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The installation essentials and precautions of the bathtub

by:KingKonree     2021-05-11

Before the bathtub is installed, the bathtub should be cleaned. For those with legs, remove the screws on the legs first, insert the shovel female into the bottom groove of the bathtub, buckle the legs on the bathtub, wear the nuts, tighten and level. When the bathtub is like a brick-laying leg, the brick legs should be built, cement mortar should be applied, and the bathtub should be placed on the brick platform and leveled; if the bathtub does not match the brick platform, it can be filled with cement mortar and smoothed.

When installing the bath tub, put the tee nut on the tee pipe, wrap the asbestos rope, insert the middle port of the tee, tighten the nut, install the copper pipe into the sewer pipe at the bottom of the tee In the mouth, the lower end of the copper pipe is turned up, and the rubber cushion is applied under the lower mouth disc of the bathtub, and putty is inserted into the water hole of the bathtub, and the rubber cushion and eye circle are put on the outside. Use a fork to catch the cross ribs of the drain, into the elbow of the drain. Put a nut on the overflow riser pipe, wrap the oil packing rope, insert the upper mouth of the tee, align the overflow hole of the bathtub, tighten the nut, add a 1mm thick rubber pad to the elbow of the overflow pipe, apply putty, and put the bolt through The 'one' threaded thread in the water elbow of the over-long pipe should not be loosened. Wrap the oil asbestos rope at the junction of the tee and the drain pipe of the bathtub, twist it firmly, and then seal it tightly with putty.

When installing the water supply and the bathtub with a long neck faucet, such as installing a hot and cold water faucet on the wall, first align the water supply nozzle with a short tube, measure the size of the nipple, and wire the pipe , Grease one end and wrap twine, screw it into the nozzle, tighten and align it, and remove the twine. For example, when installing a mixed water gate with a shower, remove the plugs of the cold and hot water pipe ports, use a short pipe with a threaded end to fit into the pipe port, try to align it, and put lead oil on the water inlet of the mixed water door and screw it onto the protective port. , Insert the key into the inlet, install it into the cold and hot water pipe port, check the size, keep the mouth close to the wall, then align the mixing nozzle with the inlet, tighten the nut, try to level it, and make a mark when it is suitable, and set the mixing water gate Uninstall, re-greasy and wrap it up and install it.

The precautions are as follows:

1. When installing the apron bathtub, the bottom of the apron should be close to the ground, and a 250-300mm hole should be reserved at the drainage of the floor to facilitate Drain installation, set up inspection holes on the wall at the drain end of the bathtub.

2. For other types of bathtubs, the upper surface height of the bathtub can be determined according to relevant standards or user needs. Then install the bathtub after laying two brick foundations. If a skirt wall is built on the side of the bathtub, an inspection hole should be set at the bathtub drainage or an inspection hole should be set on the drainage end wall.

3. The height of various bathtub cold and hot water faucets or mixing faucets should be 150mm higher than the upper surface of the bathtub. The chrome-plated layer should not be damaged during installation. The chrome cover should be close to the wall.

4. The height of fixed showers and hose showers can be installed according to relevant standards or according to user needs.

5. The installation surface of the bathtub must be flattened with a level ruler and not inclined sideways. The joint between the upper side of the bathtub and the wall should be filled with sealing paste.

6. The connection between the bathtub drain and the drain pipe should be firm and compact, and easy to disassemble, and the connection should not be open.

7. Do not damage the waterproof layer. If the waterproof layer has been damaged or there is no waterproof layer, it must be waterproofed first and subjected to a 12-hour water leakage test.

8. The fixing is firm and the pipe connection is tight.

9. Pay attention to the protection of finished products to prevent bumps.

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