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The countertops in the house I grew up in are ugly

by:KingKonree     2020-06-24
My First Choice Would Be Granite If I had the option of remodeling our kitchen, I would choose to replace the current countertops with granite countertops, to add a fresh and luxurious look to the kitchen.Granite is now available in so many different beautiful colors that I would be able to match the counters to any color scheme I chose to remodel the kitchen with, and they would add a dramatic element to it. Granite is solid and durable enough to last for at least the next twenty years, with proper care and maintenance. Maintaining a granite countertop is actually quite simple; just don't pound heavy things on it or leave extremely hot items (such as boiling pots) on it without some kind of protection. Cleaning a granite countertop is very easy- they are sealed with an extra protective layer and will not be harmed by exposure to water. Acidic or strong chemical cleaners should be avoided when cleaning the countertop. Mild soap, water, and a dish rag will suffice. I Would Consider Silestone Countertops If, for some reason, I did not have access to granite countertops, I would opt for silestone countertops instead, even though the price point for them is much higher. Made from natural quartz, silestone is a nonporous surfacing material that has been finished and treated to be resistant to stains and scratches. Silestone, unlike granite and other stone, linoleum, and plastic countertops, does not need to be sealed to render it waterproof and scratch-resistant (although of course it can be damaged by heavy force), and it is also resistant to scorching heat. Manufacturers of silestone also claim that it has four times the flexural strength of granite, which renders it less prone to chips and cracks. I Enjoy Glass Countertops For an especially fancy, sophisticated kitchen, someone might want to install glass countertops. It is very easy for a homeowner to design individualized countertops, choosing the surface texture, custom designs and colors embedded into the glass, and edge treatment. It is even possible to install LED lighting in glass countertops to create a striking visual effect. Of course, chic and customizable countertops such as these would be incredibly expensive for the average consumer, and would not be recommended for any household containing children, pets, or especially accident-prone residents. Many professional designers and real estate professionals recommend using glass countertops as accents rather than as the main surface throughout the kitchen.
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