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The pros and cons coexist, a big analysis of the 8 major sales channels in the sanitary ware industry

by:KingKonree     2021-05-20

Sales channels are the bridge connecting enterprises and markets. It can be said that effective sales channels are the powerful 'feet' of products, which can help products reach consumers, and these 'feet' are important for each company. Speaking, they all play an important role. Smart sanitary ware companies often understand that the more opportunities they have for contact with consumers, the more likely they will be to occupy a larger market share. So, how much do you know about the eight major sales channels in the sanitary ware industry? I will do a little analysis here.

1. Comprehensive building materials store

Advantages: (1) Comprehensive store, sanitary products have a superior geographical location, for example, the international brands Kohler, American Standard, and Roca mostly live on the first floor And other conspicuous locations; the comprehensive store has advanced management concepts, logistics, sales equipment and technology;

(2) has a reliable identification system and a single product management and tracking system, complete sanitary product types, comprehensive Sexual home stores can use the radiation of other brands to drive the sales of sanitary products;

(3) Supermarkets operate high-quality, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and safe building materials.

Disadvantages: (1) Low prices every day, not low prices every day

Most of the suppliers of ceramic sanitary and building materials supermarkets are agents, which determine that the right to speak in prices lies in the hands of agents. Agents’ management methods vary widely, which determines the confusion of commodity prices.

(2) Uniform promotion, inconsistent promotion

The commonly used strategy for building materials supermarkets to attract customers is promotion. Due to the different supply channels and different gross profit margins, it is difficult to reach the region The unified promotion model of goods.

(3)Unified services are not unified

Due to the lack of professional after-sales service personnel, the after-sales service of many products depends on local agents, which makes it difficult to implement standardized service behaviors, even A phenomenon that devalues u200bu200bthe supermarket in the customer's home.

(4) Unified marketing, unification is difficult to implement

Due to the identity of the products in the building materials supermarket with the product brands of the shop-in-shop and roadside stores, the building materials supermarket does not bargain, other The format can be bargained, and the price of two sanitary products of the same brand is difficult for consumers to feel the price advantage.

2. Traditional storefronts, building materials street

Advantages: (1) Transaction revenue. The advantage of a sanitary ware store is that you are opening a store, as long as you choose a good store address, then someone will enter the store immediately, paying attention to word-of-mouth marketing.

(2) Both parties communicate. When opening a bathroom store, communicating with customers is face-to-face. Any problem can be dealt with immediately on the spot, and customers can see the status of the store. The bathroom cabinets, bathtubs and other products in the exhibition hall are clear at a glance.

(3) Take care of the bathroom quality and post-maintenance service.

Disadvantages: In the future, it is not only the sanitary ware, but also the development trend of the entire building materials industry channel; it will move towards large-scale experience and chain-like sales terminals. Status Quo: Terminal 'hardware' competition, such as location, area, and decoration, has become very fierce and has reached fierce competition. However, the business awareness of circulation brands is still very weak, and the degree of chaining is low. 'Software's such as personnel quality, shopping guide service level, store management level, brand communication and marketing level, etc. are uneven.

3. Engineering direct sales

Advantages: International sanitary ware brands often adopt strategies. As new brands, the brand lacks both market awareness and customer resources. So how to open the mid-to-high-end hotel engineering market?

China's domestic mid-to-high-end hotel project procurement generally adopts the method of project bidding, that is, the manufacturer bids and the buyer decides the bid. Sometimes larger engineering procurement projects require the approval of the hotel's superior department. In mid-to-high-end hotels In the bidding of the project, the people who generally play a decisive role include the boss of the hotel in charge of procurement, the head of the procurement department of the hotel or decoration company, and the decoration designer. In the process of project bidding, in addition to the project quotation, product functions, after-sales service, and industry brands It is also an important factor affecting the successful bidding of the project.

Disadvantages: (1) Most construction and building materials companies have too many short-term behaviors. First of all, in order to expand sales in the short term, they will not hesitate to pay a huge price and use The huge social relationship has even adopted some means of unfair competition to find an owner for its own products, often adopting a policy of denying competitors, and exaggerating and expanding its own products at will, deliberately concealing its shortcomings.

(2) Most engineering and building materials companies are keen on high profits. From the perspective of modern business philosophy, this is an immature performance. High profits will inevitably attract the participation of many competitors and lead to vicious competition.

4. Direct sales by the decoration company

Advantages: When the owner is decorating the house, the decoration company that ** contacts, generally chooses bathroom products that match the decoration style of the overall room. Choose. Decoration companies generally rely on designers to offer a full range of package products, a variety of model rooms, all kinds of materials. Compared with other building materials supermarkets and building materials street models, the first-hand contact with the source of demand is more advantageous in sales.

Disadvantages: For the decoration company to make a model, because the price of good products is high, and the package can not be made, so the samples are basically cheap products, which do not reflect the brand value of the bathroom. Moreover, the payment is settled. The method is also more troublesome. The phenomenon of month-end and year-end has become the norm, and the risk is relatively high.

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