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The installation of the bathtub needs to be distinguished by material

by:KingKonree     2021-05-16

When is the best time to install the bathtub? Bathroom experts told us that the installation time of bathtubs of different materials is also different. Some bathtubs even need to cooperate with bricklayers to enter the installation stage, while the installation method of some bathtubs is casual and simple. Below, let's follow the editor to see when the bathtubs of different materials need to be installed.

The cast iron bathtub without skirt must be installed in place after the preliminary installation of water and electricity is completed, and then tiled or marble-sealed by bricklayers. Some bathtubs with skirts need to be installed in advance because they are not installed on the side, and then closed by a bricklayer.

The edge treatment of bathtubs (especially cast iron bathtubs) is very particular, and often requires the cooperation of bricklayers, which must be implemented when tiling. There are also some large-size bathtubs (such as massage bathtubs) that cannot enter the finished door and need to be moved in after the wall is broken and the door is expanded in advance.

As for the common acrylic integral bathtubs on the market, the installation is much simpler. Generally, it is in the post-** stage. After the paintwork is finished, the plumber will install it together with other sanitary ware and lamps.

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