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The decoration of the elderly room should pay attention to the four principles and six details

by:KingKonree     2021-05-09

Keep in mind the four-point home improvement principle

1. Design avoid 'corner' When selecting and designing the elderly house, try to reduce obstacles to the walking activities of the elderly. Reduce the edges and corners and unnecessary protrusions to avoid hurting the elderly with inconvenient legs and feet.

2. Color avoiding 'colorfulness' From a scientific point of view, the coordination of room color, light and heat can add life pleasure to the elderly and help eliminate fatigue. And the color is too bright, it will interfere with the nervous system of the elderly, making people feel upset.

3. Avoid 'noisy' in the room. The elderly love to be quiet, and the basic requirement of the home is to have good sound insulation and be free from external influences.

4. Furnishings Avoid excessive furnishings in 'multiple' rooms, which not only increase the difficulty of cleaning, but more importantly, increase insecurity. In addition, the furniture in the bedroom of the elderly should be as close to the wall as possible, and don't change the position frequently.

Pay attention to the decoration details of the six major houses

1. The bathroom is equipped with handrails near the shower, bathtub, toilet and aisle, which can ensure the safety of the elderly to the greatest extent; try not to lock it Live in the bathroom door to facilitate the rescue personnel to enter; families with conditions can install an alarm at an appropriate height so that the family can find problems at the ** time. In addition, when the elderly take a bath, even if they are accompanied, they must not close the doors and windows of the bathroom tightly. A 'life gap' should be left to maintain air circulation.

2. The elderly on the ground are often slow to move and suffer from osteoporosis. They are prone to fractures after falling. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the anti-skid measures on the ground; indoor floors, as far as possible, there are no thresholds or height differences Steps should be installed with cork flooring or non-slip floor tiles; the stairs should be maintained in time, and anti-slip treatment should be done; pay attention to the foot pads at the door, in front of the bathroom and indoor stairs, and it is best to fix the foot pads on the ground or stair treads to prevent them from appearing. 'Roll corner' situation.

3. Beds and sofas. The height of the bed for the elderly should be appropriate and easy to get on and off; the bedding requires good warmth, and the sheets and quilt are best to buy cotton materials; the elderly are suitable for using a slightly harder bed Cushions, or thick mattresses on a hard bed, 'spring beds' and other soft mattresses, are particularly unfavorable for patients with lumbar muscle strain and bone hyperplasia, and often aggravate the symptoms. Similarly, the sofa should not be too soft, otherwise it will make the elderly 'deep into it' and inconvenience to move.

4. Doors and windows are best to use sliding doors. When madmen decorate, the lower track is embedded in the ground to avoid height differences and obstacles; if the door is open, pay attention to leaving the wall on the side of the handle. Approximately 50 centimeters of space; door and window handles, switches and other parts, should use convenient 'stick' handles, try not to use 'spherical' handles; in addition, pay attention to choosing doors and windows with good sound insulation and energy-saving effects.

5. Elderly people wake up more frequently at night. In order to ensure the safety of old people when they wake up, low-illumination permanent lights can be installed in the bedroom during decoration.

6. Switch electrical appliances and gas switches should be placed in conspicuous positions, convenient and simple to control; the light switch in the bathroom should have night vision function, or choose a switch with light control and voice control.

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