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The most frequently first appears around 2-3 years

by:KingKonree     2020-06-07
Constipation as a habit Violates the rhythm of emptying the baby, not the toilet a few days. Stool is solid and then a sharp, does not go out alone, but it must displace a child - it takes time, it's really annoying and sometimes painful. And if this is repeated several times, it happens that a child is instinctively afraid of further exhaustion, holding back bowel movements - and thus essentially cycle delays and thus enhances its difficulties and extended. Belongs to a relatively common disorder in childhood. It is difficult to repeatedly emptying striking hard or dense, shaped by fragmentary or stool in the extended intervals, usually longer than 72 hours. For older children, a distinction acute constipation that lasts several days or weeks and chronic constipation that lasts more than 3 months. From time to time it occurs in almost every child (holidays, short-changing environment, system, or eating), but in many regards the long-term failure. Constipation is one of the risk factors of cancer of the colon and rectum, which currently belongs to the first partition on the causes of death in adulthood, especially in our country. Causes of constipation Causes can be divided into the following groups: psychogenic and reflex causes - in this group belongs to 9 out of 10 disabled children, bowel disease hormonal and metabolic disorders (dehydration, lack of retention, thyroid disease, kidney, cystic fibrosis, disorders of mineral metabolism, anemia), certain medications neurological causes (congenital malformations of the spinal cord and spine, cerebral palsy) Congenital defects, allergies to gluten and cow's milk protein, inflammation, other obstacles from around the abdominal cavity. Psychogenic causes of constipation Stress, emotional tension, neurosis, unsuitable daily regime (lack of exercise, hanging around watching TV, or computer) or a lack of time to discharge. In a foreign environment such as kindergarten, school, camp or hospital, the child may be afraid of their various reasons for the toilet. Therefore retains stool, suppresses the Defecation reflex is a result of constipation. A vicious cycle. Since the detention stool hardens and it is still more, her child and painfully difficult to displace, he is afraid and refuses to go to the bathroom. Reflective causes congestion Loss of appetite, fasting, vomiting, the predominance of sugar in the diet, the lack of fiber, excessive protein intake, the diarrhea does not create sufficient stool, the rectum is sufficiently realized, thereby suppressing and Defecation reflex weakens, so there is a failure to empty. DIET Treatment regimen for a significant share of the right diet. Other treatment of constipation, psychotherapy (autogenic training, special Defecation reflex) and pharmacotherapy (medication such as prokinetics, antispasmodics, laxatives), electro stimulation and surgical treatment is in the hands of doctors. Pharmacotherapy may also have adverse effects, and therefore not suitable for public review. Many have a habit of buying and ordinovat various laxatives alone. Should be taken only on doctor's prescription - especially if the child.
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