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The overall bathroom is not tepid, and it will take time for full promotion

by:KingKonree     2021-05-15

When the reporter visited the terminal building materials market, it was found that some distributors with strong innovation ability and high market sensitivity took the lead in the development of the industry. The toilet, bathtub, bathroom, bathroom cabinet, and faucet are integrated into an overall space, and even a unified overall space. Its emergence means that consumers no longer need to run around for toilets, basins, mirrors, bathtubs, etc., as long as they choose a design and price, they can easily own a set of their own integrated bathroom.

Currently, some high-end sanitary ware brands, such as Kohler, TOTO, Hansgrohe, American Standard, etc., are making overall sanitary products. In addition, consumers' requirements for the use of sanitary products, individual design and other requirements are gradually improving. More and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to the unified, integrated and multi-functional integrated sanitary ware. The promotion of enterprises and the market demand urge Heated up the rapid development of the overall bathroom. According to the overall situation of the market, the overall sanitary ware is oriented to middle and high-end consumer groups. Whether it is a domestic brand or an international brand, the price of overall sanitary products is generally higher than that of ordinary sanitary products. When the overall sanitary ware appeared on the market, it was really impressive, but what was the actual sales situation?

Through interviews with many distributors and shop assistants and on-site investigations, the reporter found that the demand for overall sanitary ware was gradually increasing but The current sales volume is not large, but from the current market, with the vigorous promotion of manufacturers and distributors in recent years, some consumers have gradually accepted the overall sanitary ware, and distributors generally believe that this is a major trend in the future. The prospects are quite impressive.

Sales vary by region

However, for consumers, the selling point of the overall bathroom is to provide overall solutions, but the consumer’s ability to accept the overall bathroom depends on the region. However, the low-end market currently has poor acceptance of integrated sanitary ware, and consumers in some regions have not yet formed a concept of integrated sanitary ware. According to a reporter’s investigation, consumers in Baotou City are not very clear about the concept of integral sanitary ware, and the clerk of some sanitary ware specialty stores knows little about this aspect, although there are integral sanitary wares on sale in some high-end specialty stores. , But no one cares. The person in charge of a sanitary ware store told reporters that although the overall sanitary ware in Baotou has not yet risen, he believes that 'the overall sanitary ware has a very large space for development in the future.'

This is not only the Baotou market, but also the acceptance of integrated sanitary ware in first-tier cities like Guangzhou. According to the relevant person in charge of a foreign bathroom brand, they learned that when they contacted consumers, the implementation of the overall bathroom in the Guangzhou market was not successful, and the market acceptance was not high. 'On the one hand, it is upholding the purchase principle of'shop around,' on the other hand, it is due to Guangzhou consumers' pursuit of personalization.' The person pointed out that in Guangzhou, single product sales still occupy an absolute advantage. . In fact, the reporter found in the major building materials markets in Guangzhou that no merchants have clearly put forward the concept of 'integrated bathroom

High prices have prevented promotion

The reporter learned in the sanitary ware areas of high-end stores in Nanchang, such as Xiyingmen, Juhui, and Dacheng’s Home, that some high-end sanitary wares Brands, such as Kohler, TOTO, American Standard, etc. are all making overall sanitary products. According to the overall situation of the market, the overall sanitary ware is geared to the middle and high-end consumer groups. Whether it is a domestic brand or an international brand, the price of the overall sanitary products is much higher than that of ordinary sanitary products.

According to Ms. Zhou, the store manager of a sanitary ware brand in Dachengzhijia Building Materials Plaza, the overall sanitary ware is generally seen by many people and few people who buy it. Most consumers are blocked by its expensive price. At the door. It is understood that the current price of an integrated bathroom is more than 10,000 yuan, and the high-end bathroom even costs more than tens of yuan. Ms. Zhou introduced that when consumers buy sanitary ware products, most of them still buy single products. The staff of a number of sanitary ware specialty stores also introduced to this reporter that currently only about 1/4 of the total sales are sold in the form of integral sanitary ware, and most of them are engineering routes, mostly business hotel toilets. According to the reporter's understanding, this mid-to-high-end marketing model is not conducive to the rapid entry of the overall sanitary ware into the households of ordinary Nanchang consumers whose salary income is generally low. The overall sanitary ware has not yet formed a climate in Nanchang.

Compared with the traditional bathroom, the overall bathroom material is more high-end, the layout is more compact, and the design is more integrated. Of course, its price is not cheap. In many model rooms, reporters can see the effect of the overall bathroom. No matter in terms of color matching or use of space, after careful design by the designer, a well-arranged and exquisite overall bathroom is displayed in front of consumers. . These integral bathrooms not only look beautiful, but are also easy to install. The person in charge of a sanitary ware company told reporters that two or three workers can completely renovate a bathroom in one day and put it into use on the spot. However, according to Ms. Li, the salesperson of a certain bathroom brand in Jinan, Jinan is also a typical low-income, high-consumption city. At present, the unit price of housing in Jinan is around 8,000 yuan/square meter, and some high-end residences have exceeded the 30,000 yuan/square meter mark, while the average salary of ordinary residents in Jinan is only about 3,000 yuan/month. According to this income level, it is not easy for the overall bathroom to be promoted in Jinan.

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