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The decoration designer teaches you to choose sanitary ware, what other guide is more practical than this

by:KingKonree     2021-05-09

In the matter of buying sanitary ware, besides the technicians of the manufacturer, who else has more say than the decoration designer? I don’t think it is anymore. Designers with more than 5 years of experience have a little bit of competence. How many owners have dealt with, that means how many toilets, bathroom cabinets, and bathtubs he has made friends with.

The decoration dry goods that the editor took out today were obtained from the decoration designers, specifically to solve the problem of how to buy sanitary ware, and it is precisely this set of only a few hundred words. My friends have all bought sanitary wares that are loved by everyone. The most important thing is that they are also cheap.

One of my friends, in order to buy a set of sanitary ware, was running into the signing of the president of Langjing Sanitary Ware. The crowd was empty. He lined up for an hour, and he just got a package that made the host envy and hate.

Not much to say, here is the guide:

**The first thing I want to tell you is that you want to buy more expensive branded goods. I still have to pass by and buy only cheap ones, not the right ones.

This question seems unnecessary, but when the editor was chatting with a few designers, everyone just wanted to mention this matter. Some of my friends did not buy better brands because of hundreds of dollars. Instead, they went to the building materials market to buy off-brand products, some of which were unlicensed products.

The ending was very sad. The faucet rusted after half a year, and the toilet was often not flushed clean. It only worked with a brush. What a horrible misfortune this is against the sky.

The suggestions collected by the editor are to buy at least a bathroom brand with a better reputation, more sales outlets, and better evaluation, such as: foreign Kohler, American Standard, and Navigation Mark; domestic ones also include Langjing and Jiumu , Hengjie Zhongyu, Jiumu, Hengjie, Anhua, Gold Medal, Ausiman, Faenza, etc., are all famous characters. The price is actually not very expensive. For things like Langjing, when discounts are on sale, that’s the cabbage price. For example, a set of toilets is at a discount. Big brands such as Langjing are only two or three hundred more expensive than ordinary toilets. Yuan, but it can be used for N years, why not?

Next, the editor wants to tell you a very regrettable thing. When buying sanitary ware, many people ignore the color and shape matching, but You want a high-value bathroom and a comfortable and refreshing environment. How can you ignore this problem?

Don’t know how to match it? Find a designer, let the designer of the decoration company make his work more detailed, how to get the wall and floor of the bathroom, and sanitary ware What kind of shape and color should I choose?

It is entirely possible for the designer to give a detailed method, don't be polite with him or her. Generally speaking, the shapes and colors of toilets, washbasins, soap boxes, hand trays, mop pools, etc., are consistent or close to each other, which will appear harmonious and beautiful.

Buying sanitary ware, no matter how much you talk about it, you can’t leave the function empty talk. It all comes down to the durability and convenience of the function. This is the essence of the bathroom.

So, what should sanitary ware have? What are the functions? Let’s talk about this. Let’s take the toilet as an example. You want to save water. Others use the water-saving toilet of Langjing. It only needs 4 liters of water to clean it, but you will spend 6 Liters or more, that would not be taken advantage of, and it is right to do with environmental protection.

I need to have a strong flushing ability, otherwise there are often dirty things stuck in it, which is a disgusting thing. There are also water absorption, firmness, no cracking, low flushing sound, damping of the cover, etc., which are all important.

Now there are some smart toilets with even more powerful functions, such as intelligent heating, automatic deodorization, automatic induction, etc., such as the Langjing Washing Yue series, which are now selling very well Good, because it is powerful, stable, and practical.

Furthermore, let’s talk about bathroom cabinets. Let’s not talk about the value of the bathroom cabinet. At least it must be waterproof, not peeling, and paint. Brands can make bathroom cabinets beautiful, practical and durable. Some designers have mentioned several European-style and modern bathroom cabinets of Langjing, such as the British Knights, Caesar Imperial Court, etc., which are powerful and beautiful. , The voice is high, I can't suppress it even if I want to suppress it.

**After summarizing, I emphasize once again that when buying sanitary ware, brand products are the first choice. It is more expensive than too expensive. Don't be sloppy about the color and shape of the sanitary ware. Careful matching can make the bathroom look great and instantly become a goddess. Nothing can become a cloud, it is still a function. All of this must be ensured by your carefulness and care, and you will have the same glaring eyes as Sun Dasheng, not letting go of a trace of flaws, and finally buy good sanitary ware.

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