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The new home in Fuzhou has just been completed. Relatives and friends came to visit, and some people said it was horrible and so angry!

by:KingKonree     2021-06-26

My home is in Minhou, Fuzhou, 100 square meters. It took three months to complete the decoration. After the furniture is placed, I am quite satisfied. I also have my own home. I don’t need to rent a house with my husband before the decoration is completed. Soon relatives and friends said they would come to visit, and some would like to learn from it. Of course, I welcome it. I didn’t expect a friend to come to visit and say that my house is a bit scary, especially the curtains. Suggest me to change the curtains. Everyone can help me see if I really want to. Change it?

The living room

The main color is white, so it looks clean and bright.

The marble paving used for the TV background wall is very temperamental. The curtains are European-style and match the color of the background wall.

The dining room

The dining room is not very big, and one wall is designed with sideboards, so as to better meet the storage requirements.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is also very simple. My friend said he didn't like this curtain and suggested that I change it.

Second bedroom

Second bedroom is fresher, and the white walls make the space brighter.

The study room

The study room is designed with a tatami mat, which can also be used as a guest room.


Toilet, bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets are matched, and they look good with wood.

Do you think my new home is scary?

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