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the rachel maddow show, transcript 10/25/11

by:KingKonree     2020-05-13
Host Rachel Cherry: It\'s not all true.
Thank you, Ed.
I like you at 8: 00 and Lawrence at 10: 00.
This is fun, man. Thanks.
Moderator Ed Schulz: you bet.
MADDOW: Thank you for staying with us for the next hour.
Listen-Rick Perry, I don\'t want to be blunt, but Rick Perry is failing as a presidential candidate.
To be honest, I really think Rick Perry will be better than that.
But he did not perform well in the debate.
He doesn\'t seem to be good at talking about his record as governor of Texas, he seems to have a cute factor in the small and sharp rock you know, and every time you take a step, it kills you, but you can\'t find it to get it out.
In the latest CBS/New York Times poll, Governor Perry has fallen off a cliff.
Herman Kane leads the country, followed by Mitt Romney.
Rick Perry is ranked fifth.
Shortly after Rick Perry took part in the competition, he won the same vote with 23% of the vote. September. By mid-
This proportion fell to 12% per cent in October.
Now, his ticket rate has dropped to 6%.
Rick Perry is working hard as a candidate.
So, it\'s time for Rick Perry to return.
At least that\'s the idea.
Rick Perry unveiled a \"kitchen sink\" strategy this week, which is to try everything at once.
He has been doing well since Mitt Romney became a power candidate, and takin Rick Perry has gone to make some of the power Republicans his new employees.
Frankly, there are not many Republican agency staff still available at this point.
But the first George W. Left a man behind.
Bush can still run and he is still willing to talk to Rick Perry.
Perry caught him.
On top of that, Perry has known Bob Dole\'s old staff since running 15 years ago from Bob Dole-remember him.
So this week, tanking Rick Perry found help for himself with some of the old Republican staff.
Also, there\'s Herman Kane who seems to be in his 9-9-
Unified Tax for 9 versions.
As a result, tanking Rick Perry has proposed his own unified tax version, achieving the same goal of a substantial tax cut for the rich and a large tax increase for other people.
So this week, tanking Rick Perry suddenly got old school Republican employees like Mitt Romney, who got a flat tax like Herman Kane.
But when time is tight and you\'re really frustrated and you\'re really desperate, the kitchen sink strategy does mean trying everything at once.
So from the pan-candidacy of reality show character Donald Trump, tanking Rick Perry is now also starting to question the president\'s birth certificate. Seriously.
The birth certificate issue was raised this weekend in the Parade magazine, and then doubled in an interview with John Harwood on CNBC to mention the birth certificate issue. (
Start Video Editing)
John Harwood, CNBC: after the president released his birth certificate earlier this year, Mitt Romney said the problem had been solved. I accept it.
You chose to stay alive during an interview with Parade magazine on the weekend.
Why are you doing this? GOV. RICK PERRY (R-TX)
Candidate for President: It\'s a good question to stay alive.
Just, you know, Donald has to have a good time, so-Harwood: But are you saying that your comment on this is a bit of a joke?
Or do you really have an open question like Donald Trump?
Perry: I don\'t know where the president is, what\'s written on the birth certificate.
But this is also a big interference.
I was not distracted by it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: instead of being distracted by it, I lit it up for its value.
In any case, what is the value at this point?
How many votes may I vote?
Digging the birther plot again is not a distraction for tanking Rick Perry.
It\'s not an inadvertent whirlpool, and he accidentally falls into a whirlpool when he really tries to get people to pay attention to his tax plan.
The whole birth certificate he\'s doing is intentional.
It\'s a dirty little drain hole in his kitchen sink strategy, and it\'s a conspiracy theory about whether President Obama is secretly diplomatic.
Governor Perry announced today that he, Governor Perry, will present his birth certificate to keep alive the fanatic mouthpiece fantasy of the Republican base Shell baking, that is, President Obama is not a real president at all. He came from a foreign secret. (
Start Video Editing)
Perry: someone wants to see my birth certificate and I \'d love to show it to them. (END VIDEO CLIP)
With his poor performance in the polls, Texas Governor Rick Perry said he would be happy to announce his birth.
Everyone understands that when you are as bad as Rick Perry, when you are Rick Perry and never lose the election, you lose the election so badly, you have to try everything at the same time.
You have to try the kitchen sink.
Everyone knows that there is a dirty little drain hole in each kitchen sink, a dirty little drain hole that Donald Trump and Rick Perry have incarnated this year.
Rick Perry even has room to try to make a comeback in this situation, and the reason why he has the space to run for the first time-overwhelming discontent among Republicans, Republican voters about this guy, mitt Romney\'s overwhelming discontent.
Mitt Romney has maintained a leading position.
In terms of Republican support for him, he seems to have reached the ceiling.
About a year ago, when the Republican presidential election began, Mitt Romney received about 23% of the vote.
A year later, Mitt Romney received 23% of the vote.
Mr. Mitt Romney23 percent.
No matter how many other candidates are rolling around him, he doesn\'t seem to be able to go beyond that.
If you listen to what Republican voters think of Mitt Romney, one of the factors that prevent Mitt Romney from becoming a candidate is what Mitt Romney thinks-and frankly, that\'s good --
Got a sense of him-there\'s a material problem.
There is no problem with substance abuse, but there is a problem where he doesn\'t seem to have a drug.
He doesn\'t seem to matter.
He seems willing to take any position on any issue.
Especially on things that should reflect core values, core moral beliefs, Mitt Romney seems to have said what he thinks his audience might want to hear that day. (
Start Video Editing)MITT ROMNEY (R)
Presidential candidate: I think abortion should be safe and legal in this country.
I believe from Roe.
Wade has been the law for 20 years and we should support it.
I uphold and support this law and the right of women to make this choice.
It\'s been a long time since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.
Look, I was an independent person during the Reagan/Bush administration.
I don\'t want to go back to Reagan/Bush.
You can learn something from Reagan.
Ronald Reagan united American peace through strength.
I will build what I call the Reagan Economic Zone. (End Video Clip)
When he ran for a senator, he was for abortion.
Now, when he ran for a senator, he opposed the right to abortion.
He was alienated from Ronald Reagan.
Now he is holy. Ronald.
In another era of Romney in 1996, Mitt Romney also ridiculed the idea of a unified tax cut for fat cats.
Mitt Romney is the opposite.
Unified tax in the 1990 s
Now, I quote Mitt Romney, \"I like Unified taxes.
\"This is not a bad habit left over from Mitt Romney\'s early career.
Not only did he deny his position taken back after the roaring 90 s.
Mitt Romney has now denied the position he took in June.
In June, Mitt Romney stood out with the full support of the Republican League.
Divestiture work in Ohio
The Republicans there passed the counter.
Called someone. 5.
Mitt Romney expressed support.
He said, \"my friends in Ohio are working to defend the important reforms that the state has implemented to limit the power of union bosses.
I\'m standing with John Kasic and the leaders of Ohio.
Mitt Romney joined a trade union divestiture in Ohio.
Since then, the Union
It turns out that undressing is very unpopular among the people of Ohio.
A new poll today shows that residents of Iowa, sorry, residents of Ohio
Point margin wants to abolish the Union-
Peel things off when you vote next month. Fifty-
7% of registered voters in Ohio say they oppose unions.
Peel off the thing, 32% is it.
This is 25% worse than it is.
Because the new alliance is unpopular.
Mitt Romney went to Ohio today to support John Casey and the Union.
The divestiture has arranged a campaign to stop and cheer up and encourage and inspire the people who call to defend the things that the Union divestitures.
But when Mitt Romney really arrived in Ohio, he decided not to take a stand today at the Union divestiture. (
Start Video Editing)
Romney: I\'m not-I\'m not talking about specific voting issues.
These depend on the people of Ohio, but I certainly support the government\'s efforts to control the size of the government.
So I\'m not very familiar with these two voting plans. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I\'m not very familiar with what I recognized two months ago as a very unpopular thing right now.
Concerns about Mitt Romney\'s candidacy have been evident over the past few weeks.
Social conservatives will have a problem with him because he\'s a flip-flop.
There have been many failures in social conservative issues.
But the wisdom of the ring road is that this year is not an insurmountable issue for Romney, because this year\'s election is not an economic issue or a social issue.
On the economic front, Mitt Romney should be rock solid.
Except now that Mitt Romney shows that he has the same famous Mitt Romney spine on economic issues as on social issues-just telling people what they want to hear now, forget what his core beliefs should be on issues like this year\'s Republican fashion unification of taxes and the destruction of unions.
Regardless of what you have to say about these issues, that\'s why Mitt Romney\'s vote has been like this for a year, and why other Republican candidates are not only counting on Mitt Romney\'s vote to never be, but that may eventually be the case.
So, yes, Rick Perry could be bad, yes, Herman Kane could be incredible as a candidate, but the day like today is when we know there\'s going to be a non-
The Romney candidate is back.
Days like this also remind us why Mitt Romney is the root cause of such a bad Republican candidate.
Sadly, days like this also tell us
The candidate for Romney is likely to rise again. Hi, Orly. Hi, Rick.
Now we are joined by Wayne Slater, a veteran political writer at The Dallas Morning Post.
Wayne, thank you for your time tonight.
Nice to meet you.
Dallas Morning Post Wayne Slater: It\'s great to be with you again, Rachel.
MADDOW: from what you see in the campaign on how Mitt Romney approached-trying to win the nomination, how do you explain
Face/face factory on union issues in Ohio?
A telephone bank in Ohio denies its position on the issue? SLATER: Yes.
I mean, it seems to be a dunk Republican primary, someone has a union issue, you vote against it, you object, you say you object todayHe didn`t.
I think the only way to understand this is to understand that Mitt Romney is not in the Republican primary.
He actually thinks he\'s in the election.
Realizing how unpopular Senate Bill 5 is in the vote, he doesn\'t want to hurt his chances with independent voters, including some moderate Republican votes, these votes must be in the constituency that will vote for this.
Romney\'s problem is not just him.
It\'s a big problem, and I think he\'s in the wrong election because Rick Perry and others are in the primary, they are trying to bring together the party\'s farthest right wing elements and problems that will put them in trouble in his campaign, and Mitt Romney is just sitting there 23% to 24% to 25%.
Darren: Wayne, I think part of the reason Rick Perry will be a stronger candidate and why I\'m still looking forward to his comeback at some point because of reports in Texas, including your report in Texas, about Rick Perry who never lost the election, he should not be underestimated in any political competition.
What do you think is the birth certificate of his embrace of everything?
Why did everyone bring it back when they thought it was dead?
Slater: it looks crazy.
I talked to people in Austin and some said why did he do that?
He\'s communicating his job.
In this regard, he knows exactly what he is doing.
He thought there were both ways.
He, like in an interview with John Harwood this morning, hinted that it was a joke, and he was joking.
He will continue not to say if he believes the president was born in the country.
What makes him do this is, as I said, call on radical Republican right-wing fringe elements, birthers, Birchers, separatists, militia, to believe that Barack Obama was born in Africa.
Moreover, the current poll shows that this ratio is only about 14%, but it also attracts other Republicans who like his style.
Similarly, these people are not voters of Romney.
These are Republican voters who may now be with Herman Kane or Michelle bach man.
They like Perry-at least the Perry people want them to-they like Perry not afraid of Obama.
He\'s going to poke Obama.
He\'s the one who\'s going to chase Obama.
Frankly, this is really a more basic message of the birthplace-the clown show of the birthplace.
MADDOW: as far as you \'ve seen from him in your previous campaign, \"Politico\" reports that Texas Republicans are slow to even support Perry this time.
Of course, he was behind by 6%.
Have you ever seen Perry fall so far behind in his party\'s support for so few games?
Is there a way to know how he will react? SLATER: No.
He ranked 39% in elections six or eight years ago.
But I have never seen him so behind.
The only time I saw that he was really a loser in a statewide election was 1990 pairs of very popular Republicans, Jim haytohua.
Next, with the help of Carl ROV, you asked Carl ROV to disclose to the newspaper, including our own information and the testimony of the secret grand jury investigating the Ministry of Agriculture, to raise the issue of corruption.
Story in the newspaper
He was defending and Rick Perry won the game.
2002, Rick Perry fought with Democrat Tony Sanchez, bankers, billionaire bankers from Laredo, and the attack, at the end of the campaign on television, A rather harsh attack shows that Democratic opponents have been involved in the deaths of drug dealers and drug dealers in some way, and are also laundering money on the Texas border.
None of this is true, but Perry has demonstrated the ability of the people around him to chase their opponents hammer and tong.
So, even if he\'s behind, if I were Mitt Romney, like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who was here a year ago, I wouldn\'t let my guard go.
He is a great activist.
MADDOW: willing to do anything even if it\'s not true.
This is definitely the case.
MADDOW: Wayne, a senior political writer at The Dallas Morning Post, as a politician, Rick Perry\'s history has become increasingly valuable every day. Thank you.
Slater: Thank you.
Madu: OK.
Did you see this today?
You must have seen it today. (
Start Video Editing)
We need you to get involved because we can do it together.
We can take this country back. (MUSIC)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Of course, you saw this today, right?
Republicans are good at creating buzz.
The inexplicable political advertising is worth it.
Democratic Party-oh, Democratic Party, Democratic Party.
Well, Democrats are generally not as good as Republicans in recent campaign ads that are worth the heat.
The Democrats finally got together and got a very good, very effective thing from the Democrats. Seriously. Coming up. (
Business break)
MADDOW: imagine the biggest and most terrible deadly technology in human history-the largest bomb in the world in history.
Now imagine taking it down one by one.
The show is coming out tonight.
This is not even a metaphor.
This is really the craziest bomb in the world. It`s coming up. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Wolf blitzer, cnn anchor: I saw a lot of strange campaign ads.
This is lined up above.
Unidentified male: Herman Kane has launched a new ad that says his chief of staff is smoking.
Unidentified male: This is an advertisement on Kane\'s official YouTube page, causing some buzz.
Tamron hall, MSNBC anchor: The online campaign ad by Herman Kane has sparked controversy.
This is the official campaign advertisement for Herman Kane. (End Video Clip)
MADDOW: a lot of political topics today about Herman Kane\'s sudden madness of super weird online video advertisingish thing.
The film, starring his chief of staff and the head of the American Prosperity organization funded by the Koch brothers, tells
Kane was obviously smoking and resting.
Whether you think it\'s intentional super weird or not, this super weird thing, the inexplicable smoke to interrupt the ad, has the desired effect, in the sense that everyone is talking about it.
Because it is a candidate for Kane.
This is not usually the case with Democratic advertising.
No one really talked about Democratic advertising.
At least not recently, because in general, Democratic advertising is not so good. I`m sorry. Be mad at me. My e-
The Mail is rachel @ MSNBCcom.
Send me hate mailI read it. I love it. But it`s true.
For whatever reason, Democratic ads are now trying, but they look like this.
I mean, there\'s an interesting visual metaphor here, but it\'s also confusing.
The idea is that there is an old man who may or may be dressed as a fireman.
He danced for the women who didn\'t want him to dance for them.
This should be an advertisement about medical insurance.
So, yes, that\'s it.
Or someone who tried to call out Mitt Romney in a very simple and direct Mitt Romney --style flip-flop.
On one occasion, Mitt Romney said Barack Obama made the recession worse.
He then denied his claim.
So, in this case, your job, the Democrats, is very simple-just point out the flip --flop.
But Democrats can\'t make things simple.
They keep making long noises until you forget what Mitt Romney should flip --
Plop, basically making a very long ad-a very long one, and long Mitt Romney is talking about the president and putting a Democratic label on it. Ta-da!
And this, an ad about Mitt Romney\'s meeting with Donald Trump, is a good negative advertising opportunity.
Democrats managed to put the photos on fun music and end up with that. (
Start Video Editing)
Donald Trump: if I --(END VIDEO CLIP)
That\'s the punch line.
But you know what?
Despite the recent record, Democrats actually just made a good advertisement on a good issue. Check it out.
This is a counter.
Romney is hard on the Democratic National Committee at 30-
The second advertisement, the housing crisis.
But they did. They did a good job.
This works perfectly. (
Start Video Editing)
Almost half of Arizona\'s homeowners are underwater.
Foreclosure around.
What is Mitt Romney\'s plan?
Mitt: Don\'t try to stop the foreclosure process.
Let it run its route and touch the bottom.
Let the Ariza people touch the bottom?
Romney: Don\'t try to stop the foreclosure process.
Let it run its route and touch the bottom.
NARRATOR Romney\'s message to Arizona is: you are alone.
Let\'s touch the bottom.
Narrator: The content of this advertisement is the responsibility of the Democratic National Committee. (END VIDEO CLIP)
They did it.
This makes sense.
It was 30 seconds.
Not only does this ad have a real and excellent performance, but it\'s a problem with what Democrats are doing now. (
Start Video Editing)
President barack obama: We can\'t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job.
I will if they don\'t act. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Yesterday, President Obama announced a federal-level rule change in Las Vegas, basically to help people and allow more people to refinance mortgages,
Even without the cooperation of Congress, he will make a change.
But in a way, in terms of mortgages, especially in terms of holding Wall Street to account for the use of mortgages to destroy our economy, there is more aggressive action, which is not happening at the federal level, but at the state level, the New York State Progressive Justice minister raised objections to the work of a planned solution with the big banks.
Instead, push forward a broad
Conduct extensive investigations into the big issues here, such as what banks do, what they know, when they know, and how much criminal responsibility they may take for their actions.
Now we are joined by the great attorney general of New York State, Eric Schneider man. Mr.
Attorney General, thank you for coming.
I know you didn\'t do a lot of interviews on this issue.
Eric Schneider man, Attorney General of New York: Rachel, I\'m glad to be here.
MADDOW: the big picture of housing and the continued impact of the fiscal collapse in 2008 are the biggest economic problems facing the country.
They are also very slow partisan politics around these things.
Do you think the Democrats are doing a good job in dealing with the mortgage crisis and bank misconduct?
Well, I think we have done something.
I think the president\'s move this week is a good step.
I\'m a prosecutor who took office in January and Delaware Attorney General Bo Biden and I think we really need to dig deeper.
We are looking into what caused the bubble and collapse of the real estate market.
It\'s really not that slow.
I mean there are a lot of people trying to rewrite the history and portray it as a volcano or an earthquake and now we can continue to solve the problem of paying too much to the police teachers and firefighters
This is a man-made crisis.
It is caused by regulatory neglect and greed.
I assure you that without telling you the secrets of our investigation, we have found no evidence that the police, firefighters, teachers or sanitation workers contributed to the collapse of the US economy.
So, we are digging and thinking that we can do more.
We believe that we will be able to receive relief that is truly meaningful.
Not only in Arizona, but also across the country, 11 million people are underwater.
We believe that we must be responsible for the people who caused this disaster.
As I said, it is also important that we make it public so that they cannot rewrite history. I mean, Mr.
Romney\'s comment is that we should get things to the bottom-the same as the deregulation frenzy they launched in 2005 and 2006.
This is not very good for the economy.
MADDOW: Did this disaster happen? Because-in terms of what you have been able to determine so far, because deregulation is done to a certain extent-at this point, banks can act legally in a dramatic way, is it financially irresponsible, or are we looking at a case of a potential illegal act-which violates the law even though they are so deregulated?
Well, that\'s why you\'re investigating.
It\'s probably a combination of the two.
There is no doubt that they have dismantled many security mechanisms that have long protected our market.
But, you know, we\'re also looking at the behavior of individual institutions and individuals to see if there\'s a false statement, to see if there\'s fraud, to see if the criminal act is part of it as well.
This is what Bo and I have seen, and we are determined to stick to the end until we get the relief that the homeowner needs and hold the person responsible for the situation.
MADDOW: now in American politics, it is a brave instinct to hold people accountable because we know that the financial crisis is a man-made one.
We know that this is the wrong thing people do and it hurts the whole country.
The country is still paying, but no one is paying for what they do.
That is-it\'s just a basic primitive feeling that is pushing the \"Occupy Wall Street\" protests right now-but I think it has also sparked a lot of anger in the country, left, right and center.
You and Bo Biden have the opportunity to have jurisdiction here, because these issues have a lot to do with the merger of institutions.
Since 2011, is there more to do now at the federal level?
Should the government and Congress make demands on how to hold Wall Street accountable?
SCHNEIDERMAN: Well, this is a challenge for the president, because Republicans in Congress basically publicly announce that they will do what they know hurts the American people, just to stop him from winning.
But as you said, we have jurisdiction because of the mortgage
The guaranteed securities that caused the collapse of the country were issued by the New York trust or the Delaware Trust.
We are pursuing it.
You\'re right.
Many people think \"Occupy Wall Street\" and other professions are marginal figures.
I hear the same feeling that we no longer have a set of rules for everyone and that people will not be held accountable for misconduct.
From every average American you meet anywhere else, at community hall meetings, at a restaurant in New York state, I believe it\'s all over the United States-there\'s a feeling that, equality and justice under the law is no longer the rule of this country.
We have to get it back.
I mean, even though the economic losses are serious, for the Americans, it\'s lost the feeling that this is a country under the jurisdiction of the law, you\'re not higher than the law, and not less than the law-I mean, you know, the law applies to everyone.
Responsibility is one of the key drivers of our investigation, and there are other drivers. G.
Who came our way.
I think there will actually be quite a bit of investigation before all this is over.
MADDOW: as attorney general of New York state, your office is very close to the Occupy Wall Street camp in lower Manhattan, am I right?
Right across from the park.
MADDOW: when you-when you look at it-from what I hear you say now, my feeling is when you look at the people outside who are protesting every day, do you have some sympathy for what they do?
SCHNEIDERMAN: I, you know, I see them as part of a larger iceberg.
I spent a lot of time traveling in this state.
I have 13 regional offices.
And I assure you, if anyone thinks that the American people have got rid of their anger at bubbles and crashes, about their sense of betrayal, you know, the basic idea of equality and justice under American law has really been put on hold-they are wrong. People are mad.
People want-not because they are hostile or malicious, they just want to know that everyone has a set of rules.
What I hear from most \"Occupy Wall Street\" people is not very different from what I heard while traveling elsewhere in the state.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneider man-thank you for taking the time to talk to us tonight.
I know you don\'t do this very often.
I really appreciate it.
Schneidman: Thank you.
MADDOW: I just want to say, in terms of accountability issues and the whereabouts of Wall Street and the \"Occupy Wall Street\" and how it feels in this country, pay close attention to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneider man and Delaware Attorney General Bo Biden.
Set up Google alerts for these guys.
Just look at what they do.
That\'s what I said.
Glen Greenwald joins us next. (
Business break)
MADDOW: It was a huge earthquake that caused a huge tsunami that destroyed electricity, melted the reactor, and caused a nuclear crisis that was almost catastrophic.
It was a march in Japan.
The earthquake triggered a tsunami and also caused 5 million to 20 million tons of garbage, which was washed into the Pacific Ocean.
Of course, Japan is on the west side of the Pacific Ocean.
We are on the east side of the Pacific Ocean.
People who follow this floating junk stew now say they are very clear when it will float in the Pacific Ocean to reach the United States.
According to a new forecast from researchers at the University of Hawaii, the 20-ton debris will hit the Hawaiian coast sometime in the spring of 2013.
Garbage will then continue to move east and northwest of the Pacific, hitting Washington and the Oregon coast in early 2014.
Now, a large amount of radioactive material is released from the melted reactor in Fukushima, which is slow.
After the earthquake and tsunami, the debris was washed into the ocean.
So, without so much worry, a huge area of the floating Japanese tsunami is radioactive.
Last month, a Russian vessel passed through the wreckage and no abnormal radiation levels were found in the garbage.
Our own National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, my beloved NOAA, agrees that no matter what risk the giant 20 million is facing
Floating oil made of floating garbage, which is not a radioactive risk.
So, yes, the huge garbage problem in the sea, yes.
However, this is not a huge problem with radioactive waste.
So, this is the first time you \'ve heard the good news today-just the first time.
We have more good news about radioactivity. Seriously. (
Business break)
MoDo: Bill Clinton\'s re-election in 1996 made him the first Democratic president to be re-elected since Franklin Roosevelt.
Still, Republicans don\'t have that good presidential record.
Reagan and George W.
Bush is the only two presidents since Ike.
Nixon, a Republican, was elected twice.
Of course, Nixon had to resign in his second term because he was a liar.
The first vice president of Nixon, Spiro Agnew, was also a liar.
So, even before Nixon resigned, he had to resign, and Nixon appointed a new vice president named Gerald Ford.
It was an appointment, not an election.
So when Nixon had to resign, the man who had never been elected president or vice president, the man who had been appointed to that position, because the two swindlers in front of him were caught and had to resign, Gerald Ford inexplicably became president of the United States.
Less than a month later, Gerald Ford took office as a gangster, saying that Richard Nixon-according to him-was out of the woods, the Scots --free. (
Start Video Editing)GERALD R. FORD, FORMER U. S.
The president: I firmly believe that all Americans, regardless of their position or their predecessor\'s position, enjoy equal justice.
The law, whether it is human or God\'s, is not respect for people, but respect for reality.
So, I, Gerald R.
S. President Ford did give full, free and absolute pardon to all the crimes committed by Richard Nixon against the United States, which Richard Nixon, has promised or may have committed or participated. (END VDIEO CLIP)
So Richard Nixon had to step down as president, but he never played what he did.
The country ousted the man who pardoned Nixon, the first time they had a chance to vote for him in 1976.
But over time, Gerald Ford\'s decision to go back and forgive everything Nixon did for the country, to move on, not to look back, became a commendable decision, A patriotic move because of Ford\'s reasons for leaving Nixon out of trouble.
It\'s better for the country not to deal with this anymore. We need our long national nightmare to find out if our president is a liar.
Constitutional lawyer and principle seeker Glenn Greenwald argued in his new book that the American public was right when we first responded with disgust and anger to Richard Nixon\'s pardon
But the precedent of pardoning, the important people get away with the crime, because if they don\'t get away with it, it\'s destructive and disturbing for our institutions, Glen believes, this precedent has allowed us to commit crimes for 40 years in a row. It\'s terrible that important people are allowed to commit crimes just because they are important people.
This brings us to this moment, a United States that has long been divided between rich and poor, and 1% of the population has economically surpassed the rest of the country, which has led to a country, 99% people began to focus on 1% people and began to focus on political elites, not just elites, but as beneficiaries of unfair systems.
This has been unfair for a long time.
Now joining us is my friend Glenn Greenwald, a special writer for \"salon.
His new book, \"Some people enjoy freedom and justice,\" is published today.
I can\'t tell you that I love it so much that I blurted out in the back.
I won\'t talk about Willie everywhere. nilly.
Congratulate you, Glenn.
Author Glenn Greenwald: \"For the Freedom and Justice of some\": Thank you very much Rachel.
You emphasize that Nixon\'s pardon is an important political turning point in modern American politics.
What do you still think is the reason to survive in American politics?
Greenwald: look at the last decade-when you see that the most powerful people in society have committed a large number of crimes and committed shocking crimes-creating a worldwide system of torture, surveillance of American citizens without criminal law requirements and aggressive attacks against Iraq prevent the Justice Department, destruction of evidence, courts and all aspects of the 9/11 Commission ordered to be retained.
In the private sector, you will see massive fraud that triggered the financial crisis, systemic mortgage fraud, Telecom that is involved in illegal espionage-none of which are, they are not bad policy decisions.
They are not immoral.
These are crimes.
None of these cases lead to meaningful criminal investigations, but only criminal prosecution or accountability.
The reason is because we know that this country clearly believes that the political elite and the financial elite, the private sector elite, should be immune from the rule of law, because everything you point out is Gerald Ford\'s defense for the pardon of Richard Nixon.
It creates this precedent, a mindset that now permeates the private sector, and the rule of law applies only to 99% of what Occupy Wall Street says.
MADDOW: It\'s an important-the last turning point, it\'s not just a thing-it\'s not just an unpleasant need to avoid, but, for the benefit of the institutions they represent, for the sake of the stability of the country and the protection of the elite from accountability, this has become a positive political interest, which proves that after the Iranian war, all the pardonations of Reagan administration officials are justified.
That\'s what you said. -
After we had a discussion with Eric schnederman, you said a section \"too big to go to jail\" instead of \"too big to fail,\" the attorney general of New York, he did not believe too much to go to jail.
How does it become a positive political interest to excuse misconduct rather than just avoid it?
Greenwald: Well, keep in mind that the media and political elite are very different from the average American on this issue.
So, as you have pointed out, Nixon\'s pardon has aroused resentment among the American people.
You\'re even listening now, you\'re going to flinch from the idea that this criminal, this obviously sensitive criminal Richard Nixon, is protected just because of an identity, and at the same time, thousands of Americans have been prosecuted for minor crimes.
So, what you see is that there is an elite who supports pardon, and it goes on to say that we cannot investigate the Bush torture regime.
It is good that Casper Winberg is pardoned because he is a good man who does not belong to the prison.
So, you will see that this elite class, their interest is to keep this elite exemption and constantly argue for it, and if you look at the polls, it is not just Nixon\'s pardon that triggers resentment.
At the beginning of President Obama\'s term, a large number of Americans and most people wanted to investigate Bush\'s torture program, the hacking program, and whether the obstruction of justice was criminal and illegal, because the point that is instilled in the minds of Americans is that we are all equal before the law.
This is because we do not see the wrath of citizens, the faith and legitimacy of political institutions.
MADDOW: the reason why we have confidence in these institutions is not only because they are institutions, but also because we want to believe that they are just.
Now, I think it\'s a brief point of view and a confrontation point of view, and I think you did a good job, Glen.
So, thank you for writing this book.
I think this is a very important thing. I think it is very important.
Thank you for inviting me, Rachel.
I appreciate it.
Glenn\'s new book is called \"free and just for some: how the law is used to undermine equality and protect the power.
This is really, really good. Recommend it. All right.
Huge, terrible nuclear weapons have been castrated.
\"Geek moment\" straight ahead. (
Business break)
MADDOW: two years ago, the great New Hampshire became the first state in the league to legalize it --
Same-sex marriage passed the legislature entirely.
No court decision was involved.
Live Free or Die
Last year, in 2010 election, the legislature in New Hampshire changed the position of Democrats and Republicans.
The Republican majority also promised to deny New Hampshire.
A married sexual partner.
Today, Republicans on the Judicial Council are proposing to withdraw
Rights to sexual marriage
Most of the time, people in New Hampshire say the same thing --
Same-sex marriage has no effect on their lives.
Because this right to get married makes life better for several of their neighbors, or it doesn\'t have much impact on them, the New Hampshire vote says they\'ll keep it up, right, instead of having the Legislature go out of their way to take it away.
From the vote, quote \"abolish the same strong opposition --
Same-sex marriage continues.
The number of supporters exceeds 2 to 1.
In other words, the person who wants to abolish it --
Obviously, the right to same-sex marriagenumbered here.
But if they pretend to be some more supporters, they won\'t.
This is the website of the National Marriage organization, the only heterosexual marriage organization in New Hampshire.
You can see the crowd coming together.
They are cheering.
Brian Brown, chairman of the only marriage organization in straight sex.
He\'s going to fire them.
See the child on someone\'s shoulder.
He really likes it.
The man in a pink shirt has an arm up and who do you call more than 2 to 1?
Thousands of people have gathered in New Hampshire to ask their lawmakers to take away their existing rights.
Unless these people are not actually in the New Hampshire cheering to deprive gay people of their rights, unless those who are angered are actually elsewhere, for example, in a speech at the time
Before the 2008 election, Barack Obama, a candidate in downtown Columbus, Ohio.
Yes, someone has a child on the shoulder and yes, there is a woman in a pink shirt and she still likes it.
But that\'s what she likes.
What do they think of this man who is about to be elected president in 2008, the day in Columbus watching him don\'t know the magic of anti-corruption
Gay Photography shopping, they will be part of a state\'s campaign against gay rights 600 miles away in 2011.
The blog is good because you connect these points today and let the world see them.
The National Marriage organization has just been established.
They and the Republicans at the New Hampshire legislature actually did not get public support because they denied the right to marriage currently enjoyed in New Hampshire.
So they pretend because they don\'t. Caught you. (
Business break)(
Video clip play, \"Dr. STRANGELOVE”)
MADDOW: The iconic fetish scene in the 1964 film Dr.
Strangelove, \"it\'s never clear what weapon Major Kong is riding all the way to his Russian target.
But in a B-
According to the film, 52 is part of the bomber\'s power, which is equipped with 50 megabytes of nuclear weapons, keeping air flight 24 hours a day in the event of attack.
All of this means \"Dr.
Strangelove\'s \"fictional major Hong Kong bomb may be based on B-
It was two years ago, \"Dr.
Strangelove came out. The B-
53 is so huge, there is only one B-
The 52 bombers are large enough to carry.
The size of the bomb is equivalent to a mini bomb. bus.
It weighs 10,000 pounds and is expected to explode 600 times in Hiroshima.
It was designed as the first bunker breaker.
They equipped it with a parachute and a timer so that it could land gently on the ground and then explode with enough energy to collapse 750 feet of the refuge underground. And like “Dr.
The \"bomb, B-
53 bombers on board, in the case of nuclear attacks, kept flying 24 hours a day.
More than 300 of these bombs were made in their early 60 s.
Dozens of them are still in the United States. S.
Active inventory for decades.
Although, according to The Washington Post, \"they are considered so dangerous that when crew members practice at B-52s.
As early as 1993, the Department of Energy suggested that the bombs should be retired as soon as possible, saying that the bombs have been quoted, \"in a wide range of abnormal environments, nuclear safety levels have not been guaranteed. ” Ek!
There is only one place in the United States where nuclear weapons can be assembled and dismantled.
This is the Pantex factory in Amarillo, Texas.
Thousands of warheads are planned to be removed there.
More than half of the work of the plant is to update our current nuclear arsenal.
But Rachel, it\'s a geek moment, it seems like a geek moment.
What\'s weird about this?
Is there anything strange about this?
This is your geek, you geek. The B-
It took three years for Pantex to figure out how to take it apart, three years old and so old and unsafe.
Even so, after three years of taking it apart, until last April, a week ago, President Obama signed a landmark agreement with Russia to cut the two countries\' nuclear arsenal by a third, the National Nuclear Security Agency has announced that they have finally set up a security system to accelerate the decomposition of these things.
Their work is finally finished today.
We are talking about nuclear physics and mechanics, it is so strange, so dangerous that it takes us half a generation to come to the conclusion of today.
For the first time in nearly 50 years, there is no active B-
53 bombs.
The last active bomb was nicknamed \"The last big dog \".
\"Today, Pantex\'s staff physically separated its high explosives from nuclear material inside the bomb, thus making it unusable as a nuclear weapon.
The rest of the parts will be removed in Oakridge, Tennessee, which is fine.
There are still thousands of active nuclear weapons in our inventory, including B-
Replacement, B-
The 6111 nuclear cabin booster, designed to penetrate the ground up to 20 feet at a nuclear yield of 300 tons. Yahoo!
That\'s what it is for us tonight.
Now, it\'s time to \"last word\" with Lawrence O\'Donnell at the new time.
Please have a good night.
This is a report card in a hurry.
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