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the pros and cons of some popular countertop materials

by:KingKonree     2019-12-16
The kitchen table top can be made of a wide variety of materials.
Two things need to be considered when choosing which material to use.
The first is the durability of the material.
You don\'t want it to be scratched, damaged or dirty for many years to come before it\'s replaced.
The second is beauty, which, as we know, is in the eyes of onlookers.
Since you will have to live with it for so many years, you want to make sure that what you like now will be what you still like at the time.
One of the latest trends in kitchen decoration is zinc countertops similar to bullet metal colors.
Other popular countertop materials are granite, engineered stone, solid surface, tile, laminate, wood, stainless steel, marble, soapy stone and concrete.
Let\'s talk about some of them.
Zinc is purchased in the form of a flat plate, cut by size and molded to fit the space that creates the tailgate and the front curling edge.
Zinc offers shiny metal surfaces that make your kitchen look like a professional kitchen or a dining room kitchen.
Is this what you want?
Some people do this. They love the profession.
Look at the range and fridge. Not me.
I want my kitchen to look soft and warm.
I hope it looks comfortable and attractive.
Another countertop popular in the past few years is granite.
Many people like the natural stone look of granite countertops.
It has the advantages of hard and durable.
It resists heat and overcomes the main problems of many other countertops.
The material can be maintained almost free of charge if the sealer is used.
My main objection to Granite is its dim color.
Personally, I don\'t want ugly gray countertops.
Its main drawback is the price.
However, prices may fall as it becomes more popular.
I especially like tiles.
In my opinion, the tile gave the kitchen an old one.
Retro look.
The color and texture of the tiles are almost infinite.
Due to the small size of the tiles, installed separately, you can design and install your own countertop after some training.
The tiles are hard, scratch-resistant and heat-resistant.
The main drawback is that the tile can be broken if a heavy object falls on the tile.
In addition, the mud may get dirty over time, which requires a clean mud at a time.
My other favorite is good, old.
Old-fashioned laminate like Formica.
This type of countertop has been around for nearly 50 years.
Laminated material is a good choice because it is cheap and has multiple colors.
The color of this series provides another area where you can express yourself in color.
The downside is that the surface is easily scratched and it can be tricky to finish the front edge.
Another nice option for bringing rustic touches to the kitchen is wood or butcher\'s.
This type of countertop has a range of natural clay colors to choose from.
It can be polished and re-sealed as needed, but it can be damaged by water or heat.
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