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The Internet opens up new markets for smart bathroom

by:KingKonree     2021-05-21

Nowadays, in addition to toilets, intelligent bathroom products also involve bathtubs, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors and other products. Their electronic control, digital, and automation greatly enhance the comfort and convenience of the bathroom experience. Gradually become the new favorite of home improvement. However, there is a huge obstacle to the growth of the smart bathroom industry, and there is no industry standard. Smart sanitary wares are also facing the status quo that existing technologies and markets have not yet been standardized and integrated, and the equipment of different manufacturers is incompatible with each other, cannot be linked, and it is difficult to form a standardized and unified integrated solution.

The Internet model provides new channels for the development of smart bathroom

As a typical home furnishing industry among traditional enterprises, many leaders of home furnishing enterprises said that the home furnishing industry more than 10 years ago can be called 'Extremely profitable industries.' But as the government regulates the real estate industry, the home furnishing industry has also been hit hard. At this time, adding functional home settings is an important opportunity for change at present, and it brings great opportunities for the development of smarter bathrooms. In people's pursuit of comfort and individualization, smart bathroom will also play an increasingly important role. The Internet giants invaded the field of smart homes, and their biggest advantage is to use their Internet model to make products. It can be seen that smart bathroom will play an important role in the future development road.

Sanitary ware companies can develop diversified

my country’s sanitary ware industry has experienced more than 30 years of development, has achieved remarkable results, and has also accumulated some problems. Major sanitary ware companies have also begun to develop in many aspects, some are involved in custom sanitary ware, and some are involved in other industries. Of course, there are also some developing sanitary ware companies that are currently facing huge survival challenges. Under such a severe survival situation, major sanitary ware companies need to conduct more assessments for management.

Transformation and upgrading, for a certain industry, refers to the process of upgrading from backward to advanced, but for traditional enterprises, it often means that some enterprises are eliminated and some enterprises are reborn. When the transformation decision enters a misunderstanding, some sanitary ware companies can also quickly discuss and solve them, greatly reducing the time cost and communication cost compared with the giants. But it is undeniable that opportunities and challenges coexist on the thorny road to the transformation of traditional sanitary ware companies.

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