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The details of the decoration of Dalian booth

by:KingKonree     2021-04-23

The function of    exhibition hall should be considered when decorating. Customers face up in the exhibition hall for a long time. Therefore, the ceiling decoration of the exhibition hall should not be neglected.

  Dalian booth decoration details attention

   It is recommended to use an integrated ceiling when decorating the exhibition hall. Some exhibition hall decoration owners will think that the integrated ceiling is too expensive and will always be produced A misunderstanding is that it is just a suspended ceiling, how can it be so expensive. In fact, there are differences between integrated ceilings and ceilings. The integrated ceilings for exhibition hall decoration are no longer just ceilings. There are also many integrated electrical appliances, lighting modules, ventilation modules, heating modules, and so on.

   If the integrated ceiling is used during the decoration of the exhibition hall, then here is a brief introduction to the material selection, installation and after-sales service of the integrated ceiling:

  一: Integration Every link of the ceiling must be careless. It must be foolproof for panels and electrical appliances to keel hanging parts. The integrated ceiling cannot be made nondescript, patchwork, so that after the decoration of the exhibition hall, it is easy to cause trouble. The integrated ceiling must be the original product of the original factory.

  2: When decorating and installing the integrated ceiling in the exhibition hall, the industry should pay close attention to it. Under normal circumstances, the ceiling is a semi-finished product. Therefore, when choosing an integrated ceiling, you should choose a good one. Pay attention to the after-sales installation. Knowing that the installation skills of the installation master directly affect the overall effect after installation.

  三: After-sales service is very important. In view of this, it is recommended that the owner choose branded goods when choosing an integrated ceiling. The integrated ceiling industry is still in its infancy, and there are only a few good brands. Showroom decoration owners must not be greedy for cheap and buy inferior products. If there is a problem in use and the after-sales service is not in place, then use But there is a lot of suffering in China.

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