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the rachel maddow show, transcript 10/06/08

by:KingKonree     2020-05-06
Host: Thank you, Keith.
Thank you for staying with us for the next hour.
We also have a lot of reports about Sarah Palin being in attack mode and John McCain trying to turn a page on the economic crisis.
It seems that someone forgot to tell the economic crisis that it is no longer important. (voice over)
Bail-out or no-bailout, the stock market plunged again, falling below 10,000 for the first time in four years.
For the McCain campaign, in addition to \"I don\'t understand\", they are still trying to find economic information, \"in this election, the persistence of the kitchen table problem prompted them to break the kitchen sink. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. JOHN MCCAIN, (R-AZ)
Presidential candidate: everyone wants to know what the person has achieved in the government?
What\'s his plan for America?
Who is the real Obama? GOV.
Sarah Palin®Candidate for vice president: I\'m afraid this is someone who thinks the United States is not perfect enough to work with former domestic terrorists. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: If you can\'t beat Obama on these issues, then turn him into terrorism --
Love, terrible guy.
New Mexico mayor Bill Richardson joined us in McCain-
Palin tried to turn out a page she didn\'t want to turn out. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. BARACK OBAMA, (D-IL)
Presidential candidate: Senator McCain and his agents are gambling. They can distract you with stains instead of talking to you about material. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Americans never say they want pranks and slanderous tactics, but sometimes they do the same.
Would it make Sarah Palin an attack on Barack Obama an asset to McCain? Palin campaign?
Pat Buchanan and I can\'t see the eyes. to-eye on that.
I was disappointed financially.
When Congress did not pass the bailout, the market fell 700 points, and then when they passed the bailout, the whole world was in trouble.
How serious is this downward dilemma, and where does it touch the bottom?
Paul Kruger of the New York Times gave us a frustrating fact.
Perhaps the most confusing political move in this confusing political season, the economy is falling free --
The same is true of McCain\'s poll data, who apparently decided to commit political suicide by seizing the most shocking of all the third tracks in American public policy.
What does he promise to cut?
It\'s not a charge against him, it\'s his promise?
Florida Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schulz joins us in explaining McCain\'s most puzzling political gamble so far, and which state the gamble could cost him.
Rachel Mado\'s show is now on. (on camera)
: Wall Street voted on the $700 billion financial bailout bill today, and the results were not optimistic.
At the close, the stock market plunged 369 points, which is actually a relief after the Dow dropped 800 points on the floor before noon. (INAUDIBLE)rescue plans?
The rescue was meant to boost confidence in the market.
You can see how good the situation is.
We \'ve been told this is our strategy to shoot the moon, and Wall Street needs it to work, right?
Well, today\'s first full-day response after the trading session was as shocking as last week\'s response to its failure to pass, and as we all know, with the addition of the world market, the market fell down the stairs.
Nearly 60% of Americans say the economy is their most important issue, and the McCain campaign has turned to a new strategy. denial.
Just don\'t talk about it.
Don\'t talk about the economy, it\'s no longer a big problem for everyone?
One of McCain\'s advisers said before today\'s market bad news, \"We are looking forward to opening a page in this financial crisis.
Another senior strategist at McCain said that if we continue to talk about the economic crisis, we will lose.
In other words, let\'s release 1,000 non-Americans instead of talking about the most important issues for Americans nowissue-
A related attack on Senator Obama and hopes to act.
Senator McCain proposed his new strategy in the New Mexico campaign today. (
Start Video Editing)
McCain: for someone who has already written two memoirs, he is not an open book.
What\'s his plan for America?
In short, who is the real Obama? (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Now, you may or may not have heard of it, and an audience answered Senator McCain\'s question with his answer about who the real Barack Obama is --a terrorist.
Look again. (
Start Video Editing)
McCain: What\'s his plan for the United States?
In short, who is the real Obama?
Man: terrorists. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: at Governor Palin\'s rally this afternoon in Clearwater, Florida, this disturbing comment may have been surpassed.
According to The Washington Post, an audience interrupted her rant, screaming \"kill him\" and made Senator Obama claim to be connected to the radical William Ayers of 1960s.
It is not clear whether \"he\" refers to Senator Obama or William Ayers? Just mentioning killing people at political rallies is not the way the country should work. It’s horrific.
No one has suggested that Senator McCain and Governor Palin take responsibility for such an audience outbreak, but these events appear to be a by-product
The product of a new shift in McCain\'s campaign strategy, trying to throw a kitchen sink at Senator Obama.
Push the campaign back to \"lipstick on pigs\" and stay away from things like economics or health care.
At this point in the campaign, what does throwing the kitchen sink look like?
First, Governor Palin accused Obama of \"joining the terrorists \"--
Mention Bill Ayers again.
Let her use terms like \"fear\" and \"fear\" when talking about Obama, and then let one of your Florida supporters introduce Palin to call Obama that way. (
Start Video Editing)
Mike County, Lee County, Florida: November 4, let\'s let Barack Hussein Obama not know what\'s going on. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: no match (ph), right?
Also, rely on conservative columnist Bill cristós to ask you the question of Jeremiah Wright --no way.
Did not see this at all.
Does the Republican National Committee ask for an audit of donations received by the Obama campaign?
Senator McCain\'s brother laughed at Obama\'s support in Virginia as communists.
Released a new TV ad called \"danger\" to attack Senator Obama after describing the shame of the American army a year ago, the fighting in Afghanistan is almost exactly the same as the way the United States fightsS.
Command the general there. (
Start video clips, McCain campaign ads)
Who is Obama?
He said our troops in AfghanistanSEN. BARACK OBAMA, (D-IL)
Presidential candidate: Airstrikes on villages, killing civilians.
Narrator: how disgraceful. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: all of this comes from the same candidate, who claimed to be optimistic about the game five months ago. (
Fox news, video clips starting April 24)
McCain: Americans want a campaign that respects others.
Man: of course.
McCain: they want, they want.
Now, people say that negative advertising can affect numbers.
But do we have to reach the lowest common denominator?
I don\'t think so.
We hope to decide this game on the issue. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Or are you referring to priests, middle names, communists, and young people in their 60 s?
These questions?
On the same day, the stock market closed at its worst level in nearly four years, really?
These are your questions?
We are now joined by Bill Richardson, the New Mexico governor and former Democratic presidential candidate.
Governor Richardson, thank you for coming tonight. GOV.
Bill RichardsonD)
Thank you, Rachel.
Thank you for inviting me.
McDonnell: Senator McCain is running today in your hometown of New Mexico, trying to raise concerns about Senator Obama, and you think Senator Obama is still so new and strange to the American public at this point, so does these types of \"Who is this guy attacking\" work?
Richardson: No, because I think what you have is basically despair.
Senator McCain and Governor Palin are looking at polls in battlefield states like New Mexico, as McCain came here very unexpectedly after finding himself behind a few percentage points after leading.
I think if you look at Ohio, you look at Florida, you look at Pennsylvania, you look at what battlefield states this game will be in, since Senator McCain\'s erratic behavior in the financial crisis, and now, since Governor Palin\'s apparent liberation after the debate, it\'s clear that their strategy is to throw the kitchen sink on the character and on the nasty stuff, I hope something can stick to it.
This is a new strategy.
I\'m sorry it was unveiled in my state.
MADDOW: You know, the irony here is that there is a clear rebuttal to the McCain campaign\'s attack.
I mean, they say William Ayers, you can say J.
Gordon Lidi, they say Jeremiah Wright, you can say Pastor John Hague.
They might say that Obama\'s supporters are Communists and then work with Todd Palin again because he wants to succeed from the United States because he is with the Alaska Independence Party.
These things can be fought back. for-
Fire is fire.
Should Senator Obama fight back like this or should he stay ahead of the attack?
Richardson: No, he should stay away from the attack.
Obama is very attractive to the American people.
I see this every day because he is a positive candidate because he wants us to be united and he wants the country to heal.
He wants to work with both parties.
He inspired the young man.
He shouldn\'t be involved in this.
Obviously, you have to respond to ridiculous attacks like Ayers and terrorist attacks, and Obama is only 8 years old when Ayers runs around with a weatherman or who he is.
So you have to point out the facts.
But I believe that Obama\'s appeal is growing every day, because voters think he is a person who can change the country and bring about bipartisan cooperation.
They saw all of these issues that we didn\'t deal with, health care, immigration, war, the financial crisis, but that didn\'t have much consequences.
They see that someone might get people together to solve the problem.
I think that\'s what he wants.
So, I suggest that he not get stuck like the McCain campaign.
MADDOW: how do you react to the statements made by the two senior advisers of McCain this weekend, saying, \"We need to turn a page on the economy and they want to actively avoid talking about it.
On the one hand, this is a notable statement for the campaign.
On the other hand, McCain\'s campaign seems to be running like Hillary Clinton\'s campaign, which is losing money as their fortunes slide.
Do you think that reflects some sort of issue in Senator McCain\'s campaign, approaching the family issue?
RICHARDSON: Well, it\'s obviously not a disciplined movement because these leaks have been happening all the time.
However, these loopholes are basically meaningful.
At present, the economy is the top priority.
Senator Obama looks president when dealing with the financial crisis.
What he wants in the package is inside.
Supervision, transparency, so that CEOs don\'t get their huge bonuses, homeowner protection, taxpayer protection.
However, John McCain ran around trying to intervene and met House Republicans who had problems with the program.
And, obviously, things are not successful.
The package was dropped.
So, I think the McCain campaign might see the text on the wall and tactically say that if they talk about the economy, it always goes against them because-
The fact is, Senator McCain is the chairman of the Senate Business Committee, which should have been overseeing these financial institutions for many years.
He supported all the votes of President Bush for 90% of the time, his attitude of deregulation, war.
You know, so, he\'s really in a box, and you have to throw a long bomb when you\'re in a box, hoping it will stick to it.
Unfortunately, this long bomb is a negative one; it’s nasty; it’s below.
Senator McCain\'s dignity as a political leader, you know, I don\'t know McCain for years.
Along the way, it was an unstable movement.
One last question for you, Governor.
There are a lot of tapes out there, and we \'ve played some of them in our presentation here, and Senator McCain is committed to a campaign of respect for others.
Even Cindy McCain has said negative attacks will not come from their side during this election season.
As you have described, I agree, is there any potential for this kitchen sink strategy?
Is it possible for such a campaign to have a negative impact on him or is it a political science myth?
Richardson: No, I think there\'s a problem.
I think he has fallen in the polls.
I think there are women in almost every economic nation, and there are reservations about Senator Obama.
In sharp contrast to Obama, Obama became president in the financial crisis;
McCain is upside down, changed his mind and made an impact, and unfortunately, McCain seems to have decided to continue doing so in the next 30 days.
Governor Palin, this terrorist attack on Senator Obama is ridiculous and will not continue.
This will not help.
I think you will see these polls, and Obama\'s support rate has increased.
I think you will see this happen, especially after the debate on Tuesday, and I expect Senator McCain to continue to be negative, if Senator Obama asks for my advice, take a positive attitude towards the country and be president.
Bill Richardson, New Mexico Mayor, thank you for your time tonight.
It\'s nice of you to join us.
Richardson: Thank you.
Senator McCain, turn a page on the economy?
I\'m not ready to turn the page yet.
In fact, I\'m a little scared of the economy.
Isn\'t the bailout plan supposed to make everything better for at least a day or two?
So why is the market plunging today?
Next: Paul Kruger, New York Times columnist, tried to convince me.
Later: Sarah Palin is also full on the page.
Turn to mode today and throw so old slims fermented in the campaign.
My fake Uncle Pat Buchanan will tell me later on the show, really, Sarah Palin is a great choice for the vice president --really.
Or maybe Pat will get back to his head while the commercial ad is resting and will agree.
But first, one more thing about the McCain campaign\'s \"kitchen sink\" attack strategy, and how it works in important places.
Voters in Virginia, a very important swing state, John McCain\'s brother Joe is in the north, and when asked to give priority, he thinks the Communist Party puts Obama first.
In the latest U. S. Poll, Obama led McCain 10 points in Virginia.
According to the latest Suffolk Virginia poll, Obama won by 12 points.
Keep in mind that in the first election of Barack Obama\'s life, Virginia last voted for Democratic President Lyndon Johnson instead of Barry Goldwater.
If the McCain camp is following these things, I have a feeling that they are also worried about the red state economy. (
Business break)
Sarah Palin did the last time this weekend.
Minutes, the Rush added to the campaign station in Nebraska.
You might ask why, at the final stage of the campaign, the Republican ticket will take the time to never enter the Democratic locomotive red Nebraska since 1964?
Ask Sarah Palin. (
Start Video Editing on Sunday)
Palin: because I want to go to the state of NEAs, I\'m going to the state of NEAs. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: visit Kool-
Hastings\'s aid Museum, nightlife in downtown Omaha? Maybe.
But the more likely motive is McCain.
Palin has no access to the state.
Electoral votes in only two states can be divided by individual voting with the winners in each Congressional constituency, one of which is the state of NE.
Barack Obama has moved forward with the state\'s second district, which could be different if things were close.
When the race is so late that the Republican nominee or his running mate is backing up the state of NE?
The campaign may soon require a second kitchen sink to throw away. (
Business break)
MADDOW: over the past three weeks, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and others have warned that we will face economic catastrophe if Congress fails to pass a $700 billion bailout.
So the rescue is over.
The president wrote it into law on Friday afternoon.
Then it\'s not the same thing much better for half a day.
On Friday, the Dow Jones index fell 157 points after the bailout came into effect.
Today, the Dow Jones index fell 370 points, leaving it below 10,000 for the first time in four years.
Could be worse.
The Dow Jones index fell 800 points today.
Banks still do not lend to banks.
This prompted the world\'s central banks to invest heavily in the financial system of many countries.
The Fed and other major central banks are also under pressure to consider cutting interest rates.
On Friday afternoon, I was deeply relieved by the actions of Congress, in other words --
It\'s more wobbly (ph)
Fear of what happens next.
Tonight, I act as an agent for everyone I know or know.
Here, what is trying to convince me and the rest of us is Paul Kruger, New York Times columnist and professor of economics at Princeton\'s Woodro Wilson College.
Thank you again for joining Paul Kruger.
Paul Kruger of the New York Times: It\'s a pleasure to play Rachel.
MADDOW: are we looking at the market today and saying that the rescue is not successful, or are we looking at it and saying, wow, it would be worse if there was no rescue?
Kruger: You know, there\'s a possibility of both.
But, you know, look.
Many people are looking at the Dow, which is very scary for them.
But professionals are focusing on the credit market, which makes them even more scared.
The fact is that what happens in the stock market is not important.
This is just an imperfect reflection of the Perah\'s truth, which reflects what really happens in the credit market, which is very bad.
They were completely frozen.
The passage of the rescue plan did not make any difference.
MADDOW: as non-
But for citizens with or without money, how do we monitor the credit market?
To know what the real indicator is, what should we pay attention?
Kruger: Well, you know, there\'s-
It gets a little-
Because it\'s hard, we\'re all scrambling now. These are-
We are not used to tracking these things.
I have seen a lot of short-term interest rates in the US. S.
Government debt-
Treasury bills for one month, three months.
The lower they are, the worse the situation will be.
If people pile up these things because nothing else is safe for them, it\'s a bad sign.
And very low.
You know, they\'re as low as when the crisis was worst last week.
Of course, they are really bad. You will get-
I\'m going to get too technical here, but, you know, there\'s a bunch of indicators that haven\'t been approved after the bailout has passed.
So, I think we\'re going back to the drawing in a few months, and I\'m now wondering if it\'s more like a few weeks or days.
MADDOW: should the bailout bring new confidence to the credit market?
Should rescue help more than it?
The trouble with the bailout is that it never really means it.
They never explained why it worked.
But the story is, well, you know, this is-
Believe us, this will succeed, and people will believe it.
It will be a self.
Fulfill the prophecy.
But none of this happened.
Need some kind of assistance.
I think what they really need to do is go back to the drawing.
But it\'s a bad plan.
And, you know, I\'m angry because from day one, when it started to be discussed, it was clear that they didn\'t know why this thing was going to help us and they made us stick to it.
It will be dangerous to fail on Friday because who knows what will happen.
But this is the wrong bill.
MADDOW: If you need a new bailout, if you need it. KRUGMAN: Yes.
MADDOW: What\'s the difference?
What would be different than the way bail has gone and obviously doesn\'t work?
Well, this one. ph), this was-
We will buy these toxic waste from the bank, and that is the way to solve the problem.
It\'s not clear why it helps.
What we really need is-
Okay, capital, bank.
We need to put money into the system.
In fact, the financial crisis is often partially nationalized --
Partial and temporary nationalisation of the financial system.
That said, you know, I predict almost 100% of confidence and that\'s how it will end.
But, you know, Treasury Secretary Paulson is reluctant to talk about that. So that-
Put the money in.
Some things in AmericaS.
The government provides cash in return for partial equity.
This is the way it must go.
The question is: How long before they are willing to do so?
At the current rate, it may not be very long.
MADDOW: How long is it-
Yes, I think, how long will it take before the political realities catch up with the historical realities of the economy?
Kruger: You know, I have a fantasy right now that once the election is over, we have to, you know, we can\'t wait until January 20.
In fact, we may have to get the incoming Obama team into the Treasury and start coordinating the rescue efforts, because it will be a very, very bad transition period, if we do nothing before we really have a new government.
Paul Kruger, New York Times columnist, you are not close to me at all.
But thank you for joining us. KRUGMAN: Sorry.
I appreciate it.
Kruger: Thank you very much.
I think it has become a habit.
It\'s been a month since we entered the era of Palin, and the latest poll data say so.
The people here are very active, with the Mavericks and friendly, they can\'t become president of the United States at all.
After a while, Pat Buchanan defended Sarah Palin.
We gave him hard work because we knew he could handle it. (
Business break)
\"John McCain\'s America\" is just less and less.
Last week, a slide in opinion polls prompted McCain to withdraw resources from Michigan.
The latest polls show he is also behind in Florida.
Do you think the new health care idea of his Mavericks cutting Medicare would attract or exclude voters in Broward County?
Is anyone in Palm Beach?
In a moment, I will ask the Congresswoman Debbie Wassman Schulz about McCain\'s unknowable strategy in Sunshine State.
First of all, though, it\'s time to cover some unreported sacred mackerel fish stories in today\'s news.
Today is the deadline for new voters to register in a series of battlefield states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Colorado.
The Washington Post and the Los Angeles postA.
The Times has counted these numbers, and on many battlefields Democrats have caught Republicans off guard in getting people to sign up for a vote.
The new voter registration in North Carolina is 6-1, and the Democratic Party exceeds the Republican Party.
In Colorado and Nevada, newly registered voters are 4 to 1 for Democrats.
Now, the last thing to note when turning voter registration into actual voting is that in Florida, Democrats have thousands more registered voters than Republicans, but Bush still defeated Kerry with a healthy advantage there.
Still, if Obama and the Democrats act on the ground as good as they register to vote for their people to vote in November 4, November 4 will be a deep blue. The U. S.
The military released a new stability operation manual today. Huh?
Civilian translation-
In fact, the United States has a major new military theory that formalizes the death of this old thought and finally determines it. (
Start Video Editing)GEORGE W.
President Bush: I think what we need to do is convince people living on the land they live in to build a country.
Maybe I\'m missing something here.
Will we have a country?
Construction Corps from the United States? Absolutely not.
Our army is fighting to win the war.
That\'s what it\'s going to do. (END VIDEO CLIP)
No longer.
The new site manual and the accompanying operational instructions will be the state-
Go hand in hand with conventional old shooting and bombing traditional wars.
The military has announced a new report, saying the new goal is to provide humanitarian assistance for suffering, promote government participation, promote economic development, and address the root causes of conflicts among the world\'s deprived populations.
Is the army a Peace Corps now?
When national security geeks talk about hard power and soft power, our idea is that we need other means to pursue American interests around the world in addition to guns and tanks.
After spending so many years in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon has now apparently agreed.
Somewhere, however, someone missed this.
We should have a government that does this so that we don\'t use the army for everything, right?
Finally, the farmer\'s yearbook predicts that this year\'s \"numb winter\" is below the average temperature, higher-
Normal snow disaster
Good news for wool sock salesmen, bad news for city and town budgets.
In the winter of last year, cities had to use reserve road salt to protect road safety in snow-covered environments.
This year, demand is high, supply is low, and the cost of transporting salt from one place to another is as high as the cost of shipping anything. The result?
Road salt shortages across the country, and prices in some areas have doubled or even tripled.
In Oak Park Village, Illinois, a ton of $40 salt will be sold for $140 this year.
Move on oil barrels.
This winter, if you like, the salt on Earth may be a hot commodity.
Wow, this is the worst pun I \'ve ever had. (
Business break)
MADDOW: if Americans doubt that the multi-billion-dollar economic bailout we \'ve just bought for themselves is a dumb bullet, it turns out that the McCain campaign is receiving its own political bailout, it\'s like saving Michigan and 17 electoral votes.
According to the latest NBC News map, Obama won nearly 100 electoral votes today.
Four states starting with throwing
In New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, Obama\'s approval ratings peaked.
Of the remaining six.
In the United States, Obama rose 5 points in New Mexico, 7 points in Ohio and 12 points in Virginia. But Sen.
McCain\'s most volatile swing state is probably Florida.
Remember Florida? Twenty-
Seven electoral votesFlorida -
Florida, Florida, Florida.
Florida, Florida?
According to The Washington Post, the number of new voters registered by Democrats in Sunshine State is more than twice that of Republicans.
Four polls released last week showed Obama also led McCain in Florida.
For her, the governor.
Palin doesn\'t seem to worry. (
Start Video Editing)GOV. SARAH PALIN (R-AK)
Candidate for vice president: I like Florida.
I like sunshine.
I like the warmth here.
The last time our campaign came to Florida, it was in the village, very interesting.
There are thousands of people there.
Golf carts everywhere.
We got a lot of fun from it. That was cool.
Thousands of people have heard our messages about reform and positive change. (END VIDEO CLIP)
This information could actually be a problem, especially in Florida.
McCain has fallen into a major information issue, a major policy issue.
Whether they know it or not, they have seized one of the most shocking third tracks in American public policy, and if they want to believe in common political wisdom, you can\'t threaten or even be charged with a credible threat if you want to win the national election.
Whether you believe it or not, in today\'s Wall Street Journal, McCain\'s economic adviser said, according to independent estimates, mcCain plans to pay his health care plan by cutting health insurance and Medicaid by cutting more than $1 trillion.
Douglas Holz, McCain\'s top economic adviser
Eakin told the Wall Street Journal, \"savings can be made by eliminating health insurance and reforming payment policies to reduce overall health costs. Saving $1.
Medical insurance fraud 3 trillion?
Did this pass the old campaign year smell test?
Do you think the elderly in the United States think so? Or would anyone who wishes to be an elderly person think so?
McCain believes health insurance and Medicaid can save $1 trillion. Case closed.
At this point, Obama\'s campaign may not be able to believe in his luck.
They just dropped the Mail on the plan.
They\'re probably looking into TV advertising rates in Florida. McCain\'s poll numbers are falling, and millions of voters rely on health insurance and Medicaid.
Debbie Wassman Schultz, a Florida Democrat and Obama supporter, is now joining us.
Senator Wasserman-
Thank you for joining us. Appreciate it. REP.
Debbie WassmanSCHULTZ (D-FL)
Nice to be with you, Rachel. Thank you.
MADDOW: McCain wants to cut $1 trillion from health insurance, is that what your voters have been waiting to hear about this election?
Schulz: Well, when you say that the third railroad in Florida politics must be --
The politics of the elderly is naturally medical insurance and Social Security.
John McCain and Sarah Palin made amazing mistakes on both issues.
It was bad that he made it clear and consistently supported the privatization of Social Security because the stock market fell nearly 797 points this morning.
He thinks we should bring it in.
But the best way is to invest social security funds in the stock market.
This is a very good idea, especially now.
But, most importantly, he even said to cover about 5 million of more than 47 million people without health insurance, his plan is to cut health insurance by $1. 3 trillion.
There are 3 now.
Medical insurance covers 2 million Florida people.
Our health insurance recipients rank second in the country, even higher than California, our population.
I can tell you that I have worked for 16 years between the legislature and Congress on behalf of a region in South Florida, and it is not possible for my senior citizens and voters (UNINTELLIGIBLE)
Supporting John McCain
They really care about two things to make sure they don\'t pull the safety net out of them and make sure they have the health care they struggle and earn in their golden year of retirement.
MADDOW: Can you remember running for president or serious statewide candidates in Florida on the premise of cutting health insurance?
I mean, even if you\'re an ideologically determined conservative, hate government programs, especially those that work.
You seem to know enough about the problem.
Schultz: It\'s incredible that they even go there. I mean -
And the way you have to take it.
John McCain will have to raise the age of health insurance.
This is a way he can do it.
I mean, this is definitely the third railway.
I mean, we have people who are moving to Florida who are in the golden years of retirement and have been paying for health insurance for years.
Who won the safety net to make sure they are trying to maintain their health.
Then we need to pay attention to the prevention of medical insurance and keep people healthy.
In order for young healthcare people to be healthy, the last thing we need to do is to balance this with the support of the elderly in this country.
This is a backward way to expand health care coverage.
And then, worse
I mean, there are 5 million people in his proposal to expand access to care.
Barack Obama\'s plan covers at least 34 to 40 million of 47 million people.
MADDOW: part of the reason the McCain campaign is reportedly pulling out of Michigan is to be able to make a bigger investment in your hometown of Florida.
So far, as we have been discussing, this includes a commitment to cut health insurance, which seems like an incredible No. genius move.
But what else did you see?
At any time, the government has to pay renewed attention.
Palin has been in Clearwater for example.
Schulz: Well, what we \'ve seen is that there has been a real act of desperation in the last few days.
I mean, they\'re really trying to shift from the bad state of the economy to the politics of distraction.
I mean, Sarah Palin has started spreading these terrible lies, and that\'s exactly what they have.
You have to call them because if they stick to these issues, Rachel, if they focus on the economy, if they focus on health care, if they focus on the war in Iraq or alternative energy, then, the American people can clearly see that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will push the United States into a new direction that people desperately want to see.
John McCain will also offer more of the same.
You know, Sarah Palin was very cute when it came to how excited she was in Florida.
But I\'m going to tell you that they know Florida as well as I do and just send her to the most conservative Republican community.
The village she mentioned was a huge retirement community with an overwhelming majority of Republican votes
Lee County, Florida, including the Financial Times.
Miles, very, very Republican county.
Almost every elected official in the community is a Republican.
They have been voting for the Republican presidential candidate.
So they play safe.
They certainly won\'t send her anywhere she might try.
She has no appeal to ordinary swing voters.
So they\'re leaving her in a safe place.
To be honest, we have 150,000 newly registered Democrats in Florida.
Florida now has 500,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.
We are very excited about the opportunity to win our state.
In one of the polls, Barack Obama said one of the credible polls was Florida\'s nine percentage points, up from five to nine.
The momentum is coming to us and we are very excited about it.
MADDOW: Well, over the past few years, people have been gratified by the number of Democratic voter registrations, with more new applications than Republicans.
And this is not always the case.
All this will take place on election day to get a vote.
Schultz: turn it out, turn it out, turn it out.
MADDOW: That\'s right.
Debbie Wassman Schulz, a congressman from Florida, thank you for joining us.
Schulz: Thank you for inviting me.
Great to be here.
MADDOW: there is one person, a real person who still believes in the wisdom of John McCain to choose Sarah Palin as a candidate for vice president.
Don\'t look at me, Pat Buchanan, your friend and I.
Refute the huge dump truck here.
There is good evidence that McCain is not doing well.
Palin tickets, and half of Palin did not help.
But one more thing first.
John McKay is more worried than Michigan\'s bad poll numbers.
After news of his withdrawal from the most recent battlefield state during his campaign, a Republican county president fired one angrily
An email asking McCain to apologize
This is a sample of this message.
We turned it into a PG version, quoting \"I \'ve been involved in county party politics and organization for 40 years, and that\'s the biggest stupidity (
Delete dirty words)
Stunt show I \'ve seen.
He gave up our country?
What is a complete tank (
Delete dirty words).
What do you want to say?
I think this is straight forward. (
Business break)
We have a new understanding of Sarah Palin\'s political philosophy today, and the governor of Alaska is a new proof of the world --class doodler.
Noam Scheiber of the \"New Republic\" reported in Alaska that the notes were scrawled on the back of a page on wasiilla\'s city budget.
Palin seems to be testing some slogans for her mayoral campaign.
For example, \"You are my boss . \"
She also wrote a resume on grass.
The vasilila convention of God is indeed on the list.
Judging from the check mark under her big cursive name, she is practicing voting for herself. (
Business break)
Sarah Palin has now delivered a conference speech, less than a few television interviews, a debate with Joe Biden and a full three dayson attack mode.
What\'s the Republican ticket? To the polls. The latest NBC-
According to a Wall Street Journal survey, only 41% of Americans believe Palin is eligible to become president.
50% said she wasn\'t, and the numbers were pretty much the same as last month, meaning that debate and interviews didn\'t help her much.
Specifically, in the debate, Palin did exceed the very low expectations set by her fears --
Katie Curry and Charles Gibson are worth a visit.
But then again, it broke people\'s expectations politically --
In Snoopy\'s van.
It\'s a little hard to avoid.
Still, beating low expectations is not the same thing as beating Joe Biden. In the post-
Voters say Palin lost 15 points to Biden. A post-
CBS\'s debate over undecided voters shows Palin lost 25 points.
John McCain\'s performance was not that bad compared to the debate.
In CNN\'s poll, he lost only 13 points to Obama, while in CBS\'s poll he lost only 15 points.
On the positive side of the government.
Palin, \"Saturday Night Live\" is really, really good this season. (
Start Video Editing)
Actress Tina Fay: We\'re not afraid to let the Mavericks in, we\'re not afraid to make the Mavericks angry, and we\'re not afraid of the great Ronald Reagan. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Did I miss anything about Sarah Palin\'s political assets?
Does anyone think the governor and John McCain\'s running mate are getting along well?
There are a few people in this country, and only a few are up to the debate about such a difficult position.
But we have a friend who is always good at games.
Pat Buchanan, an analyst at MSNBC, is joining us now.
Thanks for coming, Pat.
Pat Buchanan, an analyst at MSNBC: I\'m glad.
McCain knows he has economic weaknesses.
He acknowledged that.
But he chose someone who had less experience and lower status than he had on this issue.
Then the economy collapsed, and so did his poll numbers.
You have to admit that Sarah Palin looks like a bad choice, don\'t you?
No, it\'s a stupid analysis, Rachel.
I think that when Barack Obama made a wonderful speech that night, you were in Denver with us, he was eight percentage points ahead of John McCain.
The next morning, Sarah Palin was selected and John McCain scored 10 points in a week, 2 points ahead of Barack Obama.
When did you meet the vice presidential candidate to bring this vitality to the presidential candidate?
Mado: but he\'s worse now than he was before she was chosen.
Buchanan: Well, look, in the last three weeks our friend in Omaha called us and something happened --
Known as Pearl Harbor in financial markets.
There is nothing to overcome this.
But you ignored or deliberately ignored tonight\'s news about \"hard work\", and CBS\'s poll showed that after Palin\'s vice president debate,
McCain\'s deficit has now fallen to four points for registered voters and three points for possible voters.
Now, I don\'t doubt whether the Republican vote will fall sharply.
I don\'t know how you have overcome what has happened in the last three weeks.
But denying that Sarah Palin is a hit this season is denying evidence of your eyes, Rachel.
But, Pat, the biggest political problem here.
You can see it go through the tunnel like a Mac truck.
Is this an economic crisis?
It may be thought that if he chooses a person with any financial expertise or status, especially given that he knows that he does not have financial expertise or status, don\'t you think he might be a little better now than withdrawing from Michigan?
No, Rachel.
If we saw it coming, I wouldn\'t have held Lehman Brothers three weeks ago.
I\'m sorry.
Buchanan: I don\'t know it\'s going to happen.
But look, see what she\'s done.
I admit it was a disaster for Katie Curry.
But where do you know anyone who can get 20,000 people out to meet John McCain of 200 and 300?
She has a lot of people coming out to compete with Obama.
There were 70 million people in the vice president\'s debate.
This is a very interesting debate.
Even old David broad said, \"Why don\'t they release this woman earlier?
\"When 82% of the countries think we\'re in the wrong direction, is she enough to overturn the rules of the past three weeks?
We had a crash. Bush was at 22%, maybe not.
But to deny that she is a good choice, I think, really, Rachel, this is the ideological obsession you have to overcome.
MADDOW: I have no ideological obsession with such a small thing.
Buchanan: you\'re a little obsessed.
MADDOW: The debate is coming to an end
This is Lawrence Harvey\'s work, which is bound by enough human nature.
I know you really want Palin to be a good choice.
But I think the objective evidence here is completely proof of that. Forty-
1% of Americans think she can be president.
From that vote, she was qualified to become president and stood out from that debate.
50% of Americans say no.
She won\'t get another hit on 70 million Americans.
I understand that.
I understand.
But if John McCain and I suspect
But if he\'s four points behind Obama, who should be responsible for that?
Why is he not behind? Considering what happened in this economy, people\'s nest eggs are gone, jobs are lost, and companies cannot borrow money. This is a disaster.
Bush is not welcome, he is still there.
I think one reason is obviously the huge excitement and appeal of this woman, who attracts 20,000, 30,000 of the population.
When did you meet the vice president? UNINTELLIGIBLE)can do that?
Can she do anything? Maybe not.
What I\'m saying is that she only got 4,500 today.
But in the end, this is a legacy. 4,500?
When do you have a 4,500 speech? I don’trecall -
MADDOW: If Sarah Palin\'s recent legacy is that she made him lose 5 points instead of 25 points, then we can agree that there is an inconsistency at this point, and both sides go on their own.
It\'s great that you can attend the show.
Thank you for joining us. Thanks, Pat. Buchanan: Yes.
You have to do better.
From the dump truck you said before. MADDOW: Nicer -
Here\'s a special dish.
Next, I\'m going to get enough pop culture from my friend Kent Jones, who will obviously really cultivate Kenny Loggins. Kenny Loggins -really. (
Business break)
MADDOW: it\'s time to be \"enough\" with my friend Kent Jones.
Hey Kent, what do you have?
Kent Jones, pop culture: Thanks Rachel.
So, what kind of theme music does John McCain use to ignite the crowd now?
He was in New Mexico this morning.
Did you hear that?
This is Kenny Loggins\'s \"Highway to the danger zone \".
Apparently he was lying in bed and wearing the pilot\'s sunglasses, which put Kenny in danger.
Of course, the dangerous zone is the theme song of 1986 films starring Tom Cruise, \"heroic Ling Yun,\" who plays a role called Maverick.
Points are connected.
Remember 1986, Bartels and James roll up their sleeves on the jacket.
Okay, let\'s get back to that.
Finally, Ford hopesproof your car.
Of their 2010 models, many have computer chips in their keys that limit teenage drivers to 80 miles an hour.
If the driver is not wearing a seat belt, the parent can also program the key to limit the volume of the audio system and issue a continuous alarm.
They are experimenting with names, but at the moment they call them \"the Ford bass killer \".
Thank you, Kent.
Thank you for watching tonight.
The \"Countdown to Keith albeman\" is now on. Good night.
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