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The maintenance method of the whole kitchen countertop

by:KingKonree     2021-04-19

When decorating the kitchen, many families choose to install cabinets. The installation of cabinets is not only conducive to sorting out messy kitchen utensils, but also reflecting the style of kitchen decoration, giving family members an environment to enjoy food. The countertop of the cabinet is as important to the cabinet as the human face is to the person. Therefore, if you want to maintain the cabinet and make the cabinet durable, it is particularly important for the maintenance of the cabinet countertop.

  Daily maintenance of the overall kitchen countertop:

  1. The countertop of the cabinet is used frequently in daily cooking, and various kitchen utensils are used on it, so When using, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the countertop surface of the cabinet, try to keep it dry, avoid long-term soaking in water, and prevent deformation of the glue. If the cabinet countertops in the home are made of artificial stone, you also need to pay attention to prevent the bleach and scale in the water from making the countertops lighter and affecting the appearance.

  2. When cleaning the cabinet countertops, some people use powerful cleaners or cleaning tools such as steel balls for oily or difficult-to-remove stains, but these tools can cause a lot of damage to the countertop surface influences. Therefore, you should avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning, such as paint removers, metal cleaners, stove cleaners, methylene chloride, strong acid cleaners, etc. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately wash the surface with plenty of soapy water.

   3. Cabinet maintenance, carrying heavy objects. Cabinet maintenance, if it is made of marble, it is good to be able to carry heavy objects, but considering safety issues and cabinet maintenance issues, try not to place heavy objects on the cabinet countertops. What's more, some cabinets made of wood and man-made materials are even more unsafe, and the damage to the cabinets will be greater.

  4. Cabinet maintenance and cabinet installation. Another important point for cabinet maintenance is the installation of cabinets, the height is the same, and the width of all the middle seams should be the same. If the cabinet is installed asymmetrically. If the cabinet is not uniformly stressed, the cabinet door will be squeezed and deformed.

   my country's stone prices have maintained a relatively stable trend. Artificial stone countertops can be seamlessly spliced, and there is no place for dirt and bacteria. Rich in color, non-cracking, seamless bonding, environmentally friendly, with a sense of stone material but no radiation. So it is very popular, here is a special introduction to the maintenance method of artificial stone countertops.

Maintenance of    artificial stone countertops:

   artificial stone countertops are easy to repair. After scratches or stains have penetrated into the phenomenon, you can ask dedicated maintenance personnel to polish and polish, or you can use it Special water sandpaper for sanding; when there are cracks, first glue it with stone before sanding; in order to avoid the trouble of repairing, pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times. When placing tableware, handle it gently, without dragging, and put the heat insulation pad ; Keep the countertop clean, wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth in time, and then dry the countertop with a dry cloth; place heavy objects evenly and do not cut vegetables directly on the countertop.

  Cabinet countertop maintenance precautions:

   No matter what kind of material is afraid of high temperature corrosion, care should be taken to avoid direct contact with hot pots and hot pots during use. , It is best to place it on the pot holder; during operation, try to avoid hitting the countertop and door with sharp objects to avoid scratches. You should cut vegetables and prepare food on a cutting board. In addition to avoiding knife marks, it is easier to clean and hygienic; chemical substances have corrosive effects on many materials of countertops. For example, stainless steel countertops may rust if they are exposed to salt. Therefore, we should also pay attention to avoid placing items such as soy sauce bottles directly on the countertop; artificial board cabinets should avoid water stains staying on the countertop for a long time.

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