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The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home

by:KingKonree     2020-09-04

Decorative and Practical

Traditionally, ceramic tiles have been used to construct splashbacks in the UK, as they come in a variety of designs, and can match the cabinets. But ceramic tiles need to be kept clean regularly, because dirt gets in the grout between the tiles, giving it a very bad look. Also, in cases where you do a lot of heating, tiles tend to discolour over time, which makes replacement work very difficult. Fortunately, outfits like Glass Logic Company for splashbacks have come up with glass as an alternative to tiles and has proved to be decorative and practical, easy to clean and hygienic.

Wide Choice of Colours

There are several alternatives when it comes to splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on the type of kitchen cabinets and worktop, you can opt for stainless steel, marble, or tiles. Unfortunately, while stainless steel looks good, it is very expensive and gets leaves fingerprints and stains very easily. The Glass Logic Company for splashbacks help keep the kitchen walls clean and gives it a very professional look. As it can be made in any colour of your choice, usually matching the worktop or cabinets, it looks like a designer kitchen. Incidentally, splashbacks can also be installed around wash areas to prevent water damage on walls; glass splashbacks just need a damp cloth to wipe clean.

Colourful Shapes and Designs

Glass Logic Company for splashback is not limited in size, so you can order the splashbacks for any size you think you need in any colour of your choice. They have the inherent property to brighten up the kitchen, even one that does not get much light. Glass splashbacks make perfect sense as it is very easy to keep clean unlike the ones made from tiles. Here, there is always the chance that dirt and food particles will accumulate in the grout, and cleaning it involves removing the cooker to clean the grout. You also have the added advantage of getting your splashbacks in different designs and shapes, and if you can even specify cutouts for lighting systems and even the latest LED lighting.

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