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The growth of the ceramic sanitary ware industry is in line with the third and fourth tier markets

by:KingKonree     2021-05-08

The growth of ceramic sanitary ware hits a wall. In this situation, we must first understand the characteristics of the third and fourth tier markets, and be able to do a good job in the third and fourth tier markets, otherwise all measures are conscious.

To get to know the characteristics of the third and fourth tier markets, we must start with market research. The world-famous McKinsey Consulting Company investigates the current inventions in many small towns that are not obvious to all, but there are hundreds of millions of consumers who have certain consumption skills. They are a tense growth opportunity for the next ten years. However, multinational companies and most departments Domestic companies that produce durable consumables have also missed this market.

The ceramic sanitary ware industry grows in line with the third and fourth tier markets.

Water saving and energy saving used to be the main consideration for most families to choose sanitary ware. Choosing water-saving sanitary ware has become the main concern of every consumer. Spontaneous action. The core of competition in the sanitary ware industry will converge on the competition of water-saving features. According to the data, toilet water has already accounted for 40% of ordinary household water consumption, and saving toilet water saves 40% of house water consumption. At present, the size of water-saving toilets forced to be implemented in our country is 3-6 liters.

A new type of toilet was introduced by the Minlong Ceramics Headquarters, because the lowest water consumption is only 1.4 and it has been used since the beginning of the business. Nowadays, water-saving viewpoints and water-saving products of brand sanitary ware are not uncommon. Among them, the most prominent feature is the toilet. Toto has introduced a 4.8-liter toilet that can be cleaned at a time through advanced technologies such as “Smart Clean, G-MAX, and Super Rotary Flushing.” Kohler launched the Ximalong toilet, choosing the economical 5.3-liter flushing setting. Can benefit users to save up to 7,570 liters of water each year.

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