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The potential market for the overall bathroom becomes the biggest 'cake'

by:KingKonree     2021-05-14

During the Dragon Boat Festival this year, Huaying (pseudonym), who has worked in Shenzhen for many years, returned to his rural home in Liuyang and was pleasantly surprised to find that the villagers in his hometown had basically demolished the old house and rebuilt the new house, and the bathroom in the house was also They are all tiled, and there are also modern facilities such as electric water heaters, bathtubs, and flush toilets, which have never appeared in the previous rural homes. 'It's no different from the bathroom in my Shenzhen home.' Huaying said.

A male villager in his 60s also told Huaying that he was very satisfied with the modern bathroom facilities in his home. It was much more convenient to use than before, and it was quite functional. 'If I were to use the rural toilets now, it would be difficult for me to adapt.' said the male villager.

Integral sanitary ware is marching into the countryside in a big way

'Integral sanitary ware has an obvious advantage, that is, the overall look and feel of the bathroom is far superior to the combination of different sanitary products.' In an interview with reporters, Yang Kai, the chief designer of Di Decoration, said that the overall sanitary ware integrates various sanitary products in terms of color and style, naturally full of a sense of integrity. If the bathroom products come from different bathroom manufacturers, the combination will be messy. When arranging a home, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity and the integrity of various parts such as the room, living room, kitchen, etc. Therefore, after the integration of kitchen facilities, the integration of bathroom facilities has also become an inevitable demand of the market.

Shen Kaibao, president of the Changsha Decoration Industry Association, also said that although the current trend of integrated bathroom has swept the entire urban market, for the rural market, integrated bathroom is a new and practical concept, because It can provide consumers with all the bathroom facilities at one time, and consumers can get all the products in the bathroom without repeated purchases. All kinds of information show that after the urban market, the overall bathroom has now begun to enter the surrounding rural market.

The potential market becomes the biggest 'cake'

'I believe that in the future, the overall sanitary wares will sweep the rural areas by a large margin, thus bringing an unprecedented baptism to the current rural sanitary ware market.' Say.

'The improvement in the living standards and concepts of rural residents will be conducive to the entry of integrated sanitary ware. Therefore, looking at the overall situation from the perspective of sanitary ware companies, the rural market will be a huge consumption place.' Said. At present, the consumption concept in rural areas has undergone essential changes, and a change in concept has hidden changes in the local market. In a variable market, there are unlimited business opportunities. Sanitary ware companies can seize the opportunity through the correct strategy. Following the urban market, they will continue to dig in the rural market. From an economic perspective, the biggest 'cakes' are not the markets that have already been seen, but the potential markets.

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