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the rachel maddow show, transcript 10/12/09

by:KingKonree     2020-02-28
Guest host David Schuster: Good evening, Lawrence. thank you.
Thank you all for being with us for the next hour.
Rachel\'s not feeling well tonight.
But in the next hour, the president recently promised to abolish the \"do not ask, do not say \";
The role of Iraqi war supporters like John McCain, and advocate the next phase of Afghanistan;
Former cabinet secretary of the Bush administration under federal investigation;
Rush Limburg wants to have a professionalfootball team;
Look at supernatural activities.
It\'s all in front.
But we\'re starting tonight with Bernie and Kelly Lange.
Earlier today, the Colorado couple were guests of the MSNBC \"ed show\" and Bernie and Kelly Lange appeared in the news because they had a 3-month-
Old baby named Alex.
Alex\'s baby has just been denied health insurance by the parent\'s insurance company.
The reason why baby Alex was rejected-
Take a look at the wonderful coverage of NBC 11 at the Colorado junction. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified female anchor: imagine having a completely healthy 2-month-
Your insurance tells you they won\'t cover him.
Well, baby Alex is very healthy and has no due date.
But his health insurance was rejected because of his size.
According to the CDC guidelines, his height and weight put him at 99 percent ile with an insurance deadline of 95 percentile. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: That\'s right.
Alex didn\'t get medical insurance because of his size. The company-
Insurance company, decide these 3-month-
The old baby is obese and therefore cannot be insured.
If the Lange family\'s experience is the only news you hear today about the US health industry, you will still have more factual information about how our health system works, if you read the report released today by the insurance industry on the health care reform proposal that is being debated in Congress.
House reform must pass five committees in Congress.
It\'s been four times.
Tomorrow will be the fifth and final vote of the Senate Finance Committee.
On the eve of the vote, the health insurance industry promised a joke that appeared to be a fool day on April and released a brand --
The new report warns that they will be forced to raise interest rates significantly if the current version of health care passes.
According to their new report, if the Baucus Act is passed in its current form, interest rates for ordinary households will rise by 40% over the next four years.
These rates will rise by 73% by 2016.
Reached 111% by 2019
The horror film\'s intimidation strategy comes from a report by the US health insurance program AHIP.
Does the name of the organization sound familiar?
Well, as early as August, AHIP\'s contribution to the health care reform debate was to ignite the protesters in the form of talking points they distributed at the town hall meeting.
Their main goal at the time was to stifle public choice.
But the main point of conversation using AHIP is also this gold block: quote \"personal insurance requirements for getting everyone into the system --
Personal insurance requirements, also known as personal authorization, force everyone to have insurance.
The reason why AHIP is now lobbying against the baucas bill is because the penalties that are not reported are not severe enough for them.
They were right in the report, citing \"weak requirements for personal insurance.
The Senate Finance Committee weakened the penalties for not reporting.
If people are not forced to get insurance, it means that-
Profit insurance company
In the estimates of the insurance industry, this bill is not equal to providing them with enough new customers.
So now they say they will raise interest rates to the level of usury if this bill is passed.
AHIP did not make the report itself.
They paid the company the price to do it for them.
It is worth noting that PricewaterhouseCoopers have a history of such things.
In the 1990 s, when the federal government considered taxing tobacco, the tobacco industry hired PricewaterhouseCoopers to produce a report warning about the dangerous economic dangers of tobacco taxes.
Now, America\'s health insurance plan wants to warn them of what they call the dangerous economic dangers of health care reform --you guessed it-
PwC accounting firm.
Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York is joining us now to talk about how the health industry can use this report to abandon itself.
Senator Weiner, it\'s a pleasure to meet you again. REP.
Anthony Weiner (D)
New York: My pleasure. Thanks.
Schuster: Congressman, first of all, the report assumes that there is no change in behavior in response to the newly proposed policy.
The report is flawed and it seems like a fatal giveaway.
But what is your point?
Weiner: Well, one of the behavioral changes that we obviously don\'t see is that insurance companies don\'t suddenly start to say, \"You know, we\'re going to stop making 30% of our profits because of this bill, and reduce it to 10% or 5%.
\"You know, they did it inadvertently, but they made the only best argument I \'ve seen for a while, that is, why you need a strong competitor in the health insurance industry, the public plan.
They are free to say that it doesn\'t matter what you do in Congress.
We will continue to raise interest rates.
You know, there\'s a word for the word.
It\'s called chutzapa.
They are right now on the eve of this vote and say, \"You know, because you don\'t have a public option open, and by their own calculations we\'re going to raise the interest rate by 111%.
\"They don\'t seem to be ashamed of what they think of themselves, but many of my colleagues have seen the report and their response is exactly the opposite of what I think the insurance industry thinks we will do.
Schuster: these are your colleagues who may have been trying to control-
Is the insurance company profitable?
Weiner: Well, you know, a lot of us are thinking
What happened here.
Here we offer millions of new customers to insurance companies because we will ask people to get insurance and the way they say thank you is that on the eve of the vote, you can say, \"You know, you can do that, but we will still raise rates.
\"But the fact that they will raise interest rates is actually a rare moment of honesty for the industry.
They made it clear that they would not control the cost themselves unless they had some competition.
You know, I opened a website on the health care website.
We are using it to put pressure on some of the more moderate members of my party.
But we will distribute this health care report as an example of why you need a public choice.
Schuster: Well, Congressman, let us know more about the website countohealthcare. com.
I mean, how do I try to reach conservative Democrats?
Weiner: Well, everything went well, you know.
I mean, the energy there is amazing.
You know, we don\'t think many people in these mild areas like health care.
We learn the opposite.
Many reasons why the Democratic Party was elected in these elections
The reason why it is called the swing zone is because we are committed to solving the high cost of health care.
The number of people who signed up said, \"You know, I\'m from the Blue Dog area\" or \"I\'m from the Republican area and I want health care\" is already very deep.
You know, in rural health care.
We make a package every day.
During the day\'s event, we released some reports, such as the story of your leader, about the situation where children were refused to report because they were overweight.
That\'s why we need to compete.
Schuster: the health plan for Rocky Mountain changed their decision today and decided to cover that baby, citing \"the recent situation, we refuse to cover a heavy but healthy baby, babies make us notice a flaw in our underwriting system.
\"If the insurance industry changes policy only when it is humiliated, is this what Reform wants?
Weiner: we have to understand how the health insurance industry works, and they are not money-hungry people.
But they want to take as much money as possible and pay as little as possible for medical care.
That\'s what their shareholders need, and that\'s what they get in the market.
The problem is that this is the exact opposite of what our Congress should advocate.
We should advocate getting out of the consumer\'s pocket as little as possible and getting out of the pocket as much health care as possible.
So, that\'s the conflict that we\'re facing, and the insurance industry announced loudly and clearly today, \"You know, we don\'t care what you\'re doing in Congress and we\'re going to keep raising rates.
That\'s why if we don\'t have one
Payor plans like health insurance for all Americans, which I support, in order for them to be honest, we must at least have some form of competition.
If it\'s just a heavy baby that\'s a crime, my niece Reese (ph)
It\'s 18 months full today and she has to be locked up because she\'s a little fat.
But it shouldn\'t be.
The health insurance industry should not do so.
Schuster: The White House has been quite critical of the health insurance industry, but the industry has not responded in public.
They have been trying to portray themselves as partners, not opponents.
Is there something very different happening in the Congress Hall now?
Well, you know what?
So far, the health insurance industry has gotten a lot of what they want in the Finance Committee bill that will be passed tomorrow.
They did not get a strong public choice.
There is little real cost control there and they are asking for more customers to be delivered to their doorstep as there is an authorization for coverage.
When we try to make even the most modest public choices, they fight back.
There\'s no doubt, you see.
When you consider that hundreds of billions of dollars a year do not enter the health care sector, they will enter the profit sector of the health insurance company.
When we do nothing
To ensure their competition
For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, the price we get is the lowest, just like what you get at Wal-Mart.
Matt, they don\'t want these changes to happen.
Frankly, this is the opportunity that Congress must seize these industries.
Schuster: Democrat Anthony Weiner from New York, who is a strong advocate of public choice and even a single personpayer-
Thank you, honorable Member, for your time today.
We appreciate it.
This is my pleasure.
Can I talk about the website again? SHUSTER: Sure.
Weiner: this is the Health Care Association. com. Thanks. SHUSTER: OK.
Now, for all of this politics, and even the website, we turn to Chris cofinis, a Democratic strategist who is the former director of communications for the presidential campaign of John Edwards.
Chris, it\'s great to be with you tonight.
Chris cofenis, a Democratic strategist: Hey, David.
How are you? SHUSTER: Good.
As a result, one might argue that the reduction in the number of people who participate in health insurance may mean that others are under higher cost pressure. But the hand-
How is this Report sorted out, and what is the impact on what will happen to Congress next?
Okay, I-
You know, I think the political strategy that AHIP might want, that is, to slow the pace of health care reform, may just be abandoned.
I think member Weiner is right, and I think this document is in a strange, abnormal way, considering the large amount of fuel that those public option advocates have, they say the insurance industry is basically telling you that they will raise interest rates.
So, you know, I think the argument of public choice is getting stronger now.
Now, part of the problem here is, you know, you have baucas voting tomorrow.
You know what, I think it will.
Obviously, it will pass.
The question is: does Senator Snow approve?
The real work then starts, from the Senate, the House to the meeting, back to the house, back to the Senate for another vote. So, it is-
There is still a long way to go before this legislative process is over.
Schuster: You heard Congressman Weiner talk about the site and the efforts to engage with conservative Democrats.
In your estimation, in terms of the efforts of more liberal Democrats, where will this go and see where the moderate Democrats are?
KOFINIS: Well, I think there is still a very strong desire to have a public option in the house.
I think you see some conservative Democrats, it\'s clear that almost all Republicans, if not every Republican, are against the public health care program, you know.
I mean, my argument and what I said before.
At the end of the day, what do I think is the way to look at this issue politically?
I think that\'s what you get politically in the short term --
Long term, long termterm.
If public choice helps reduce costs and expand coverage, I think it\'s two key criteria for determining the success of this policy, and then, I think there is a big reason to have an open choice there.
Although conservative Democrats may face some shortages
Those voters, those voters, will thank them when their medical expenses fall.
I think that\'s part of the problem and convince those conservative Democrats of the argument.
Given the politics they face in their own country, this is not an easy thing to do.
Schuster: Well, let\'s talk about two of the issues you raised in terms of reducing costs and expanding coverage.
Assuming the insurance industry is right, this bill has led to a surge in Medicare rates.
Even if the Democrats expanded coverage, what would be politically disastrous, do you think they are fully aware of the possibility?
KOFINIS: Well, I mean, look, to be honest, if we go through dramatic health care reform, the cost of health care is soaring, this health care, if the analysis of the insurance company is correct, I don\'t believe this is-
But, let\'s say, this is, for the sake of argument, then you have a major political issue because I think most people
The vast majority of Americans want access to health care forms, provided that it will reduce costs and expand coverage for those who do not have health care.
I think this is clearly a key factor in motivating the White House and the Democratic Party.
You know, once again I think, as the legislative process moves forward, the insurance industry may have just pushed for more significant health care reform in a strange way, and you\'re going to start seeing a lot of people say, \"Wait a minute, given that the insurance industry basically tells us what they\'re going to do, we need to do more checks on the insurance industry.
Schuster: President Obama did not take a very opposite approach to the insurance industry when he addressed the White House.
Is this new report his tool? Wise?
I mean, he\'s been-
I think he has always been critical of the health industry and he may continue his strategy in an attempt to engage as many key players as possible.
You see in the first place that the insurance industry says they are supportive unless they may not be able to get the profit they want.
All of a sudden, they were no longer so supportive.
I think what you\'re going to see is the White House, and I think it\'s not just those statements in this report, but we\'re against the view that we don\'t need health care reform.
But at the end of the day, what the insurance industry wants is very clear: health care reform in accordance with their conditions.
This is not a good health care reform for this country.
I think we need health care reform that is good for the country.
Not for the insurance industry.
Schuster: Chris cofinis, the Democratic strategist and former communications director of John Edwards
Thank you for your time, Chris.
We appreciate it.
Thank you, David.
Schuster: You\'re welcome.
This weekend, President Obama promised to repeal the military\'s \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say\" policy to ban gay public service.
What he did not say was when he would abolish the policy.
At the same time, more soldiers and women were kicked out.
We will talk to Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach, who was forced to leave 18 years after serving in the air force, because he is gay. Stay with us. (
Business break)
History has been created today.
For the first time, a woman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.
Meet Elinor Ostrom, a political scientist at Indiana University in my hometown Bloomington, who won the award along with Oliver Williamson, a professor at business school at Berkeley University, California.
They will be divided into $1. 4 million award.
Ostrom spoke this afternoon about becoming the first woman to receive the award. (
Start Video Editing)
Nobel Prize winner Elino Ostrom: We have entered a new era and we recognize that women are capable of doing great scientific work and yes, I am honored to be the first woman, but I won\'t be the last one. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: Ostrom has won awards for showing how people use common resources such as fish, pasture, forest, etc, lakes and groundwater basins can be managed successfully without private companies or people in Washington making rules.
This is an important year for the United States, where Americans have won 11 of the 13 Nobel prizes.
Congratulate Eliano Ostrom on becoming the first and probably not the last woman to win the Nobel Prize in Economics. And Dr.
Ostrom, in the words of I, salutes you and your husband Vincent, a resident of Bloomington, and a member of the Indiana University teacher for 45 years. U.
Song of battle, \"We\'re all ready for you. ”(
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
S. President Barack Obama: No one in the United States should be fired because they are gay, even though they do a good job in performing their duties. It’s not fair. It’s not right.
We will stop it. (CHEERING)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: \"In the United States, no one should be fired because they are gay,\" said the person who was firing the person because he was gay.
I\'m Lieutenant Colonel Victor ferrenbach and he will join us in a minute.
He is a fighter pilot who has carried out 88 combat missions and won nine Air Medals. it is estimated that the military spent $25 million to train him.
However, after a civilian expelled him to the military chain of command, Lieutenant Colonel Fehrenbach was told that after 18 years of service he would be released \"without asking, not saying.
President Obama\'s speech before the human rights movement this weekend is a heavy commitment to ending a firm commitment to \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say,\", the details on how and when this will happen are a bit light. (
Start Video Editing)
Obama: I\'m working with the Pentagon, its leadership, and members of the House and Senate to end this policy.
To achieve this, legislation has been introduced in the house.
I will end \"don\'t ask, don\'t tell.
This is my promise to you. (CHEERING)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: The day after the speech, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the National square to appeal --
Among other things-
With regard to more details and faster action of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t tell\", former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, said \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say. ”(
Start Video Editing)GEN.
Richard Miles.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Homosexuality can serve in the military.
They just can\'t serve publicly.
That\'s what they do. they have a lot of them. we are-and we are-
We are the beneficiaries of all this. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: General Myers made a fairly concise summary of the basic complaint of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say.
Now we are joined by Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach.
Thank you for your time tonight.
We appreciate it. LT. COL.
Victor ferrenbach, United States of AmericaS.
Air Force fighter pilot: Thank you, David.
Schuster: Lieutenant Colonel, given what happened to you, you have been living for years in the \"not telling\" part of the rules, just to go against your will.
What do you think when you hear General Myers\'s description of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say?
I think this is very disappointing.
It shows a real disconnect about what\'s really happening.
You know, according to this policy, there are already 13,000 men and women, brave men and women.
I don\'t have the exact numbers, but I think more than half of them are cases like me that have been found involuntarily.
You know, my personal life has been around for 18 years.
I never thought about it.
The Air Force never asked me.
So I live by law.
So in many ways, this law does not work for me or for thousands of others who continue to serve bravely.
Schuster: you haven\'t officially been discharged yet.
Tell us about your case.
FEHRENBACH: That\'s right.
April 15 is the last day of my executive discharge Committee, which recommends the honorable discharge.
I have been waiting since then.
Since then, the process should go through a brief legal review, then go to the personnel review committee, and then the final decision will be made by the Air Force Minister.
This usually takes about five months depending on other circumstances.
But my case stalled during the legal review process.
In many ways this is great for me as I wear uniform service every day.
At the same time, I was in trouble.
Since I was recommended to be discharged from the hospital, if so, I don\'t know when I will end up being fired.
Schuster: Although \"don\'t ask, don\'t say\" will be abolished before you are officially discharged from the hospital, do you have hope?
Frenbach: I am.
I have hope every day.
And, you know, I serve every day, it\'s an honor for me, and it\'s also a good thing to show my squad or my Fire Brigade, they continue to do the work every day, and we prove every day that the policy needs to be abolished now.
Schuster: According to my statistics, since President Obama took office at the end of January, more than 400 soldiers have been kicked out of the \"don\'t ask, don\'t say \".
Obviously, you have a real sense of urgency about ending \"don\'t ask, don\'t say.
\"What do you think about the way President Obama handled this policy this weekend?
Do you think he understands the emergency?
I hope he will.
I mean, when he was a candidate last year, we heard that.
Also, when I was lucky enough to go to the White House in June, I heard something similar.
Obviously, the words on the weekend are clearer than we have heard before.
This gives me hope again.
But as a soldier, we have heard this before, and we like to judge people based on their actions rather than their words.
We have heard such words before.
I just hope that if Congress, the president and the American people can help put pressure on our legislators to do the right thing, we can act from them.
Schuster: Soon, Colonel, if \"don\'t ask, don\'t say\" is abolished after health care, like January or February, do you have enough time to stay at home?
I hope so.
You know, if we follow the normal schedule, I will be fired this week.
So, hopefully my process can move slowly and hopefully Congress can act fast enough to save my career, you know?
But if that\'s not the case, it\'s for the greater good.
So, if I\'m fired, but this policy is abolished in the spring, then it\'s a bigger benefit for thousands of people who can continue to serve.
Schuster: Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Victor Ferenbach, we would like to thank you very much for joining us tonight.
Good luck with the review process.
On behalf of so many of us, I thank you for your service.
Thank you, David.
Schuster: You\'re welcome.
Should leaders who support President Bush\'s war in Iraq have a say in Afghanistan?
Senator McCain clearly thinks so, and he is not alone.
In addition, a federal grand jury in Washington is investigating and a senior Bush administration official is under review.
Did you commit a crime?
We will have that story in a moment. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Fox News: Many people think the conflict is not over yet. SEN.
McCain®Arizona: So, why is there a banner that says to complete the mission on an aircraft carrier? (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Start Video Editing)
Talk show host David Letterman: what\'s going on in Afghanistan now?
I think we did a good job.
I think we will be fine.
Phase II
If I could make this soon
The second phase is Iraq.
There are some signs that I have no conclusions, but some of these are possible-
I emphasize may.
From Iraq.
Oh, right? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: Senator John McCain, an early, outspoken and enthusiastic supporter of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, said that we will be \"welcome as liberators \".
In November of that year, he was asked if he was still concerned about Afghanistan, and in order to launch a second war in Iraq at the same time, he basically carried out raids on troops and supplies. (
Start Video Editing)
McCain: In the long run, we may have a hard time in Afghanistan. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: we will get through this in Afghanistan. Sen.
McCain\'s record in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan is clear and should not be forgotten.
But in Washington, political expediency is often more important than integrity.
McCain leads now-
He once said that we can cope with the conflict and are now a major supporter of a substantial increase in the number of our troops.
There was no recognition or apology for the chaos that led to the war in Iraq in Afghanistan.
Instead, only here and now. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: Do you think the US military presence in Afghanistan can increase by less than 40,000 people than it is now?
McCain: I don\'t.
I don\'t think the biggest danger right now is the American withdrawal. (END VIDEO CLIP)SHUSTER: Sen.
McCain is now joining Afghanistan as well, with conservative Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, voting in 2003 to support the war against Iraq.
Two weeks ago, Sen.
Van Stein said the president should take the time to make the right decision on Afghanistan. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
Diane van Stein (D-CA)
Head of the Intelligence Committee: I think it\'s right for the president to take the time to really look at the current alternatives. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: But for now, the same Republican as John McCain said
Obama needs to step up and send more troops. (
Start Video Editing)
Van Stein: I think this decision must be made as soon as possible. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: Feinstein and McCain, as well as other conservatives, are now fighting for more troops for Afghanistan, saying the president has to follow this line because increasing the army is suggested by the top US officials. S.
Commander of Afghanistan
In the United States, of course, Commanderin-
The chief did not accept orders from the military.
He ordered. But (UNINTELLIGIBLE)
I know that if they seem to be just pushing for respect for the general, rather than making suggestions based on their own disturbing record, their political base will be more solid.
Now, Gordon Goldstein, former United Nations International security adviser, author of the book \"lessons from the disaster: Mike George Bundy on the road to the Vietnam War. ” Mr.
Thank you for joining us.
Gordon Goldstein, former UN international security adviser: It\'s a pleasure to be with you.
Schuster: What is your reaction to Senator Van Stein and McCain\'s claim to increase troops in Afghanistan, because the president must follow the strategy suggested by the top US leadersS.
Afghan commander?
Well, fortunately, Sen. McCain and Sen.
Van Stein, representing 2% of the Senate seats, has the right to express his opinion.
But it should not be used to speed up the extremely important decisions that the president must make on his own schedule.
This is a decision that the president must focus on in an orderly and calm manner and must be based on a clear strategic review of our successes and failures to date.
This is exactly what he wants to do.
Schuster: What do you think about Gen?
McChrystal is calling for 40,000 more?
I mean, if President Obama doesn\'t agree with McChrystal\'s plan, will the president be forced to look for another general who is more in line with his overall strategy?
It\'s interesting, you know.
This is similar to what President Kennedy encountered in 1961.
That year, another untested young president received six different proposals to send the first ground combat troops to South Vietnam.
His senior advisers basically surrounded him, and in November of that year they told him that the odds were the opposite --
If he does not commit to sending troops, it will be a down payment for a total of 200,000 people, with strong opposition to the prevalence there.
Kennedy was not intimidated.
Kennedy was not under pressure.
Kennedy insisted on his position.
What we see here is another example where a young president is under pressure from those who have a very strong view of the necessary increase in the number of troops.
But the president has to determine whether he thinks this is actually a necessary task for the U. S. population protection, the status of General McChrystal\'s mandate, and whether the task is actually feasible.
I believe there are serious problems with both propositions.
Schuster: a PBS documentary about the war in Afghanistan is called the Obama war \". ” Is that fair? I mean, Mr.
Obama took office for less than 10 months.
Is this really his war?
Okay, I-
You know, he inherited it, he inherited a terrible mess, a deteriorating security situation, a corrupt and incompetent government, and a declining public opinion that supported the war.
But one of the missing facts in all the noise of this debate is that the president has also inherited a fairly successful policy on counter-terrorism.
And he has embezzled the Bush administration against al-
Infrastructure of al-Qaida
In fact, he expanded it.
A total of 36 drone and predator attacks occurred in 2008.
In some ways, we have reached 15 out of the top 20
Al-Qaida leadership
According to those who urge the president to make this commitment, this strategy has proven somewhat successful, although this fact has not appeared in our current debate, afghanistan is on the brink of collapse.
I\'m not sure that\'s true.
Schuster: You\'re talking about the issue of success, for example, in general, whether or not the war in Afghanistan is Obama\'s war, Predator drones are successful.
In the end, depending on how the war is going, will the result be considered decisive, is this the final arbitrator in terms of whether it is Obama\'s war and whether it falls on his shoulders?
Goldstein: Well, you know, one of the lessons President Kennedy learned again in 1961 is that you can get all the advice from the best people around you.
But in the end, the adviser suggested, but the president decided.
When Kennedy authorized a disastrous invasion of the island, he learned the lesson in the Bay of Pigs.
After that, he was determined to calmly and rigorously assess every military proposal he received with a strict and calm realism, as he understood that he had this strategy.
He has military success, he has military failure.
Yes, the president will learn the same lesson.
He\'s going to win in Afghanistan, and that\'s why I think he\'s determined to put his time on hold, not in a hurry, not crowded, to draw his own conclusions, to do what he\'s best at, to think in an orderly way, think consciously and think strategically.
Schuster: Gordon Goldstein, former United Nations International security adviser, author of the book lesson from the disaster: Mike George Bundy and the road to war in Vietnam.
\"Thank you very much for your time today.
Nice to be with you.
Schuster: President Bush\'s Interior Minister, Gail Norton, is under investigation for involvement with Shell Oil. Oops.
This is the story. (
Business break)
Schuster: welcome back.
This is David Schuster. come see Rachel tonight.
A senior Cabinet member of the Bush administration is under investigation by the Justice Department and faces potential criminal charges of political corruption.
President George W.
Bush\'s first home secretary, Gail Norton, was the first and only Bush cabinet minister to receive a formal criminal corruption investigation.
According to the Los Angeles Times, a federal grand jury in Washington is investigating Norton and summoning records from the energy giant Royal Dutch Shell.
The grand jury is investigating whether Norton spoke to Shell in 2006 about giving her a job, while she is leading an agency that distributes lucrative deals to Shell.
In early 2006, Norton\'s interior ministry granted Shell oil three valuable leases on federal land in Colorado to explore shale oil.
Two months later, Norton resigned from the Interior Ministry.
Nine months later, Shell announced it had hired Norton.
Norton becomes general counsel for Shell\'s Unconventional Resources Division
Unconventional resources mean new technologies like shale oil.
As a result, Norton\'s interior ministry has offered Shell a huge shale oil deal.
Shell deals with shale oil.
Two months later, Norton resigned and received a job from Shell to oversee the sector, including shale oil.
Maybe it\'s a coincidence.
Perhaps Gail Norton will be summoned next so that she has the opportunity to present her case before the grand jury.
Jim Tansley, the Los Angeles Times energy and environment reporter, is now joining us, reporting on the Justice Department\'s investigation into Gail Norton. Mr.
Thank you for coming.
We appreciate it.
\"Los Angeles Times energy and environment reporter: Yes.
Thank you for inviting me.
Schuster: What are the specific requirements for the summons issued to shell?
TANKERSLEY: Well, they are looking for any evidence that Shell and Gail Norton came into contact when she was secretary and before she resigned to work at Shell.
What they are seeing is a violation of federal law that provides that if you are a federal officer, you cannot supervise a financial process that is beneficial to the company you are actively negotiating.
Schuster: So they start with an electronic subpoena.
Emails and phone calls, and things that don\'t try to focus primarily on these connections.
Is there any indication that Gail Norton has received a target letter or any formal warning of any kind that she might be prosecuted?
My colleague Josh Meyer, who broke the story, told us that this is most likely what will happen at the end of the investigation, the actual interview with Gail Norton.
We know that Shell has been officially informed of the investigation.
They initially told us that they were not officially aware of this.
After our story aired last month, they said they are now officially aware of this.
Schuster: how many other companies have bid on shale oil leasing?
Do they also have the technology to get shale oil?
TANKERSLEY: Well, there are a dozen applications.
Every application company believes that they certainly have this type of technology.
This is not a simple process.
Squeeze oil out of the rocks of the Rocky Mountains
It requires a lot of heat and is very expensive.
So the Interior Ministry wants to find companies that can develop this technology and do it on a commercial scale.
They chose.
They ended up with six leases, three of which were handed over to Shell.
Many companies, including Exxon, go home empty. handed.
Schuster: explain why these shale oil leases are so valuable to energy companies.
TANKERSLEY: Well, the lease could go from 160 acres of research and development to more than 5,000 acres.
This is a very precious land.
What you\'re saying is that under these three lands, there may be billions of barrels of oil for Shell, and when you calculate it with today\'s oil costs, if Shell takes back all its resources, they may make nearly $1 trillion in profits.
Schuster: Finally, does Jim, Gail Norton or her lawyer have any response to the jury\'s investigation?
TANKERSLEY: We haven\'t reached minister Norton yet.
As far as I can tell from other people who are trying to cover the story, there are no other people.
So she\'s always been a mother in all this. SHUSTER: “L. A.
Jim Tansley, the Times reporter
Thank you for the show tonight, Jim.
We appreciate it.
Tansley: Thank you.
Schuster: By the way, you can read more about Jim Tansley on \"LATimes. com.
\"Rush Limburg is part of a group that is trying to buy St. Limburg
Louis Rams football team
So what is the reaction inside and outside the NFL?
Okay, let\'s just say that.
They did not say the same thing.
Next, we will have this story. (
Business break)
Schuster: Now, in the town of Monson, Ohio, 45 minutes from Cleveland, an extraordinary story of heroism, where, an elderly woman lost control of a minivan while driving into a gas station.
Her van hit the gas station and hit a man. The 500-
The pound air pump fell on him, caught fire, and nailed the man under the burning air pump.
The gas station staff and a bystander rushed to help with a fire extinguisher and turned off the pump with an emergency switch.
Then they raised 500.
Pulled him out of the fire.
Fire officials said there was no explosion as employees turned off the pump with an emergency switch.
The rescued person has bruises, bruises and burns but should recover.
For the station staff and onlookers, they are known as heroes. And they are. Bravo. (
Business break)
Schuster: today there is more opposition to the possibility that rush Limburg may be part of an investment group
Louis Rams football team
National Action Network chairman Al Sharpton has asked NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall to stop Limburg from buying teams.
Over the weekend, the head of the NFL Players Association encouraged players to express their concerns publicly.
The New York Giants defensive end Matthias Kiwanuka, including Bart Scott of jates, vowed he would play for the Rams as Fort Linburg owned the team
Philadelphia Hawks quarterback Donovan McNabb said, \"congratulate him if he gets a reward for buying them, but I\'m not going to be in St.
Louis is coming soon.
Rush Limbaugh expressed a different view today on his radio show. (
Start Video Editing)
Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh: One thing is that black NFL players would resist playing games if I were the owner of the league, which is obviously ridiculous, of course.
But it is reported that this is to affect the outcome of all of this. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: The controversy stems from Rush Limburg\'s various comments on race.
In 2003, he resigned after a brief analyst at ESPN, saying McNabb was an African.
The American quarterback has received a lot of honors he shouldn\'t have. (
Start Video Editing)
Fort Lin: I mean, some of our social issues in the NFL.
I think the media have always wanted the black quarterback to do a good job. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Schuster: Limburg also said in 2007, \"the NFL often looks like a game between bloody and crit without any weapons.
Meanwhile, an NFL spokesman said the Rams, arguably the worst team of the season, have yet to agree to sell to anyone.
The report shows that three to six teams are interested in the group\'s bidding.
The following is Dave Zilin, sports reporter and sports writer of national magazine.
Dave, first of all, I would like to clarify that I think I misunderstood Matthias Kiwanuka and Bart Scott from jates
They all said they would not play for Limburg.
In any case, if the NFL allows Rush Limbaugh to be part of an investment group that can buy St. Limbaugh
Louis Rams football team?
Dave Zilin, sports reporter for National Magazine: David, you don\'t want Dick Cheney to lead Amnesty International.
You don\'t want Rush Limbaugh to have an NFL team.
Not because he is very conservative.
I mean, most NFL owners are on the right side of Genghis Khan, and for decades many have fled our city for billions of dollars.
This is because in a coalition of 70% Africans
Americans, the NFL can\'t have a person who has a history statement. to put it mildly, they are not sensitive to race, or white. they are stones --cold racist.
I mean, you mentioned that he said NFL players look like blood and crips.
But what I want to say is that the NFL, which has a historic relationship with the National Association of People of color, can\'t be like their masters, as someone once said, the National Association of People of color needs to riot by destroying and breaking into liquor stores and carrying out robberies.
The NFL can\'t have a boss saying that black kids are beating white kids there in Obama\'s America and everyone is cheering.
Too split.
Too insulting.
That\'s why the players and the unions stand up.
Schuster: David, how rare is it to see active players make claims of ownership?
ZIRIN: Wow, it\'s as rare as the hair on Dick Cheney\'s head.
It never happened, there\'s a reason for this.
This is because there is no guarantee contract for the NFL.
So in any social issue, not to mention the issue of ownership, this is something that rarely happens.
Remember, a player only plays for 3 years on average.
You only have a short window to catch the gold ring.
So in fact, Bart Scott is a professional.
Bowler, Matthias Kiwanuka, he\'s also a big-
Time NFL player, Donovan mcnaboo, six-time pro-
The fact that these guys are talking about players, white players.
I want to say that because Limbaugh sees everything in this black and white lens.
But the white players told me they had problems playing for Rush Limbaugh.
So it\'s not just black and white.
This is not a problem.
This is right and wrong.
Schuster: Al Sharpton sent a letter to the NFL commissioner today about rush Limburg.
If he doesn\'t get a reply by tomorrow, he will take it to a new level, says Sharpton.
Is this going to get worse for the NFL because they basically don\'t shoot Rush Limburg?
ZIRIN: Sure.
You know, let\'s face it for a second.
There is almost no tabernacle of Mormon here.
This is a group of robbers and thieves.
I mean, Davis is the boss of the NFL.
The man is actually the keeper of the cave.
The children in Auckland woke up in the middle of the night and said, \"Al Davis came to pick me up.
But at the same time, Rush Limbaugh is the next step, because his money is earned through the practice of divisive politics, because his repertoire is so extensive, because he offended people week after week.
It must happen.
One thing I\'ll tell you, it lets you know how hypocritical the NFL boss is.
One of them said that they were not on record today, but he told the media that rush Limburg\'s past use of his drug addiction, oscomin, may be a reason not to have him as the owner.
I mean, this is the first time I feel sorry for this guy.
I mean, think about the number of painkillers that NFL players have to take every week.
But I\'m going to tell you a joke on the Internet today that I have to repeat --
Wow, if oxygen doesn\'t let Limbaugh own the NFL team, it would be a magical drug, they said.
Schuster: The Rams have not won a game since October 2008.
Maybe it\'s a great way for rush Limburg to throw away the money.
ZIRIN: I mean, I would also like to say, is he really worse than Dan Snyder, who we have suffered in Washington?
I mean, how bad is he?
But look.
Whenever a player is selected by the Rams, it will be, \"What do you feel about playing for Limburg?
Every time there is a transaction, \"What do you feel about playing for Fort Linburg ? \"?
\"I received hundreds of emails.
As the last day and a half said, \"So, what is the boycott plan if Limburg gets the team?
\"I mean, the NFL brand is the most successful and important brand in all sports in the United States, which distracts people.
I can\'t imagine they wouldn\'t take this.
Schuster: National sports reporter Dave Zilin, as always, thanks for joining us tonight.
We appreciate it.
I\'m very happy, David.
Schuster: about to enter the \"Countdown\", the insurance industry reporter Wendell Porter talked about the real motivation behind the insurance industry research baucas medical act.
Next is Kent Jones and how to turn $15,000 into $7 million. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Schuster: Our reporter Kent Jones reports. Hey, Kent.
Kent Jones, a pop cultologist: You know, I don\'t usually pay much attention to the total box office on weekends.
But the film is ranked fifth this week. very different. Check this out. (Start Video)
JONES: That movie is a \"supernatural activity\", a cheap suspense thriller about a couple installing cameras at home to catch ghosts.
Real recession
DYIs\'s time work, director Oren Peli made the supernatural for less than $15,000.
However, it made $7.
This weekend, there are only 1 million on 153 screens.
This is good enough for fifth place to beat the big budget rustodon elephant like fame, and despite the song it won\'t exist forever.
\"Supernatural\" creepy webcam-
Style also attracted critics.
But beyond that, \"supernatural activity\" could be Twitter\'s first blockbuster, as word-of-mouth was spread through social networking sites and online petitions, asking for the film to be brought to your city.
Hey, then and-I don’t know -
Health care reform?
Twitter country-three bigger -
As for this little thriller, there has never been an understatement of the need for the public to explore each other in the dark.
In addition, these strange, unexplained phenomena have been happening in people\'s homes. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Thanks, Kent.
We appreciate it.
Jones: No problem.
Schuster: Thank you for watching tonight.
I\'m David Schuster playing for Rachel tonight.
Rachel, get better.
Tomorrow at 3: 00, I will see you here at MSNBC.
The countdown begins now. Good night.
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