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The overall bathroom design trend sweeps the bathroom market

by:KingKonree     2021-05-14

The overall design of the bathroom is a trend. If you only sell one sanitary ware, it is difficult for you to control other products. Just mentioned the source of design inspiration. There is also an important point. The entire home furnishing field is called fashion. First, architecture, as well as restaurants and cafes as a whole are called fashion industries abroad. Sanitary ware also comes from these fashion industries. It is found that there are some primary colors in them, which are introduced into the family by the designer of sanitary ware, from commercial style, including The Thailand ** village that was awarded the name last year has a very special feature. It is often the designers of this kind of commercial design that are more avant-garde and seek breakthroughs. After a breakthrough in this place, his elements are introduced into the family, which is one of the sources of design.

Two misunderstandings of the overall bathroom

Misunderstanding 1: Some people would think that the toilet, basin, and bathtub are the overall bathroom. People have become accustomed to buying individual sanitary products from a dazzling array of home cities-American toilets and basins, German faucet showers, Italian bathtubs, Japanese tiles, Chinese bathroom cabinets... But how do Chinese and Western styles harmonize, classical How is it unified with modern times, and only one color or three? There are always so many disharmony in the renovated bathroom. Such sanitary ware can only be called 'a patchwork of individual products.'

Misunderstanding 2: The 'plastic box' originated in Japan. This is just an image metaphor. The living environment in Japan is very crowded, and all the sanitary facilities must be placed in a narrow space of one or two square meters. So the so-called plastic molded integral sanitary ware appears. Its whole is mainly because its moulded chassis is integral. Yes, it is waterproof and leak-proof. Its low-cost and large-scale reproducible characteristics make it mostly used in aircraft and restaurant decoration. This kind of bathroom personalization is restricted, and it cannot be regarded as a true overall bathroom.

The advent of the new era of sanitary ware

In the 21st century, China is a big market targeted by companies all over the world. There is no denying the mainstream status of European design in the world. High-end sanitary ware brands focus on creating a sanitary lifestyle dominated by human experience, rather than simply selling products. The simple listing of different styles of things is not suitable for people's aesthetic taste. The chief designer of the overall bathroom and Italian designer Rinoctato has designed for more than a dozen European companies. He always insists that the design of any single product must be integrated into an overall environment with a unified style, otherwise the designer wants to express something This emotion will disappear in the conflict of other elements.

This kind of personalized design and construction including roof, floor, wall and integration of all sanitary products is the overall sanitary ware in the new sanitary vitality.

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