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The expert teaches you how to choose a wooden tub bathtub

by:KingKonree     2021-05-08

The wooden tub bathtub has won the popularity of the public with its advantages and close-to-natural feel, even for small bathrooms. The wooden bathtub is different from the bathtub. It adopts an oval and deep design. Because it occupies a small area, it does not require installation and can be completed in one step. Consumers should pay attention to the size of the bathroom area and the width of the door frame when choosing the model and style of the wooden tub bathtub.

Currently, an ordinary wooden barrel bathtub is about 50 cm high. When you take a bath, the whole body is completely immersed in water. With the help of natural hydromassage, the body can enhance cardiopulmonary function and eliminate fatigue. The larger the width, the better. When buying, it is appropriate to sit inside and the feet can touch the wall of the opposite wooden barrel. A wooden barrel that is too long and too wide is filled with water, and people tend to float inside and feel unstable. .

The solid wood bath barrels currently on the market are mainly made of spruce, cedar, and oak. Consumers can distinguish the quality from four aspects when purchasing:

1. Look at the appearance: the well-made wooden tub bathtub has a smooth appearance, a delicate feel, and a good joint between the board and the board, and between the barrel and the hoop. .

2. Specific weight: For wooden tub bathtubs of the same specifications and sizes, spruce is lighter, oak and cedar are heavier; spruce tubs are cheaper, and oak and cedar tubs are more expensive.

3. Look at the certificate: Generally speaking, good products have passed quality certification, and the quality and after-sales service are relatively guaranteed.

4. Look at whether it is deformed after water is installed: a good wooden tub bathtub is rarely deformed because of its excellent material selection and exquisite workmanship, while a poor-quality wooden tub bathtub will appear to be deformed. Tight or loose conditions.

Wooden tub bathtub can give people a very relaxing feeling. It feels close to nature and feels comfortable. You must pay attention to the above points when buying.

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