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The overall water-saving sanitary ware is recognized, and the certification mechanism needs to be improved

by:KingKonree     2021-05-14

Nowadays, whether in the topic of water saving or in the field of bathroom decoration, water-saving sanitary ware with a 3.2-liter ultra-saving toilet as the core has become a hot spot in people's lives. In addition to toilets, water-saving bathtubs and faucets are also on the agenda, and smarter water-saving methods have been applied. The overall water-saving sanitary ware has won considerable market and recognition. However, when people favor water-saving sanitary ware, some insidious businesses in the market use this as an opportunity to deceive consumers under the banner of water-saving.

There are opportunities for these unscrupulous businesses. On the one hand, people are paying more and more attention to water saving in the bathroom after pursuing fashion and beauty. The bathroom is not only a leisure time for bathing, but also Accompanied by music and books, you can feel the relaxation, warmth, softness, and fragrance of bathing, and welcome the pleasant sensation created by wonderful sanitary ware, and you must also pay attention to saving water resources and become an environmentalist.

On the other hand, with the steadily rising prices, housing prices, and wedding prices, consumers don’t have much money for daily consumption. Especially after giving birth to a child, they have to face more money, so consumers can only buy cost-saving sanitary products. If sanitary products can save water, are not expensive, and save money and water bills, those sanitary products that are 'pseudo-water-saving' will naturally become consumers' choice.

At present, my country’s sanitary water-saving certification mechanism is not perfect, and it is only in the stage of a company’s own declaration and then approval by the relevant departments. As a result, the merchants in the market will label themselves water-saving indiscriminately. Logo. Therefore, consumers must be cautious when buying sanitary products, and cannot buy them because they have a 'water saving' label and are cheaper than regular brand products. When you go to the building materials market to buy, learn about some relevant sanitary knowledge or ask some experienced people to avoid being deceived. Of course, the best way to reduce fraud is to choose an authoritative brand. The price may be slightly higher, but the quality is guaranteed. In addition, in order to avoid more problems, the relevant departments should publish relevant regulations as soon as possible, and there are laws to follow, so that the sanitary ware industry can be truly regulated.

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