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the secret history of: the starck 2 bath

by:KingKonree     2020-10-17
It\'s classic freestanding tub.
You may even have one that looks similar.
But this is Philippe Starck, which costs about 5,000.
Starck 2 is the first contemporary freedom
Vertical bathtub.
Before that, there were only Victorian rolls.
At the top, this pushes your bathroom design in a retro direction.
But this is double.
End, seamless, very modern.
It became a blueprint for the new minimalist bathroom style.
Rachel Martin commoditized design bathroom storage CP Hart, you can buy one for £ 3,318 on sale and say: \"free from the 19 th century
People have been looking for a standing bathroom.
After enjoying luxury in Britain.
Hoesch, a German bath maker, launched its first premium product in 1994
Brand, acrylic, doubleended, free-
Vertical bathtub designed by Philippe Starck.
This is designed around the barrel shape.
\"After four years, 2 baths were launched. . .
Soon to be our best
Have been selling bath
Starck 2 combines the shell of polyurethane with the interior of acrylic acid, a new mixture.
This, coupled with its seamless finish inside and outside, gives it universal appeal because acrylic has similar heat
Keep the quality of cast iron but much lighter.
Some retro actors
Since the floor is not designed to be placed upstairs, the iron bath needs to be strengthened.
In an interview on 2008, Starck talked about the creation of the salon, and shortly before the two bathrooms, a concept appeared, which eventually led to its production, this is part of his idea that the bathroom should be an entertainment place.
\"In the past, the bathroom was just for you to wash your own room.
Not very charming.
We invented this salon as a place of entertainment.
Everything, sink, bathtub is like a piece of furniture.
There\'s a fireplace, something like this, it\'s [the bathroom]
Be a place to rest and speak with the love of your life, \"he said.
\"Since its launch, around 10,000 2 bathtubs have been sold worldwide, which is probably the most iconic independent bathtub in the world and therefore the most copied,\" Rachel said . \".
Even Starck admits that his work has been extensively copied: \"There are many copies of my furniture [
But especially in the bathroom. .
I have never seen such a thing before.
Many copies are very precise and even I have to look at them twice at times.
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