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The results of bathroom e-commerce are gratifying, accurately grasp the bathroom consumption trend and look at two points

by:KingKonree     2021-05-18

After the Tmall Double Eleven data was released this year, the sanitary ware industry exploded in an instant. It is understood that the sales of Huida Sanitary Ware increased by up to 1000% during the same period. The sales of bathroom cabinets and bathtubs remained stable in the industry**, and the single product sales of smart toilets exceeded 10,000 units, winning the industry** with proud results; Jiumu single day Sales exceeded 360 million, and categories such as showers, sanitary ware packages, and faucets remained stable in the industry**. It is not unreasonable to investigate the current high consumption of bathroom e-commerce. According to relevant surveys, it is found that the reason for the good sales of bathroom e-commerce lies in the precise grasp of two consumer trends, namely, the upgrade of product quality and consumer experience.

Every year, 'Double 11' is a micro-window for observing China's consumption trends. The changes in sales methods, consumption concepts, and consumption patterns are not only the embodiment of consumption upgrades, but also the quality and efficiency of China's economy. As a result, the good performance of this year's bathroom e-commerce confirms the precise grasp of the two major bathroom consumption trends by bathroom companies from the side.

The results of bathroom e-commerce are gratifying. Grasp the bathroom consumption trend accurately and look at two points

One of the bathroom consumption trends: creating the ultimate product

Whether a product can sell well and be loved by consumers, first of all, sanitary ware companies must have a good grasp of product quality. The best-selling products depend on the continuous investment in research and development of sanitary ware companies and the pursuit of creating the ultimate product through continuous innovation. One of the more classic examples is Huida Sanitary Ware. As early as ten years ago, Huida Sanitary Ware launched a self-developed smart toilet, leading the trend of Chinese smart sanitary ware; in 2012, Huida established an electronic sanitary ware Ru0026D center in South Korea; 2016 , The smart bathroom joint laboratory jointly established by Huida Sanitary Ware and Megmeet Company was formally established. Through the integration of global superior resources, it provides consumers with better smart bathroom solutions and has the right to speak in the high-end market of domestic smart bathroom products. .

Based on strong independent research and development capabilities and global resources, with insights into the needs of consumers, especially the Chinese consumer group, Huida bathroom smart toilet sales can be described as a 'horseNearly 50,000 units were sold in less than October when the product went on the market, which has been widely recognized by the market and achieved a good market situation of best-selling, strong sales and long-term sales.

The second trend of bathroom consumption: consumption upgrade experience is still king

For Huida bathroom, take the sales champion Huida bathroom frequency conversion smart toilet HDE3001G as an example. The smart toilet adopts an integrated design, which has a higher appearance than the Japanese and Korean split smart toilet lid, and the appearance can better meet the improvement of consumer aesthetics and the requirements for quality. In this regard, industry observers commented that consumption upgrades and experience have brought huge challenges to the industry, and intelligence has become an important consideration for consumers when purchasing sanitary products. Huida Sanitary Ware takes the lead in grasping consumers' demands for high-quality sanitary ware experience, leading the mainstream consumer crowd. The successful sales performance of Double 11 this time is precisely the result of a precise grasp of user needs and market trends.

It is also the champion of various types of bathroom e-commerce sales. Jiu Mu has upgraded its products this year. The appearance, functions and grades of the products have been upgraded. The one-stop selection of Tmall flagship store Jiumu has won the favor of many consumers with comprehensive consumption considerations such as the “five-star customized experience” provided by offline physical stores.

In addition to upgrading products, in terms of logistics, Jiumu’s distribution department continues to open up, creating a 'product warehousing conceptAs long as the user places an order, it can be shipped immediately, eliminating the need for intermediate circulation, and the delivery speed is so fast that consumers are no longer in a hurry.

The rapid economic growth has made consumers have a greater demand for intelligent and quality sanitary products. Sanitary ware companies have to upgrade their products and consumption when facing the current development situation. Only by grasping the consumption trend of sanitary wares and producing products and innovative products from the perspective of consumers, will sanitary wares still worry about the sales volume?

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