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the great escape: these five hot trends in kitchen and bath products can help you sell big in the new era of home as sanctuary.

by:KingKonree     2020-02-29
With busy schedules, Americans who are already in trouble are facing more emotional challenges.
Dull economy and safety concerns have homeowners looking for escape routes and many turn to their homes for safety, comfort and entertainment.
As people retreat, the desire for a large and welcoming kitchen and a charming bathroom will continue to grow.
Luxury goods are still in demand, but they usually come in the form of simple, modern design.
While popular finishes such as neutral colors and stainless steel sell more than ever, buyers are still looking for small ways to distinguish their homes from their neighbors. Our advice?
Keep an eye on unusual and unique things, but don\'t stray too far from the packaging.
Trend 1 closer to homeowners than ever before, the bathroom is still a great place for them.
For consumers who don\'t have the time and expense to look for a spa, the manufacturer is incorporating the steam unit into the shower and color therapy ---
An alternative treatment using color-into tubs.
Even the familiar jets and sprays in the Jacuzzi are improving, and the new bubble system can be tailored to specific body parts and can completely surround the user with soft bubbles.
Although the style has become simpler and simpler, luxury goods have not been sacrificed.
\"Bathing is a place in the home where people usually go to decompress,\" said Gary Pember, product manager at Moen Bath group.
\"They went there to indulge themselves, so style and design became more and more important.
\"* Color cure adds COLOR therapy to the Whirlpool experience, and the company offers 7 pure-color led lighting systems.
The TMU series shown here also comes with a heated backrest.
There is a range of profiles and sizes to choose from. Ultra Baths. 800-463-2487. www. ultrbaths. com. Circle no. 107.
* The furniture is part of the Michael Smith Country Collection, which comes with an elegant wooden wrap around the marble top.
The unit is in size 22 1/2 by 44 inch by 82 1/2 and comes with a Jacuzzi and antique silver trim kit. Kallista. 888-452-5541. www. kallistainc. com. Circle no. 108.
Shower Power trends 2 the idea that each dreamer must have a Jacuzzi may never go away.
But when some buyers realize that tempting bathtubs need more time to fill and use than they do on a daily basis, they are turning to the shower system for faster solutions.
Available for a range of budgets--
From Delta\'s concise and stylish display 1800 to the J-of the jacuzzi-
Temptation system for steam and spray-
The shower system offers many of the same relaxing features as the bathtub, but no waiting.
From the basic panel to the complete surrounding environment to the detailed components that allow for full customization, the scope of the system is very wide.
Personal shower heads are also changing as the overhead is getting more popular
The installed \"rain\" shower and shower \"Massager\" are more user friendly and easier to use on the eyes.
Aquatek S curve adjustable Lotus head offers 5 1/2-inch-diameter, anti-
Clogging the spray surface gives a feeling of fullness
The pressure rain shower, while the internal mechanism can provide a constant spray at any pressure.
The unit is made of solid brass with chromium and can be adjusted to any height. Aquatek. 800-640-4139. www.
Water International. com. Circle no. 109.
Shower module shower panel includes three adjustable
Four-body Lotus head
Targeted spray and adjustable manual spray.
The panel features a frosted green glass side panel with a chrome or brushed stainless steel facade.
There are three water on the Lotus head. Volume setting. Dornbracht. 800-774-1181. www. dornbracht. com.
Bowl on the circle110.
\"We see the need for different faucet finishes,\" said Rick Kilmer, general manager of Kallista . \".
\"It\'s not \'boutique\' or \'nichey, \'it\'s just a little different.
\"While Chrome and polished brass are still the buyer\'s favorites, some new entrants have caused a stir in the kitchen and bathroom, including copper, oil
Bronze or even gold.
Like bright colors, unique finishes offer buyers the opportunity to add color to differentiate their home.
Venetian bronze and Tuscan brass look very popular and do not affect modern performances, giving a feeling of the old world.
While these unique shades are likely to never take up more than a fraction of the market share, manufacturers continue to roll out these products, realize that there are enough buyers eager to have the opportunity to stand out without going all out.
* The vibrant Victorian style company now offers a Victorian style faucet for the kitchen.
Can be singleand two-
Handle model, high faucet
The rising rotary nozzle and an optional matching sprayer.
In addition to the Venetian bronze shown here, the faucet is equipped with Chrome, Chrome and polished brass as well as stainless steel. Delta Faucet. 800-345-3358. www. deltafaucet. com. Circle no. 111.
Bowl above-
The basin has a unique range of finishes including polished aluminum (shown)
Copper veins, Tuscan country style and hot lava.
These basins are 16 1/4 in diameter and 5 3/8 deep. Rohl. 800-777-9762. www. rohlhome. com. Circle no. 112.
Whether the family is starting or moving, steel is a trend 4-
Up, stainless steel finish is still in high demand
End wall oven at the entrance-level ranges. Sound familiar?
There is no sign of a slowdown in demand for stainless steel.
Customers continue to adhere to the neutral, smooth look and commercial feel of this material, which is common in all electrical categories.
\"We don\'t see any softening in the trend of stainless steel,\" said Sue Carlson, marketing director of appliance manufacturer Dacor.
Even with some new appliances coming out --
Bold colors like dark blue and yellow, stainless steel is unlikely to disappear quickly from the field of view.
Range Rover * quantum range hood combines fashion with low
Configuration file design with sufficient ability to handle professionalsgrade ranges.
The Hood came in 42-, 48-, 54-, and 66-
Inch length or custom length.
A pile of halogen lamps illuminate the entire cooking surface. Abbaka. 800-548-3932. www. abbaka. com. Circle no. 114.
Platinum stainless steel, these 36-inch, built-
In wall oven has a dual convection system and a range of cooking modes.
The rotating electronic control panel of the device is still hidden when not in use.
Two additional stainless steel finishes, carbon finish and classic finish are also available. Wolf. 800-222-7820. www. wolfappliance. com. Circle no. 113.
Even with the popularity of stainless steel in the kitchen and the simple design of the whole bathroom, buyers still want to make a bold statement, even if only a small focus is created in the room.
Add color no longer tacky with a bold blue refrigerator, a wild tap or a gorgeous base sink.
At present, this trend is mainly high. end homes.
But as the trend spreads, don\'t be surprised to find yourself installing a bright red series in an otherwise neutral kitchen.
* The company has expanded the Asceri collection to include a unique range of decorative styles including maps, Hawaii and watercolor.
Tap m-
Pact is a general purpose valve system that allows the decoration to be changed without changing the faucet pipe.
The design of Safari is shown here. Moen. 800-289-6636. www. moen. com. Circle no. 115.
* The real blue part of the company\'s architect series, this flush-to-
Cabinet garbage comp machine provides 1. 4-cubic-
Foot capacity, 4-to-
I. Compaction ratio, special sound insulation.
In addition to stainless steel, the company offers a range of color door panel options. KitchenAid. 800-422-1230. www. kitchenaid. com. Circle no. 116.
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