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The main points of the company reception desk design What kind of material is good for the reception desk

by:KingKonree     2021-04-30

   After entering a company, the first place to go is the reception desk to explain why you are coming. The reception desk has become the first image to measure the company, and it is also a reflection of the company's external attitude. Therefore, in the company's decoration process, we must pay special attention to the design of the reception desk. What are the key points of the company's reception desk design?

  【Key points of company reception desk design】

The use of materials is the biggest factor affecting the company's reception desk design. In terms of details, the most important thing is the exquisiteness of some materials. The office decoration reception desk is the place that best reflects the company's image and strength. It not only shows the strength of a company, but also plays an important role in interpersonal communication, business etiquette, image strategy and many other aspects. It must be designed according to the actual use of the site size, space and placement angle with the corporate culture and the overall design style of the office.

   1. The reception desk does not have to be too long or too solemn to look like a trial desk, but should be designed to be slender and light. Just set up a four-person reception desk to dilute the 'powerful' reception line-up.

  2, the design should take into account the grade of the office building and the characteristics of the customers who purchase the office building, and set up a set of luxurious modular sofas. This does not refer to the luxury of materials. It refers to the sofa equipment, for example, a set of (3+2) combination sofa and coffee table, square table, etc.

  3. It is recommended that the display panel should be suspended in the air, which can eliminate the sense of openness while decorating the atmosphere.

  5. Hanging double-sided display panels can be designed inside the glass window, which can be viewed inside and outside.

  6. The indoor pillars are all surrounded by golden cloth, indicating the meaning of 'mature'.

  [Which material is good for the reception desk]

  The material classification of the reception desk:

  Classification of the reception desk 1. Marble reception desk

  Most of them are arranged in the wide one-story office lobby. The marble reception desk is the most high-end material. The price of a set of marble materials ranges from 10,000 to tens of thousands of yuan. It is common, because it is high-end, the price is high.

  Reception desk classification II. Baking paint front desk

  The base material of the front desk is sprayed with environmentally friendly environmentally friendly paint on the surface of the MDF, and it is repeatedly baked in the paint room. The front desk is bright, smooth and very beautiful.

  Reception desk classification III. Solid wood reception desk

   This week, the reception desk is relatively rare. , The solid wood manager desk is consistent.

   Front desk classification IV. Panel front desk

   This is the most economical front desk. Of course, its material is national E1 grade or above environmentally friendly panels. Many, its styles are diverse, the structure is simplified, and it is economical and affordable. It is favored by small and medium-sized companies.

  Reception desk material:

  1, MFC board, thickness 25mm, E1-based substrate, formaldehyde emission in line with international standards, easy to clean surface, electrostatic spray treatment surface, a variety of fabrics Optional, color matching or single color;

  2. Substrate: select imported high-density particle board and fiberboard in office furniture stores, strong bending resistance and not easy to deform;

  3. Edge banding: Imported PVC straight edge banding with the same color (thickness 2mm). PVC edge banding color is available: reception desk price A. Same table board color, B. Black, C. Gray, please confirm the edge banding color when ordering. It is not confirmed that it is made in the same color as usual, and the material (metal and wood chips) can be used for energy regeneration;

  4. Metal accessories: locks, guide rails, door hinges, handles , Casters are made of metal accessories made in Taiwan

  [Design height of reception desk]

  The table top is about 730-750 high; there is a 200MM high in the front

  1 , 2 meters is the best position between the lower abdomen and chest of the receptionist when standing, and the position between the shoulders of the receptionist when sitting.

  2, the hotel reception desk can also be divided into two types, the standing desk and the sitting desk. If it is a standing front desk, the height of the counter for customers is generally about 1.2 meters, and the width is less than 0.5 meters, which is convenient for guests to write, and it can also cover the workbench appropriately; the staff's workbench is generally 0. 8-0. 9 meters, about 0.6 meters wide, convenient for computer operation and writing. If it is a sitting service counter, the countertops of the guests and employees should be parallel, usually about 0.8 meters high, and the total width is about 1 meter. It is more appropriate to keep the distance to the customer between 1 meter and 1.5 meters.

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