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The overall bathroom has great prospects, advantages and challenges coexist

by:KingKonree     2021-05-14

As major brands intervene in all aspects of the kitchen and bathroom, integrate resources, quickly become stronger and bigger, meet consumers' 'integrated' demand for kitchen and bathroom consumption, and narrow the distance between products and consumers , Has become the main direction for the development of the overall sanitary ware enterprise.

The market potential of the overall bathroom is immeasurable, and the market’s awareness of the need for overall bathroom is still being further strengthened. Just like our average family, almost all household appliances are of the same brand-of course, the premise is this The products of home appliances extend to all kinds of electrical appliances, and the same is true for the sanitary ware industry. The differentiated products and differentiated value-added services provided by the enterprise cannot be copied or imitated. This is its brilliance. For an excellent brand, the research and development of the overall bathroom is imperative.

The integral bathroom is favored by the market due to its breakthrough advantages-prevention of leakage, firm and reliable structure, outstanding surface strength, easy installation, integrated drainage and sewage, and it will certainly arouse the welcome of customers. However, consumers take a wait-and-see attitude towards the overall bathroom. This phenomenon is inevitable and reasonable, because it takes a period of time and a process for new things to replace old things. According to the 150 law: a customer’s ideas, thinking, and consumption behavior patterns will affect the surrounding 150 people, and this effect is a fission expansion. It is estimated that within 5 years, the overall bathroom will be sought after by more than 90% of consumers.

The overall bathroom has great prospects. Advantages and challenges coexist

Since the overall bathroom has such a considerable market prospect, it is natural to attract the favor of brand companies, so non-brand companies Is it feasible to make an integrated bathroom? Everyone knows that the technology, production, human and financial resources of the integrated bathroom are more demanding than the ordinary bathroom industry structure. As far as design is concerned, it is required to realize a systematic bathroom space function in a certain space. , Its product design must be closely integrated with the overall bathroom space, with high precision and strong compatibility. For a growing brand, it is recommended to increase the popularity and reputation first, and then develop the overall bathroom. After all, if a product is not completed and consumers still do not approve it, blind investment will occupy a limited capital chain, which is very dangerous.

Of course, it is not difficult to see the limitations and bottlenecks of the current enterprise development of the overall bathroom: First, the current real estate industry and the bathroom industry are not sufficiently connected. The meaning of this connection is-for the bathroom There is no government department to draft the corresponding standards for layout, size, and shape. Even if it is drafted, it is not realistic. After all, the bathroom design of each building is designed according to the shape of the house. Therefore, the large-scale production of integral sanitary ware has not yet been realized. Secondly, because of the limitation of the previous article, the unit production cost is relatively high. According to the relationship between product price and demand, we can clearly infer that it is not mature to widely introduce integrated sanitary wares. Third, the development of new materials and innovative design. At present, the research and development of small and medium-sized bathroom SMEs is not enough to improve or upgrade existing products, and there is no technical support to develop the overall bathroom.

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