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The radiation problem of marble countertops The installation of marble countertops

by:KingKonree     2021-04-23

   Marble originally refers to white limestone with black patterns produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. The section can form a natural ink landscape painting. In ancient times, marbles with shaped patterns were often used to make screens or mosaic paintings. Later, marble countertops This name gradually developed to refer to all kinds of limestone used for building decoration materials with various colors and patterns. White marble is generally called white marble, but white marble for statues made in the West is also called marble. Let us take you to understand in detail below.

  Marble countertop radiation problem. Marble countertop installation

  Marble countertop radiation problem

  Marble countertop in addition to the sturdiness and environmental protection of the plate In addition to the extremely high requirements for sex, the radioactivity of the stone is also strictly controlled. For a long time, people have mistakenly thought that marble countertops will have radiation, and they will inevitably have some concerns when buying. In fact, the radioactivity of natural marble countertops is very low, which basically does not cause harm to the human body. It is not easy to be corroded by oil and is convenient for cleaning.

  There are several rules for distinguishing the advantages and disadvantages of marble countertops:

  First: Visually observe that the color of the sample is pure and not turbid, the surface does not have a plastic-like texture, and the back of the board has no small pores .

  Second: No pungent chemical smell in the nose.

   Third: The surface of the sample touched by hand has a silky feel, no astringency, and no obvious unevenness.

   Fourth: Scratch the surface of the board with a nail without obvious scratches.

   Fifth: The same two samples are knocked against each other, which is not easy to break.

  The radiation problem of marble countertops is the installation of marble countertops.

  Marble countertop installation

  lock screw fixation

   method Punch 1cm deep holes in the 4 corners of the countertop and add plastic bolts. Drill holes in the corresponding positions of the brackets and fix them with screws from bottom to bottom. Add shock-proof silicone pad or reinforcement ring. Remarks: Holes can also be opened at the beam, and glue can also be considered to increase performance. Benefits: The overall load-bearing performance is good, the appearance is simple and light, and the stability is best. It can ensure that the desktop does not shake when moving. Related technical pictures: punching schematic diagram and locking screw icon.

   bottom tenon and tenon

   (embedded) installation method is similar to woodworking tenon and tenon marble must be thickened on all four sides, such as a table

   is quite different from the surface area of u200bu200bthe shelf Large, it requires material filling and other processes. Generally used for plastics, there are many wooden racks, and iron racks are not tough, and the hardness is too large, which may cause instability of the table and damage the bottom of the table during the moving process. Refer to the figure.

  Gluing method

  The bottom surface of the 4-leg bracket is made wide. Increase the contact area and then use marble glue for bonding. Generally, glass countertops are used more. If the marble surface is processed, the bottom surface needs to be treated. Adding a layer of board (wood material) has poor overall load-bearing performance.

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