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The must-know design story of the whale and the British knight

by:KingKonree     2021-05-22

When mentioning Langjing Sanitary Ware, what will your reaction be?

Inevitably, you may know that it is the most popular sanitary ware brand, but people who are familiar with it will associate it more specifically To toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, or showers, shower rooms, etc.

This year, everyone will soon see a subversive bathroom cabinet work by Langjing. A new set of products called 'British Knights' is planned to be unveiled at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition in June.

With decades of history and inheritance of bathroom cabinet design, Langjing has developed from a small sanitary ware store in Foshan City to the current leisure sanitary ware** brand. It is in the field of design The originality is far more thoughtful and connotative than you think.

Before making the product planning of this 'British Knight' series, the team of Langjing did not have a clear idea. By chance, the lead designer watched 'Vanity FairWhen he was a literary masterpiece, he was inspired by the British knight culture and produced a purely British classical style bathroom cabinet.

After this idea was put forward within the design team, it was approved by a unanimous vote. After that, the chief designer spent a lot of time looking up British knight cultural materials and copied a number of documents involving British knights in the library. , Such as 'Medieval Chivalry

After **, in order to make the 'British Knights' closer to the original British style and closer to the historical reality, the lead designer even went to the British Isles to conduct field trips to feel the British knights Tolerance and connotation.

The story of the British knights that emerged from the Middle Ages has always been known as a legend. Wearing iron armor, riding a BMW, holding a halberd, charging forward, brave and fearless, it The advertised courage, justice, loyalty, gentle respect and courteous attitude towards women are all social talks.

The 'British Knights' series that we will see at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, it uses the calm color of dark coffee red, tough and straight, this is actually the temperament element extracted from the knight. The surface shape of the cabinet door and the handle shape of the faucet are directly inspired by the knight's shield. The legs of the cabinet are inspired by the knight's fighting spear.

In the British knight culture, a good knight must have the qualities of humility and tolerance, advocating spiritual ideals, and elegant aristocratic temperament, bold character. In the design of the 'British Knights' series, Langjing’s chief knife designer used semi-permeable wood grain, gilded processing, hand-carved, embossed effects and other expressions to shape the classical and noble temperament of the new era, which is represented by the British knight culture. The connotation continues in the bathroom.

After the knight culture** gave birth to the British gentleman spirit, focusing on identity and honor, paying attention to demeanor, etiquette, and appearance. The leading designer is completely influenced by this cultural style. Influence, on the body of the 'British Knight' series of bathroom cabinets, some carvings and handle details, natural marble countertop materials, flat bottom design, smooth and white ceramic surface, titanium and chrome plating process, these are all for A presentation of chivalry and gentlemanliness.

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