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The price of artificial marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-05-03

With the widespread use of marble in the construction field, the difficulty and price of its mining have been rising. Therefore, artificial marble has become popular, not only can play the effect of marble, but also relatively cheap in price. Let's introduce the price of artificial marble countertops to you.

Price list of artificial marble countertops

Introduction to the price of cabinet artificial marble countertops

Artificial marble countertops are not only used for kitchen countertops Decoration, can also be used to decorate cabinet countertops. If it is an ordinary cabinet artificial marble countertop, the price is about 200 yuan or 300 yuan per meter. Because of the economic impact, sometimes the price of artificial marble countertops will also indirectly affect the overall cabinet. According to the latest news, the cabinet is artificial The price of marble countertops is about 260 yuan to 850 yuan per meter.

Introduction to the price of domestic artificial marble countertops

In the past, kitchen artificial marble countertops did not get any major development opportunities, but with the continuous rise of real estate in recent years, This indirectly led to the rapid development of the kitchen countertop industry, and in all regions of the country, large and small countertop manufacturers began to gradually increase. At present, the price of artificial marble countertops in China is about 150 yuan per meter, and there are also 200 yuan or 220 yuan for one-meter countertops. This is the price calculated based on the area, and the range of specifications and sizes is also relatively wide; if it is a whole , Its price ranges from a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. This is the relatively common price of artificial marble countertops in China.

Imported artificial marble countertop price introduction

In addition to the above-mentioned domestic artificial marble countertops, there are also some imported artificial marble countertops. If your requirements are not very high, you can basically meet your needs for kitchen decoration by buying domestically produced ones. If you need to decorate high-end and luxurious kitchen countertops, choosing imported countertops may meet your requirements for high-quality kitchens. And standards. How about the price of imported artificial marble countertops? Compared with domestic products, the price of imported artificial marble countertops is slightly more expensive, but it is reasonable. Basically, they range from 1,000 yuan to 3100 yuan, or even higher prices.

Identification of artificial marble

1. Natural marble is relatively bright in color and has a large area of u200bu200bnatural texture; while the color of artificial marble is relatively turbid, and There are no lines.

Two. Drop a few drops of dilute hydrochloric acid, natural marble foams violently, while artificial marble foams weakly or even does not foam.

Artificial marble brand

Kuraray (reference price: 2200-4000)

From Japan Kuraray Chemical Company, and The name of DuPont Corian is very similar, but it is not a famous brand. Kuraray is a chemical company with a long history in Japan and was established before World War II. Corian is the name of the daughter of DuPont’s inventor of artificial stone. , Is purely coincidental. With its own chemical advantages and the reputation of Japanese products, Kuraray has a place in the entire industry.

Monterey (Reference price: 400-1300)

The representative of domestic artificial stone, the position in China is like Corian in the world. The original intention was to compete with foreign products, but was later defeated by domestic counterparts. The artificial stone competition environment was bad, consumers did not understand artificial stone, and the whole industry fell into price chaos. In 2004, it had to be acquired by DuPont. With the support and efforts of DuPont, it was rejuvenated. With the two series of Milan stone and Nordic impression, it firmly occupied the domestic high-end market of artificial stone.

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