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The layout and design method of household bathroom sink

by:KingKonree     2021-04-21

The bathroom sink occupies a very important role in the bathroom, so do you know the size and height of the bathroom sink and how the bathroom sink should be arranged and designed?

The layout of the washbasin in the household bathroom

The separation of dry and wet to ensure hygiene

Generally speaking, The wet and dry zone can effectively separate the sink area, toilet area and shower area in the bathroom, or separate the sink area separately to reduce the pollution of water vapor and mold to the sink area, and keep the toiletries dry and dry. Hygiene, this practice is gradually becoming a new trend in home decoration. Moving the sink area close to the aisle and designing it as an open style can increase the efficiency of the bathroom, so that families with a large number of people can take a bath at the same time without affecting each other, which greatly facilitates people's lives.

Shelf storage is disorderly and orderly

There are often many corners around the sink area, and they can be designed to become practical storage spaces. For example, the space between the bathroom mirror and the sink, or even above the toilet, can be utilised to increase the storage space. These shelves, which can be large or small, wide or narrow, can be combined at will, making them a good place for sorting and storing according to local conditions. The shelf is the most convenient area in the bathroom. It is used to store commonly used facial cleansers, skin care products, mouthwash cups, razors and other supplies, which can not only facilitate life, but also keep the supplies dry. Maybe these shelves look a little messy, but orderly in chaos is also the soul of storage.

The height of the bathroom sink installation size

The size of the sink has the smallest control, the minimum width is 550mm, one side In order to save space in the 600mm integrated bathroom, the sink has been reduced to about 300mm, but even if this is done, the wash basin cannot be as wide as 300mm. It must protrude the sink, which makes it inconvenient to place things. The other key is to leave a clearance of 550mm from the center of the washbasin to the walls on both sides, that is to say, there must be a clearance of 1100 to put your countertop, otherwise it is crappy to use, so you can integrate everyone's opinions. In order to be more economical, some people don’t even need a washbasin, so they need a floor-standing washbasin, just put a soap or something.

However, one of the more commonly used sizes is undercounter basin: countertop 850mm, above counter basin: countertop 750mm, this size is the standard size for bathroom sink installation, but we can look at it according to our actual situation, If the average height of the people in the family is relatively high, of course, the design should be higher. If the average height of the family is not very high, then it is recommended to install the bathroom sink lower.

General methods for cleaning the washbasin

First prepare cleaning tools such as rags, detergents, and small brushes. Since the stopper ring of the sink on the surface of the wash basin is the easiest place to hide garbage, if there is garbage, use a clip to clamp the garbage first; then clean the surface of the wash basin, wring it out with a rag and detergent, and wipe it finely; The plug ring of the drain can't be wiped with a rag. At this time, a small brush and detergent can be used. After cleaning, please use a dry cloth to wipe clean water stains on the surface.

In addition, ceramic wash basins are relatively simple to clean and maintain, as long as they are moistened with a cloth and then cleaned with detergent; while the glass washbasin can be cleaned frequently. If you wash your face with soap or facial cleanser, it is easy to form a layer of dirt in the basin, which is difficult to clean. You can clean it with vinegar, neutral detergent, or toothpaste.

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