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The future development trend of the sanitary ware industry: multi-function becomes popular

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

You can often hear the advertisements of multifunctional sanitary wares in sanitary ware stores, such as: raising goldfish in the toilet, and listening to music on the phone in the bathtub. Multifunctional sanitary ware products have made many consumers shine. If they can watch movies, listen to music, adjust the temperature, etc. while in the bath, it would be a wonderful enjoyment. Although there is still a lot of room for the promotion of multifunctional sanitary products in the market, and more of them stay in the concept, this is also one of the development trends of the industry.

In the sanitary ware market, there is a dazzling array of multi-functional sanitary products, which are also the focus of corporate display and promotion. Among them, in addition to the large tank that integrates surfing, radio, and telephone functions, there are also products that integrate multiple functions such as disinfection, massage, and liquid flushing. According to industry insiders, the multi-functionality of products has become the 'first weapon' for companies to explore markets and build corporate brands.

Currently, the design of sanitary ware is not only limited to the design of appearance and space, but also includes functional and technical design. Architecture is integrated. With the development of the new era, sanitary ware products have also been given new cultural connotations. Modern sanitary wares must also integrate multiple functions such as consumer bathing, health care, leisure, entertainment, warmth, and fashion.

Large gap between domestic and foreign markets

Multifunctional bathroom can bring together the features of several products, but its price is also very expensive, a bathroom with a washing machine function The price of the cabinet is nearly 10,000 yuan, which discourages many consumers. The editor believes that compared with foreign products, domestic brands have lower prices, but sales have been unable to catch up, mainly because of the diversification of product functions, which also caused consumers to consider quality and safety, and domestic brand recognition The low degree can not stimulate consumers’ sense of brand ownership.

Chinese sanitary products lack high-end consumer groups, not only at home, but also abroad. Many European and American consumers think that Chinese sanitary ware products are cheap and difficult to be elegant. Foreign consumers have great deviations or even misunderstandings about Chinese products, which directly affects the local sales of Chinese ceramic products. In fact, excellent Chinese sanitary ware brand products are not inferior to foreign brand products in terms of streamlined appearance design, color matching, or technological innovation, product design, technical design, and internal control quality standards.

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