safe to use, and flexible to open.

Installation process

1. Toilet installation

When installing the toilet, check the sewage pipe first, and draw the center line of the cross to determine the bottom installation position of the toilet , Then use an electric drill to drill the installation holes, pre-embed expansion screws, and install a special sealing ring on the toilet drain port, install the toilet, and debug the water tank accessories.

2. The installation of the basin

First measure the installation height of the basin, make a mark, punch holes in the marked place with an impact drill, install the expansion tube, and then install the basin hook And the fixing parts, connect the water inlet and drain pipes, the column and the fixing parts, and seal the mold-proof silicone seal between the upper mouth of the basin and the wall, the contact surface of the foot of the column and the ground.

3. Installation of the bathtub

According to the actual size of the bathtub, build the skirt and bottom platform with bricks and cement, insert the bathtub from the upper part, and connect the sewer pipe. * *Later, put glass glue on the place where the bathtub is in contact with the apron and the wall, which can effectively keep the bottom of the bathtub dry and prolong the service life.

4. Installation of the shower

According to the product size, measure and drill holes on the wall, carry out the procedures of pipe threading, lead oil, twine winding, etc., and then connect the shower to Connect the copper water inlets. Pay attention to the copper water inlets with lead oil and pads to prevent rust and oxidation. Hang the shower upright and fix the discs on the wall with wood screws.

Precautions for installation

1. Determine the location of water pipes and wires according to waterways and circuit diagrams. When installing hardware sanitary ware, be sure to avoid water pipes and wires to prevent breaking water pipes and interrupting wires.

2. When installing basins, bathtubs and other products, pay attention to the flatness of the wall and the ground; pay attention when tightening, so as to avoid damage caused by excessive force.

3. When installing hardware sanitary ware on the surface of the ceramic tile, it is recommended to ask a professional master to carry out the construction to avoid cracking the ceramic tile.

4. Do not damage the waterproof layer when installing hardware sanitary ware.

5. **It is better not to change the location of the original sewer pipe and floor drain, otherwise it will easily cause flooding.

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