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The selection of bathroom furniture determines the moisture-proof effect_Construction process_学堂

by:KingKonree     2021-06-27

The most fascinating part of the southern climate is warm and humid, but whenever the rainy season comes, the household goods in the bathroom will give the impression of being wet when I think of it.

Furthermore, after satisfying the practical functions, it pursues the atmosphere of life, and bathroom furniture gradually rises. Of course, when people choose bathroom furniture, waterproof and moisture-proof has become the key to choice. Due to the full consideration of the humid environment of the bathroom, the bathroom furniture is basically made of solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board as the base material, and the surface is treated with polyester paint coating, which has strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Therefore, the furniture Also walked into the bathroom with a high enough attitude. Among the few professional bathroom furniture in Shenzhen's building materials market, Bu0026Q's bathroom furniture makes people eye-catching. There are brands such as Bailiji, Aujin, and TDO, most of which are produced in Shanghai.

Material selection determines the moisture-proof effect

In the selection of bathroom furniture, solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board are basically used as the base material, and the sophisticated surface treatment process is used to resist temperature, humidity and ultraviolet rays. Invasion, to ensure that the substrate will not crack and deform when used in the bathroom for a long time.

Solid wood

In order not to cover up the natural texture of the wood grain, and to make the bathroom furniture have a classic beauty, the bathroom furniture is mostly sprayed with environmentally friendly chemical products (acrylic acid). After treatment, the moisture-proof and waterproof performance is greatly improved, which overcomes the weakness of solid wood furniture with high humidity requirements. However, due to the high price and easy scratches, it is generally the choice of the rich.

Laminated leather

This kind of furniture uses solid wood or density board as the base material. After the solid wood veneer is 360-degree pasted, the surface is painted with waterproof paint, but because the base material is the same as solid wood The wood types of the leather boards are different. If there is no sophisticated pasting process and bonding materials, cracking is very easy to occur, which affects the waterproof effect.

Blister type

PVC is mainly used as a blister panel, which is adsorbed on density board or moisture-proof board by vacuum hot pressing. The moisture-proof board is a solidified product of wood pulp and moisture-proof particles. Generally blue or green, it can absorb the board into one body after blister, without edge sealing, has excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance, has more than 40% market share in Europe, and has high equipment requirements. Some domestic manufacturers adopt Processing with domestic or second-hand equipment is prone to large side seams and blisters, but its moisture-proof performance is impeccable.

Baking varnish

Send the painted substrate to the drying room for drying, so that the paint surface is covered with the cabinet to achieve a waterproof effect, the paint surface is bright and bright, and the process is simple. Although the price of this kind of furniture is lower, it is easy to fade, not resistant to chemical corrosion, and stains are not easy to remove.

Basin cabinet

The basin drain system can be adjusted: the ergonomic wall-mounted basin cabinet can be adjusted to the height you need during installation. From then on No longer suffer from stepping or bending over. The vacated bottom space is easier to clean and hygienic, safe, tidy, and comfortable. Why not do it?

Bathroom mirror

The appearance of flowers and the moon in the mirror: Why, the shadow reflected by the mirror in your bathroom is deformed? Yes, some mirrors are produced separately because of small pieces, so there is a certain amount of distortion on the edges. Those bathroom mirrors that are produced in a large area in one piece are double-sided mirrors, which not only overcome distortion, but also solve the problem of deformation. Because the relative humidity of the bathroom is high, the anti-fogging of the bathroom mirror is also very important. You can install an anti-fog electric heating film device on the fixed wall mirror.

Bathroom cabinet

Special process in the selection of materials: the bathroom furniture is basically made of solid wood, moisture-proof board, and density board in the selection of materials, and the surface is coated with polyester paint for waterproofing It has strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance.

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