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The debut of an ergonomic bathtub

by:KingKonree     2021-05-10

There are many ways to relax. Do you still choose to go for a walk in the suburbs or go fishing along the coast? Then you are too out! **The convenient way is to immerse your body in the bathtub and use it with light candlelight and aromatic essential oils. Relaxing atmosphere, and then use hot water to wash away the fatigue of the whole day, the designer cleverly applied technology to the bathtub, turning the bathroom into a spiritual luxury.

As HayleyTarrington, senior designer of British bathroom design brand CPHart, said: 'Bath and shower are completely different experiences. People are increasingly looking for a well-designed modern bathtub to care for. I, use this as an antidote to my busy life.” So what kind of modern bathtub is what we need?

The ergonomic design using new materials

compared to the old style The bathtub has a single function, and the modern bathtub is more humane. Cheryl Gurner, the creative director of Bathrooms International, believes that modern bathrooms are larger and deeper and have a more ergonomic design. Even large men can lie comfortably in the bathtub and soak.

The appearance of an ergonomic bathtub

Size is not a question that a modern bathtub** needs to consider. The advent and use of new materials have enabled today's designers to create amazing bathtub shapes and at the same time improve the overall quality. These have greatly increased the charm index of the bathtub.

In the manufacture of modern bathtubs, a synthetic material called Cristalplant is commonly used. The Novecento series of the Italian bathroom brand Agape uses this material to create a classic and modern bathtub style. Take the Nuda bathtub in this series as an example. Its outer edge is ultra-thin, and the bottom pillar can improve the position of the bathtub. At the same time, it feels smooth and smooth. , And can maintain the water temperature well.

Two designers invited by Aquamass Company also used this material for their bathtubs, which gave the product a soft shape and firm quality. Among them, the Strip bathtub designed by Michael Bouquillon, whose sides are folded like wings, seem to be made of paper or fabric; and the StoneOne bathtub designed by PaoloChipiron for the company has become the best selling single product, and its shape is like a A deep bowl with a variety of surface materials to choose from, such as artificial leather, goatskin or brocade, or artificial snake, cowhide, crocodile or zebra patterns.

Other materials, such as Quarrycast, produce bathtubs that are quite strong, light and smooth to the touch; ultra-thin resin materials are commonly used, with a smooth surface, which is full of beauty and convenient Transportation and installation; and the material named Cian is very durable and durable, and it is scratch and stain resistant. The use of these new materials can give modern bathtubs an intricately carved appearance and make the bathroom more elegant. In the view of designer Tarrington, the bathroom therefore 'has a lot less ward atmosphere, which is very important because modern interior design often merges the bathroom with the bedroom.'

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